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Month: May, 2021

Estill elects first woman mayor in town history

Estill — The town of Estill has its first woman mayor.

After a 174-all tie in the April 13 election that caused a runoff, Kim Wiley defeated incumbent mayor Corrin Bowers on Tuesday.

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Red Alert: US Supreme Court to take up Mississippi law banning abortion

Washington, DC — The US Supreme Court agreed today to take up Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health, a case that would likely overturn Roe vs. Wade, an already disfavored right by many activist judges appointed by radical conservatives on the federal courts ever since the 1980s.

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South Carolina state Senate rejects permitless carry

Columbia — It was unexpected, but South Carolina can breathe a sigh of relief.

The South Carolina state Senate rejected permitless open carry by three votes. The final vote was 25-21. Twenty-eight votes were needed to pass this vulgar, indecent bill that came out of nowhere late last month.

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