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Month: November, 2016

#MentalIllnessIceBreakers is a shameful hashtag that mocks mental illness


San Francisco — Just when you thought social media could not get any lower, it does.

Trending (disgracefully) right now, is an ableist hashtag that literally stigmatizes mental illness like no other health condition.

Here’s the embedded source:

This is very revolting and disgusting. Imagine if this hashtag was #BreastCancerIceBreakers, #ParkinsonsIceBreakers or even #AutismIceBreakers.

Would you still think the hashtag be funny or even acceptable?

This is just another reason why we need organizations like the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), and the Blurt Foundation. Stigmatic hashtags like this one, even if done in jest, are very harmful to someone like me, who suffer from numerous mental illnesses (schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder and depression just to name a few).

I just pray that no one who are making jokes on the hashtag has someone close to them who suffer from a debilitating illness such as depression.

HISTORY! Jimmie Johnson becomes NASCAR’s third seven-time champion, first since Dale Earnhardt in 1994

Homestead, Fla. — At 19:02 EDT Sunday, history was made in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

It was at that very moment, when Jimmie Johnson crossed the finish line to complete Lap 268 (one lap over the advertized distance) in the Round of Four Championship race, that every one around the sports world knew something that had happened only two times before happened again.

A driver had won seven NASCAR Premier Series titles. Read the rest of this entry »

Legislator who hardly ever stepped foot in a public school wants to give teachers the right to kill your five-year-old kid simply for misbehaving (video NSFW)

Columbia — Once again, another state legislator who has rarely (if ever) stepped foot in a public school wants to give teachers to right to kill your young child simply for misbehaving.

The proposal, now sponsored by state Representative Josh Putman (R-Piedmont), would allow for teachers, some of whom have had past issues with behavior, to carry guns.

What’s worse: they would be allowed to carry guns concealed. What that means is that no one will know whether the teacher carrying has anger issues currently or has had anger issues in the past.

One only has to go back to Tuesday, November 15, in Baltimore City to see the terrifying prospects of allowing teachers to carry guns in public schools. Read the rest of this entry »

At Williston-Elko High School’s elections, pussy grabbed back

If the nation follows the Psychic (Jamison) Twins and Williston-Elko High School, history will be made.

On Monday, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton won the mock election at W-E. The overall tally was 124-117 over Donald J. Trump, and it was 64-62 class wise. She took nine of the seventeen classes, although the Aiken Standard declined to note the class vote breakdown. Read the rest of this entry »

Hancock County among the handful areas receiving federal election monitors


Sparta, Ga. — The gubernatorial midterm elections are on Tuesday morning, and people around the nation will be voting for the nation’s 45th president.

Unfortunately, there is no word on whether the United Nations will send badly-needed election observers to precincts around the nation.

However, we can confirm through Talking Points Memo that Hancock County, a Georgia county just outside of the Aiken Area to the west, will be among the areas getting Department of Justice election monitors in the wake of reports that armed and extremely dangerous Trump supporters are planning to send people to the polls in predominantly black precincts to deliberately suppress legitimate voters.

Below the fold is the complete list. Read the rest of this entry »

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