Cardi B. robbing men is a problem and we are not here for your defense of her

by jovan1984

As most of you know, we were shocked and then angered when it was revealed that Grammy-winning rapper Cardi B. robbed men.

In a post five years ago (?), she admitted to robbing men who showed up at a club scene she worked at.

She tried to explain away the issue as “surviving”. That is the lamest and most pathetic excuse in the book for a crime.

If a guy had done this to a woman, the hypocrites defending Cardi wouldn’t stand for it!

That is why we are calling out Cardi B. and her defenders.

Robbery are rape are similar. They are both felonies in most states (that is especially true in Georgia and the Carolinas). Both are criminal offenses against the person. The one and only difference is that rape carries a longer prison term than robbery, at least in South Carolina (10+ years for rape vs. 7 years for robbery).

Robbery shows entitlement. Just like with sex, no one is entitled to anyone else’s money. People need enthusiastic consent to get cash from others in the same way enthusiastic consent is required for sexual services.

People defending Cardi B. are straight up trash, and there’s no justification for her actions. Even her apology is fake as hell. She is as remorseless now as she was all those nights she picked those guys pockets without their consent.

People who are unconscious are unable to consent to anything. That includes transactions involving money.

This is why people have been tweeting #survivingcardib and #mutecardib on Twitter.

Some of the best tweets:

In a nutshell, grabbing someone’s money without consent is robbery. That is never excused in our book. We do not care what the situation is.

Cardi B.’s time needs to be up. NOW.