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Month: June, 2020

Justice Breyer and Chief Justice Roberts save freedom and liberty in striking down Louisiana’s anti-choice law

Washington, DC — The United States Supreme Court struck down the anti-choice law that would have denied pregnant people in 15 states (including Georgia and South Carolina) of their rights by shut down abortion clinics.

The ruling on June Medical Services vs. Russo was 5-4 and was authored by Associate Justice Stephen Breyer.

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Which city or town in the CSRA region of South Carolina will be the first to mandate masks?

Now that Alan Wilson has come out saying that cities and towns can pass mask ordinances, it is time for this question:

Which CSRA town will be the first to mandate masks? Feel free to vote in the poll created by yours truly:

Alan Wilson: municipalities and counties in South Carolina can require masks

Columbia — The South Carolina Attorney General has spoken on the requirement to wear a mask.

Alan Wilson said that the state actually allows for towns, cities and counties to pass ordinances requiring masks when out in public. There’s no laws requiring social distancing in any US state.

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