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Month: August, 2013

Flora media specialist dies of breast cancer

Flora media specialist dies from Stage 3 breast cancer

COLUMBIA — An employee at Flora High School has passed away from breast cancer.

Mary Haddon was the media specialist at Flora. She had beaten breast cancer twice.

Ms. Haddon was diagnosed with a rare form of Stage 3 breast cancer earlier this month.

She had battled the disease since last year, and her mother had battled breast cancer when Ms. Haddon was a teenager.

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ILLEGAL ARREST IN Bellows Falls, Vt.: Town’s Stone-Aged Police Chief illegally arrest man for being nude in public

BELLOWS FALLS, VT — In a week where Columbia Police say that they will not arrest homeless people, the illegal arrest are people for public nudity continue — with hypocritical crickets chirping.

The latest illegal arrest? In Bellows Falls.

A man was illegally arrested by the town’s Stone Aged police chief, Ron Lake.

Dylan G. Gingues, 26, of Bellows Falls, was illegally arrested after he correctly stated that public nudity is a Constitutional right that Bellows Falls is violating with their ordinance.

Here is their unconstitutional ordinance:

Offenses Against Persons and Property, Article 4, Indecent and Obscene Offenses, Section 1, Indecent Exhibitions “No person shall expose or exhibit his genital organs, buttocks, or breast in any public place or in public view under circumstances in which the person knew or reasonably should have known that his actions would be offensive or alarming to, or with intent to offend, shock or alarm, a viewer of ordinary sensibilities.”

Section 2, Exhibition to Minors, states “No person shall intentionally expose their genital organs, buttocks or breast to any unrelated minor in any public place.”

This ordinance also violates two other guaranteed rights, both of which women have: the right to be topless in public and the right to breastfeed in public. In addition to the ban public nudity, female toplessness and breastfeeding are additionally banned in the village, as underlined. The ordinance was cleverly written in an effort to duck a constitutional challenge to its nudity ban and because judges cannot legally sever parts of such ordinances should it be challenged.

Vermont’s state law bans none of these things, but municipalities to ban all three things supersede state power to enforce, and thus, why there are radical ordinances like this one on the books.

There used to be a time in which bans on nudity used to be accepted. But given that Vermont and 48 other states have permissive breastfeeding laws on the books (although municipalities like Bellows Falls can pass ordinances banning it), the time for accepting public nudity bans is over.

There are some laws and ordinances that should not be tolerated. Ordinances that ban on public nudity go straight to the top of the list of laws that should not be tolerated or accepted under any circumstances. Any American who is a patriot will fight for the legalization of public nudity in all 50 states, and will stand and fight tooth, nail and (if necessary) to the death against all laws and ordinances that criminalize public nudity!

When one group’s constitutional rights go away, will your rights be next?

[Brattleboro Reformer]

Ex-Girls Gone Wild owner gets 270 days in prison

LOS ANGELES — The former owner of Girls Gone Wild is going to jail.

Judge Nancy Newman gaveled Joe Francis to 270 days of jail, with another 815 to be spent on probation upon his release from jail.

He has also been ordered to undergo anger management counseling.

Mr. Francis was convicted in May of keeping three women captive, and sexually assaulting one of them, on January 29, 2011 at a college graduation party at The Supper Club in Hollywood, Calif.

He grabbed the arm of one of the women and took her to his limo, and the two others followed, believing they’d be taken to their car. Instead, they ended up in a gated area of Mr. Francis’ suburban Bel Air home.

Mr. Francis appeared to gravitate towards one of the women and tried to lead her away, but one of her friends pulled back.

That is when Mr. Francis then “jumped on the friend, took her to the ground, choked her, slammed her head against the ground, dragged her across the ground, and when she got back up, did it several more times,” Fox said.

He then apparently shouted at the women they were trespassing and had to get out. The women said they were going to call the police, and Francis yelled to “go ahead and call the police,” the prosecutor said.

Mr. Francis told the women he “owns the police” and that officers wouldn’t arrest him.

Dozens of other lawsuits — including one pending in Atlanta, Ga. — have targeted Francis, who built a porn empire producing and marketing videos of young women exposing themselves on camera.

I truly hope that Girls Gone Wild come roaring back from bankruptcy within 270 days and the franchise’s current owners keep Mr. Francis out of the company he founded.

[Huffington Post Crime]

An Open Letter to the Hollywood Actors, Directors, Screenwriters, Producers and Consumers

Dear Channing Tatum, Ryan Gosling, Michael Douglas and the rest of the Hollywood Actors, Directors, Screenwriters, Producers and Consumers,

Did you realize the hypocrisy of you getting naked on film while Plain Joes like myself are not allowed to be naked at all? If not, I will clue you in on why you are all being hypocrites.

If a Main Street, non-Hollywood male like me were to get naked right now, even inside the privacy of my own home, I would be hauled off to the nearest jail and charged with public nudity.

I know you all have large female fan bases and you don’t want to upset them, but what are you gonna do to speak out against the laws in this nation and how biased against men these laws forbidding public nudity are?

I want to know when are you gonna take a stand for the right of men to be nude in public? Male toplessness does not count as being nude, partially or otherwise.

Did you know that women have a right to be at least partially nude (a la, breastfeeding, female toplessness or both) in every state except West Virginia?

Meanwhile, there are zero states in this nation, the United States, where it is legal for men to be naked in public. Forty-nine for women. Zero for men. Yet, you are getting naked for women’s pleasure on film, thereby allowing them to exploit your nudity for their personal gain. That is not right. That is not okay. And it is definitely not acceptable.

For those of you who are actors: you all need to set the example by telling all of the world that you will not get naked in your movies until men are allowed to be naked in public in all of the United States, zip code notwithstanding.

For those who are film directors: do not show male nudity in any of your films until public nudity is legalized.

For those who are screenwriters: do not write in parts that require for men to be naked. If there are parts that are written in that require men to be naked on-screen, erase them. Yes, every last one of them.

For those who are producers and/or film editors: edit out all parts that would have the slightest bit of the male anatomy on-screen.

Finally, for the consumers out there: boycott every last movie that have men stripping down to their underwear, Speedos, or stripping completely naked until all bans on public nudity are gone. Tell the actors who continue to get naked on screen that you will not patronize any of their movies until public nudity is legal. Tell the directors, screenwriters, producers and film editors that you will not patronize them if they allow for male nudity on screen while we are forced to be clothed in public.

I want to see male nudity. However, given that men are illegally arrested by law enforcement in Myrtle Beach and San Francisco for being naked out in public, I cannot in good conscience support you being naked on television or in movies until the nudity bans are gone in every last square inch of the United States.

Since you are the most popular amongst us, I ask you to do right by the men in this nation: stop the hypocrisy, speak out against the government’s war on nudists, tell your female fans to speak out against the war on nudists, and tell the world that if ordinary men like myself can’t be naked in public, you won’t get naked on screen for the female audience until we have a right to be nude in public.


Jovan B., Williston, S.C.

Abortion bans, nudity bans must go — and equal pay must be made law

Today is the official Women’s Equality Day, although all of the events took place on Sunday.

From Asheville to New York, gender and lifestyle discrimination was at the forefront in most areas.

Today, I am reminded all to well at how bad discrimination is against women in society and how hypocritical society’s attitudes towards women — and especially nudist and naturist women — are.

This is a very long post that necessitates the more tag as there are five major issues women in America face that I’m dividing into three parts: the right to abortion whenever it is needed, the right to equal pay for equal work, the right to breastfeed in public, the right to be nude in public, and the right to be topless in public.
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Former flea market owner arrested for sexually raping his underaged family member

Ex-flea market owner arrested for raping 13-year-old family member

AUGUSTA, GA — The ex-owner of the South Augusta Flea Market is in jail this weekend, charged with raping one girl in his family for seven years.

The alleged victim wrote in a statement to deputies that Rhodes started making sexual and lewd comments to her when she was 6-years-old (in 2006), and started raping and molesting her when she was 8-years-old (in 2009). She also claims he pointed a gun at her.

Harold Eugene “Dusty” Rhodes, 78, of Augusta, was arrested and charged with rape (one count), non-aggravated child molestation (one count), aggravated child molestation (three counts). He was still at the Augusta-Richmond County Detention Center.

There is a question as to whether this rapist will get to trial. After all, as the article and post tells you, this rapist is 78, which means he is on borrowed time.

Let’s hope this victim gets the justice she deserves before he dies.

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Arrest Carl Mumpower and prosecute him for illegal surveillance!

ASHEVILLE — Today is National Topless Day and this is a disturbing development:

Word has it that Asheville City Councilman Carl Mumpower and his radical spy thugs plans on illegally videotaping people at the peaceful topless rally taking place today.

This is a letter from the Black Mountain News, written by Jan Butler of Fletcher, N.C.:

Good grief. Has Carl Mumpower gone completely round the bend? Now he will have his spies out to photograph policemen “not doing their duty” by arresting topless women. Is he totally unaware that they are not doing anything illegal here? And an even larger award if they can catch a City Council member committing an illegal act?
Methinks the Doctor protesteth too much.

If you see him or anyone associated with him, call the Asheville Police Department at 828-252-1110!

Creepshots For Women coming to Bushwick on Friday

NEW YORK CITY — Remember Creepshots, the web page that posted nude shots of women without their consent?

Well, there is a feminine version of Creepshots coming to Bushwick’s museum this weekend in Brooklyn, dubbed “Show Me More: A Collection of DickPix.”

The quartet of women artists say that they are interested in feminist, internet, pornography and power. After reading about what they plan to do, I immediately called bullshit on one of those things they claim to have an interest in: feminism.

They’re not the least bit interested in feminism, because women harassing men is the very antithesis of feminism, because a major goal of feminism is to end all forms of harassment, not to make female-on-male harassment — which is still uncommon oh by the way — mainstream.

I could understand, and even support, this event if the women promised to only post dick pics of celebrity men (who I think don’t deserve any privacy whatsoever, given the scandals involving pols from South Carolina and New York). But given that they claim to have 300 dick pics, including one from a gay man on Grindr after one of the promoters of the event posed as a man just to get on the site, there is no doubt that they are blatantly violating the privacy of non-celebrity men.

It was only two and a half months ago when women were up in arms over the Creepshots after photos of nude women started appearing on Tumblr and elsewhere without the consent of the women. As Jessica Roy writes, men have an absolute right to be hopping mad as hell at the women promoting this weekend’s event:

It’s pretty obvious what the outrage would look like were the genders in this story reversed, and revenge porn–the practice of publishing naked photos of someone online without their consent–is ethically unacceptable no matter your gender.

And there is a reason why these cowardly, dishonest women won’t reveal their identities: because they have something to hide. Because they know that even though they have been a victim of online harassment since June 1, these four women are committing a criminal offense.

In short, they are committing voyeurism — which became illegal in the State of New York in 2003 after several talk shows in the New York area, including Maury and the now-defunct Montel Williams Show, showed video after video of men violating women in many areas of the Big Apple the previous year.

The women claim that they’re doing it as a reaction to the feelings of assault women can feel when they randomly receive an unsolicited dickpic. That is nonsense and anyone who uses their brain knows it.

The women are doing it to harass and intimidate men. Furthermore, they are doing it to harass and intimidate male sexuality, which they want to criminalize.

There is a reason why this event is called Creepshots For Women. Because just like the what creepy men of Creepshots have done to women all summer long, these four cowardly creepy women who put this event together are doing the exact same thing to men.

Just because women are harassed far more often than men in America does not justify having this upcoming Bushwick event in any way, form or fashion. If you truly are a feminist, or truly are an ally to the feminist cause — you need to speak out against the actions of these four creepy female harassers.

[Jessica Roy, BetaBeat]

Thurmond High School to dismiss school one hour early + Jefferson County on two-hour delay

Thurmond High School to dismiss pupils at 14:00 today

EDGEFIELD — Thurmond High School has plans to dismiss its pupils an hour early, according to a screencap provided by the school’s Student Council.

Today’s schedule for Thurmond is posted in the photo below.

Today is the first day of school for Thurmond and the rest of the Edgefield County School District. Today is also the first day of school for the other eleven K-12 school districts on South Carolina side of the Central Savannah River Area.

Jefferson County pupils who ride the bus on a two hour delay due to minor flooding

WRENS, GA — Pupils who ride buses in Jefferson County want to read this blog post.

The buses in the county are on a two hour delay due to minor flooding that has caused road conditions to be very poor.

There was no immediate information about road closures in Jefferson County and the Georgia Department of Transportation did not disclose any highway closures in the county on their web page.

All faculty and staff, as well as pupils who use personal vehicles to go to school, are to report to their corresponding Jefferson County school on regular time.


Record low max temperatures recorded for Thursday

Welp, it has happened. The historic day of cool.

On Thursday, the high temperature was recorded at 1:30 at Augusta Regional: 72°.

That temperature shattered the previous record of 78, which was set in 2004.

Orangeburg recorded a high of 71, 74 in Barnwell, 71 at Daniel Field, 70 in Aiken and 75 at Statesboro.

None of that compared to where Williston was on Thursday.

The high in Williston was 68° just one minute into the day. The temperature at 13:00 was 58 degrees in the western Barnwell County town of 3,163.

The 68 degree reading is the normal high for March 11, and is the normal low for August 15.

That should tell you just how cool it was yesterday.

[image of temperature falling on thermometer via Shutterstock]

Rick Snyder appointed emergency manager’s police department intentionally leaked bra sizes of every policewoman in Detroit

DETROIT — An assistant police commander in Detroit, appointed by the emergency manager Rick Snyder named to control the city, was busted for intentionally leaking the bra sizes of every policewoman currently employed by the Detroit Police Department.

But, by the time he was caught, the Police Women of Detroit were already embarrassed and humiliated.

The leak surfaced as DPD was ordering new bulletproof vests for its officers. While men’s and women’s vests both act as protective shields, the vests for females are contoured to accommodate their curves. That’s why female officers in the DPD submitted their cup sizes, along with their height and weight.

When the replacement vests arrived, Commander Michael Love — who was appointed by the emergency manager that Rick Snyder appointed in the winter — forwarded an email with an attached Microsoft Excel 2013 spreadsheet to his fellow male commanders. That Excel 2013 spreadsheet contained some information about the policewomen, including the titty sizes of the DPD’s female law enforcers.

They then forwarded the email to the supervisors — also appointed by the emergency manager, who then sent that email to every member of the rank-and-file.

While the men were laughing, the Police Women of Detroit were piping hot about the leak — and were even angrier after they faced ridicule and harassment from their male colleagues. Two of them were so piping hot about the leak, they filed grievances against the DPD.

I don’t blame the women one bit for being angry over this leak. If there were only women at the top of a police force and they were to email every man’s dick size to everyone who worked at that police department and they ridiculed and harassed the men on the force, you bet your bottom dollar that such a police force would likely be disbanded by a court or by some other means.

The assistant Police Chief James White said that it was an “innocent mistake”. Nonsense. The incident was intentional, as the email was forwarded at least thrice to the entire department.

The Police Women of Detroit needs to file a federal lawsuit in a court outside of Michigan against the DPD, and include the emergency manager who appointed these men as a defendant. Send the message that this kind of sexual harassment shall not be tolerated at a police force, let alone at any day job.

[Huffington Post Weird News]

[image of a woman in a bulletproof vest via DynamicLeather]

Transgender pupils’ Rights bill signed into law in California

SACRAMENTO — California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill into law on Monday that give transgender pupils rights that they have been denied for so long by the privileged class.

The law now requires public K-12 schools to open up their athletic programs and facilities so that boys who identify themselves as girls are allowed to join girls’ teams and programs, and vice versa.

This law also extends to the use of restrooms, irrespective of whether there are unisex restrooms or not.

“All students should have the opportunity to fully participate and succeed in school,” said Evan Westrup, a spokesman for Gov. Jerry Brown, who signed the new policy into law Monday.

Assemblyman Tom Ammiano was the sponsor of the law.

“While many California schoolchildren are already protected by policies in some of our biggest school districts,” said Ammiano, “other districts don’t seem to understand that transgender students should have equal access to all programs and facilities.”

Not surprisingly, Fox News and the far right fascists are lying about this law, just like they have misconstrued everything else.

For example, they claimed that cis males do not want cis females inside of their shower rooms and vice versa. They also claimed that the law infringed on privacy rights of schoolchildren — another outrageous lie.

For example, for many years before this law, cis girls in the state — and possibly elsewhere across the nation — were purposefully entering the boys locker room to shower with the cis boys, and female journalists were in the boys locker rooms while the boys were showering too. In large cities like New York, cis boys and male journalists were entering the girls locker room while they girls were showering.

In Los Angeles, for example, cis boys and cis male journalists are going into the girls restrooms and girls locker room showers and there have not been any significant problems with it in the Los Angeles County school district.

Here is another aspect of the law that went way over the heads of those who support discrimination against people based on gender identity: the law clearly states that coaches can decide who makes a team based on skill and merit.

Those who campaigned for the law included Calen Valencia, an 18-year-old transgender pupil from Tulare, Calif.

As he transitioned from a girl to a boy, Mr. Valencia said, he was not allowed to participate in boys’ activities or use boys’ facilities and missed a lot of school because he felt it was a hostile environment.

“I should have graduated this year, but my school refused to give me the same opportunity to succeed as other boys,” said Mr. Valencia, a board member of the Gay-Straight Alliance Network, a national advocacy group.

This is why the law was passed. We need similar laws like this one in the other states — especially in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and in all other states where law-abiding transgender people — as well as law-abiding cis boys and law-abiding cis men who go into female-desginated restrooms — are treated with hostility at best and as criminals at worst.

The new school year begins later this month. Although the bill technically takes effect on January 2, it actually does not take effect until July 4, 2014 — the weekend before the new calendar year begins for pupils who attend school year-round.

[Los Angeles Times]

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