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Month: January, 2014

Kimberly Curry, Hillary Van Akin & Beth Solscheid want special rights for themselves and to legally discriminate against nudists in Spokane

Gymnophobic moms Kimberly Curry, Hillary Van Akin and Beth Solscheid consider this a bigger problem than letting their kids watch violent content and play violent video games.

SPOKANE, WA — Kimberly Curry, Hillary Van Akin and Beth Solscheid — the hypocritical prudish mothers who want special rights for themselves and the legal right to blatantly discriminate against nudists and naturists — spoke in front of the Spokane City Hall on Monday.

The three want to outlaw nudity anywhere in the city, even inside the bathtub and the shower, and even inside privacy of one’s own home.

After the meeting, five council members unexpectedly told the gymnophobic moms to collect signatures, which could now end up being an uphill battle given the national exposure this story is getting from intersectional feminist and naturist blogs.

“I feel like what I expose my children to should never be out of my control,” said Ms. Curry, who has three children ages 3, 5 and 7.

Nudity is not a problem.  Ms. Curry’s intolerant behavior is.  Ms. Curry is teaching her children that they should be ashamed of their own bodies and should be ashamed of themselves.
Obviously, Ms. Curry sees a harmless penis, vagina and topless breast as a bigger problem than gang violence.  It is not public nudity that is the problem here.  Rather, Ms. Curry — along with Ms. Van Akin, Ms. Solscheid and Sarah Birnel — are the problem.
Public nudity has never harmed anyone.  Violent content and gun violence has.  I’m sure that each of these three mothers have breastfed their children.  That means it is time for these four uncouth, uncivilized women to get over themselves and accept the fact that nudity is natural and clothing is very unnatural.

Wife arrested in domestic violence gang assassination of husband and Branchville’s Fire Chief is on federal probation for Williston Rescue Squad incident

BRANCHVILLE — There is one new detail (with several others to come to public later) in regards to one of the three women who assassinated Branchville Fire Chief Alan Oakley in a domestic violence gang slaying on December 28, 2013.

That detail is in regards to the widow who stood to gain financially from a dead hubby, Melody Oakley (pictured individually).

Turns out, Mrs. Oakley was sentenced to three years probation on November 14, just 44 days before she and two other women — Ann Anderson, 47, and Carrie Brown, 25, both of Orangeburg — decided to assassinate her husband.  The probation sentence was in regards to a guilty plea Mrs. Oakley copped from federal prosecutor Strom Thurmond Junior, the son of the late Sen. Strom, to charges she made statements in a health care scheme the government says was aimed at bilking Medicare while she was with Williston Rescue Squad.

She and Jessica Kight, a co-worker, were each sentenced to a $25 special assessment fee and he, like her, was sentenced to probation for three years.  Authorities have ruled out men as participants in Mr. Oakley’s death, and Ms. Kight is not considered a suspect, either.

While with WRS, Mrs. Oakley served as transport supervisor.

In February 2013, WRS was hit with federal sanctions of its own related to the Medicare fraud.  US Attorney Bill Nettles, who prosecuted WRS, won an $800,000.00 judgment against Williston Rescue. The ambulance company agreed to pay the punishment in a five-year period — without admitting any guilt.

“Medicare fraud is stealing, and it is crippling America’s health care system,” said Nettles in a prepared statement at the time.  “We have doubled the number of attorneys working these cases in South Carolina.”

The accusations came to light when a whistleblower informed federal investigators of the possible fraud.  Per provisions in the False Claims Act, the anonymous woman will receive 20% of the total fine.

But then, federal prosecutors went after Mrs. Oakley and Ms. Kight, who was the billing supervisor.  Both women resigned from the company in December 2011.

According to the indictments, the two ex-employees were double-dipping on transportation billing in clear violation of the False Claims Act.

Federal authorities said that during 2011, Mrs. Oakley scheduled multiple patients for transport to and from dialysis, including at Southern Palmetto Hospital (then known as Barnwell County Hospital) and US Renal Care on MARLBORO AV at the same time. The bill would be made out to appear as if separate trips had been made for separate patients, said prosecutors.

Part of Mrs. Oakley’s three-year probation called for drug testing and a ban on weapons, including firearms and any other dangerous weapon, the sentencing sheet indicates.

That means that the knife used by the trio of women to slay Mr. Oakley violates the tenets of Mrs. Oakley’s probation.

Washington, D.C. has an eye out on this development because if Mrs. Oakley is found guilty of any of the charges against her, and a possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime charge could be filed against her and her two women accomplices, then the FBI will charge Mrs. Oakley with violation of probation.

Mrs. Oakley, Ms. Anderson and Ms. Brown were all denied bond on the murder charges in magistrate court.  A circuit court will take up the bond issue next month.

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UPDATE @ 13:33 Friday: The ex-co-worker has been identified by the (Barnwell) People-Sentinel as a woman named Jessica Kight.  I regret the error of thinking that the ex-co-worker was a man.  The part of the post about men being ruled out as participants in former Fire Chief Alan Oakley’s assassination stands as fact, however.

Abbeville County woman murders boyfriend

Lakeicha Marie Burton

DONALDS — Here is yet another abusive woman murdering men from the same day (December 28, 2013).

This time, in the Upstate.

Lakeicha Marie Burton, 33, was arrested by the Abbeville County Sheriff’s Department on December 28 for murdering her boyfriend of the same age.  An autopsy in Newberry showed that she initially shot the victim in the back, then shot him several more times while he lie defenseless — with a shot to the chest being the fatal shot.

Ms. Burton lured her boyfriend into their residence with the intent to murder him.

Media reports say that the victim was wanted by cops, but that does not excuse what Ms. Burton did, given the autopsy report on the victim.  She committed an even more heinous crime — domestic violence murder — and she must pay for it in court.

This victim was the second man to be murdered on December 28, 2013 in the state.  Ms. Burton is (at least) the fourth woman arrested for domestic violence murder on that same day.

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Branchville Fire Chief dead in domestic violence gang assassination committed by women

The murderesses. Oakley and Anderson allegedly had a lesbian relationship.

BRANCHVILLE — Three violent women — including the widow of Branchville’s Fire Department Chief — were arrested and charged with the gang assassination of the man on December 28, 2013.

Orangeburg County Deputy Coroner Sean Fogle says 48-year-old Alan Richard Oakley died Saturday from a stab wound to the neck at his residence. The three women planned and carried out the murder of Mr. Oakley by stabbing him in the neck resulting in his death.

Mr. Oakley was the Fire Chief for Branchville, including the town limits. He was the prominent face of the town after the daylong March 15, 2008 destructive tornado outbreak that destroyed the town’s main government building — its town hall.

The judge, Orangeburg County Magistrate Rob Clariday, denied bond for all three murderesses on the conspiracy charge on Tuesday morning, realizing that they are all a flight risk and that the women are a danger to the community. Judge Clariday can not legally hold a bond hearing on the murder charges against Ann Anderson, 47, Carrie Ashley Brown, 25 and the black widow, Melody Oakley, 40.

That hearing will have to be held in a circuit court in Columbia. That could happen as early as today, and some outraged Branchville residents plan to make the trip to ensure that the three murderesses get denied bond on the malice murder charges.

One of the commenters on the Times and Democrat article say that two of the prime murderesses, Melody Oakley and Ms. Anderson, were in a lesbian relationship and that Mr. Oakley found out about the affair.

Branchville firefighters say Mr. Oakley will be given military honors at his funeral. He retired from the National Guard.

Visiting hours are Friday from 6-8 p.m. at Branchville High School, located on DORANGE RD. Mr. Oakley’s homegoing service is at 11 a.m. Saturday at the same location.

Each murderess faces 30 years to life in prison if convicted of murder, and up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000 on the conspiracy charge. The circuit solicitor could change his mind and go for the death penalty against all three murderesses at their court hearing on February 18.

In the meantime, the Town of Branchville is a lot safer without these violent women on the streets.

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