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Florida pro-life terrorist denied parole

Tallahassee — An American pro-life terrorist was denied parole today and he will not be eligible again for parole for 25.5 more years.

Michael Griffin was denied parole after numerous people – including Dr. David Gunn’s son – spoke at the hearing.

David Gunn Junior, who now is more than twice the age he was when his father was assassinated in Pensacola on March 10, 1993, sent this statement to the Daily Kos’s Ann Rose:

“Awesome news from Tallahassee. Florida law dictates their parole commission to set presumptive parole release dates for all inmates with parole eligible sentences. The presumptive date does not mean parole or release. Today, the parole board set a presumptive parole date of 2043 for Michael Griffin. Griffin, 56, will be 82; however, based on the statements of the commissioners, it seems likely the state will never grace Griffin with parole as they all indicated he was a danger to others and his parole could be seen as an influential to others (as it would have been) to act as he did. Though there is another hearing in seven years, the max they can delay a rehearing under FL law, the state’s decision signals they have no inclination to parole this repugnant and unrepentant terrorist. My family thanks everyone who helped make the hearing a success.”

Gunn Senior’s assassination was the 27th terrorist attack on abortion clinics, and the first terrorist attack overall in the presidency of Bill Clinton.

Griffin’s next parole hearing date is now on March 9, 2043 – the day before what would be the 50th anniversary of the terrorist acts he committed against Dr. Gunn.

Daily Kos


Six reasons why I hate Samhain/Halloween

Samhain (Halloween for the non-Pagans out there) is the traditional Pagan festival that occurs on October 31. It is a day dedicated to the rituals celebrating the lives of those who did not make it and paying respect to ancestors. It is also supposedly the end of the growing season (although the mean first freeze in Williston is not until Christmas Day).

But, just like with anyone else in any other faith, not all of us in the Pagan/Wicca/Witch faith celebrate Samhain.

I, for one, flat out hate Samhain.

Here are six reasons why I hate October 31.

• It is merely a pathetic excuse for adults to violate public indecency laws. More than likely, if you look long enough, you will see several adults come in with attire that would get them a one way ride to the county jail. Readers of this site – even during the Blogspot days – should know by now that our Constitution does not protect clothing and that most US municipalities and all US states have classified some articles of clothing – including a raft of Halloween costumes for adults you can find at the entrance of Party City – as public indecency or indecent exposure.
• It is the anniversary of Greg Moore’s death. On Samhain 1999, I was watching the NFL and racing. I decided to turn to a CART race on WJBF-DT (then WJBF-TV) News Channel 6 that was taking place at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, Calif. I had the grave misfortune of watching the race early on. That is because Mr. Moore smashed an inside concrete wall (literally) head first before flipping several times afterwards. Unbeknownst to me, when I turned on the local news on WRDW News 12 at Six, I remember watching the segment called the Big Finish. The sportscaster then showed the horrific crash that I previously saw. It was then when I heard him say that Mr. Moore died in that crash. In 2014, I learned that Mr. Moore was killed instantly in that crash and, after watching the video on YouTube for the very first time, the cause of death was a basal skull fracture – the same injury that killed Gonzalo Rodriguez on September 11 of that year at Laguna Seca, and the same kind of injury that would later claim the lives of Adam Petty, Kenny Irwin Junior, Tony Roper, Dale Earnhardt Senior and Blaise Alexander – all within the next 25 months.
• Cultural appropriation. Even if the attire is within the confines of the law, some attire appropriates marginalized people and their stereotypes. This is a growing problem. Unlike with jokes, which any group of people (including men) can be a victim of a totally unfunny and offensive joke, power dynamics actually do come into play when it comes to cultural appropriation. What that means is that it is offensive for cisgender people to dress up as a transgender person, an able bodied person to dress up as someone with a mental illness, and for women who are not sex workers to dress up in attire so skimpy, they could be mistaken for a sex worker (note: Sugar babies and findommes are also sex workers). Straight people, clothed people, whites and men cannot be victims of cultural appropriation.
• Racist and sexist decorations. There are plenty of these decorations during Sahmain season. These range from decorations of lynching colored people to decorations of boys/scarecrows with extremely turgid erections trying to intimidate guests.
• Hard candy. I do not like most of the hard candy that is associated with Samhain. The only kinds I like are the Smarties, Skittles and Starburst. That is it.
• Horror movies. Yea, I am definitely not a fan of horror flicks. And not just because they simply can not be unseen. They actually make it much more difficult for me to sleep – and that is the absolute last thing I and any other person with a mental illness need as we have enough issues as it is.

And that is the end of that.

As of 6:00 EDT today, Twitter will start suspending accounts for “creepshots” and other non-consensual nudity


San Francisco — At 6:00 Eastern Daylight Time (midnight Hawaii-Aleutian Time) today, Twitter began their first enforcements of more stringent policies.

What that means is that accounts can now be suspended from Twitter for posting “creepshots”-like photos. This would include photos from the infamous Bushwick event that took place in New York City in 2014, one which we called “Creepshots for Women”.

Also, accounts that share non-consensual nudity will also get suspended from Twitter. This includes non-consensual topless photos of women. Sharing non-consensual photos of a mother breastfeeding her child will not trigger a suspension as Twitter does not consider breastfeeding as nudity.

Also, Twitter announced that phase two of their more stringent policy combating abuse will take place at 6:00 EDT on November 22. At that time, accounts that threaten violence against others will be permanently suspended. Also on November 22, accounts that use hate symbols and post hate imagery will be suspended and face the possibility of a permanent suspension from the social media site.

The new policy, which is being rolled out in phases, was put in place after the #WomenBoycottTwitter campaign that lasted 48 hours, encompassing the dates of October 13 and October 14.


Allendale-Fairfax freshman brings gun to school

Fairfax – A pupil was arrested at Allendale-Fairfax High School earlier this week for bringing a handgun on school grounds.

Rick Gooding, who works for Barnwell radio station WDOG-FM, tweeted about this.

The only info is that the pupil was a freshman and was taken to the Department of Juvenile Justice in Columbia. Neither the Allendale-Fairfax School District nor the Allendale County Sheriff’s Department identified the suspect due to his age.

Sarah Silverman wants to #NormalizeNudity

Los Angeles — Comedienne Sarah Silverman kicked off her Hulu show I Love You, America with full frontal nudity.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ms. Silverman said what needed to be said: We need some real-life nudity in public places.

“When someone pitched the picture-the-audience-naked concept, I went, ‘Ugh, that’s so trite. You thought of that because you’ve seen it before on television,'” explained Ms. Silverman after the taping. “So we just leaned into that trope and made it into something totally, in my opinion, original.” And after all, this is a streaming service, not some broadcast network with strict standards and practices limits. “I wanted to take advantage of the fact that we are on a network where we can see nudity, clinical nudity.”

But that’s not the only reason Ms. Silverman had for filming the pair – a man named Scott and a woman named Stella – naked. She hopes to normalize nudity and told the cameraperson to pan down to the duo’s genitals. “It’s totally nonsexual nudity and yet it’s so jarring to see because we’re not used to it, especially in America. So I just got excited about showing clinical nudity — you know, a flaccid penis and balls and pubes and a vagina and just human, fleshy, beautiful bodies,” she said. “All it takes is exposure to be used to things.”

And that is precisely what the host hopes to give viewers in the decet of episodes in I Love You, America, so that the viewers are educated and change their thinking around nudity. “So much of closed-mindedness, hatred, intolerance is just a lack of exposure.” she continues, noting that oftentimes people who are more progressive tend to move to the coasts (i.e. Los Angeles or New York.) “And that leaves all the places we come from — New Hampshire, Iowa, Colorado, Nebraska — left without being exposed to different people.”

In the episodes that aired thus far, she visited a parish in Louisiana where a conservative family had never previously met a Jewish person. Also, Ms. Silverman sat down with a former member of Westboro Baptist Church.

Trump gets rid of Obama-era rules on birth control – meaning bosses can legally ax women for simply possessing birth control pills

Washington, DC – Women can now be legally fired from their jobs simply for possessing birth control after the Trump Administration today nixed a rule about birth control that former President Obama had enacted five years ago.

Rewire’s Christine Grimaldi shared on Twitter a piece of the new rule the Trump Administration posted at 11:00 EDT.

The rules that the Obama administration had enacted also allowed women to get birth control for little to no cost. That too, is gone, as of today, meaning that the price of birth control is about to skyrocket.

And if Trump, Trent Franks and Lindsey Graham have their way, women would also be prosecuted and jailed for up to five years simply for possession of birth control pills.

This is not about religious liberty or the “unborn” folks. This, as well as the proposed 20-week ban on abortion that passed the House on Tuesday, is about one thing and one thing only: A government takeover of women’s bodies and lives.

Baristas sue Seattle suburb over discriminatory ordinance

Everett, Wash. — A group of baristas are filing a lawsuit against this Seattle suburb after it passed an ordinance designed to discriminate against women and force the baristas to the unemployment line.

Everett recently passed one of the most anti-woman, anti-business measures the Seattle area has ever seen when they adopted an ordinance requiring any article of clothing they wear to be a minimum of three inches below the ass. Read the rest of this entry »

Irma closings for Monday and Tuesday

Here’s the list of closings for Monday and Tuesday:

• Aiken County – government, schools (Monday only) and Aiken-Barnwell Mental Health (Main and Hartzog centers)
• Allendale County – government and schools
• Augusta University
• Bamberg County – government and schools
• Barnwell County: Polly Best Center
• Barnwell County Government
• Barnwell School District 45
• Blackville School District 19
• Williston-Elko School District 29
• Bulloch County – government and schools
• Burke County – government and schools
• Claflin University
• Columbia County – government and schools
• East Georgia State College (all campuses)
• Edgefield County School District (Monday only)
• Emanuel County – government and schools
• Georgia Southern University
• Glascock County – government and schools
• Hampton County – government and schools
• Jefferson County – government and schools
• Jenkins County – government and schools
• Lincoln County Government
• McDuffie County – government and schools
• Orangeburg County – government and schools
• Paine College
• Augusta-Richmond County – government and schools
• Screven County – government and schools
• South Carolina-Aiken
• South Carolina-Salkehatchie (both campuses)
• South Carolina State University
• Taliaferro County – government and schools
• Voorhees College
• Warren County Government
• Wilkes County Government

Note: Government offices in all 159 Georgia counties are closed on Monday and Tuesday under the order of Nathan Deal

Tropical Storm Warning in effect for the whole Aiken Area


Hurricane-Irma-update-Barbuda-Saint-Barthelemy-and-Saint-Martin-battered-by-near-200mph-windsA Tropical Storm Warning is now active for all 22 Aiken Area counties. This includes cities such as Aiken; Allendale; Augusta, Ga.; Bamberg; Branchville; Crawfordville, Ga.; Gibson, Ga.; Girard, Ga.; Grovetown, Ga.; Jackson; Lincolnton, Ga.; Louisville, Ga.; Midville, Ga.; Millen; Monetta; Mount Carmel; Orangeburg; Springfield; Statesboro; Swainsboro, Ga.; Sylvania; Thomson, Ga.; Trenton; Washington, Ga.; Warrenton, Ga.; Waynesboro; Williston; and Yemassee.

A Tropical Storm Warning means that sustained winds of 40 mph or greater from a tropical system are expected. High Wind Warnings were issued for the Midlands and Central Georgia for such situations prior to 2016.

Wind speeds in Williston could gust as high as 60 mph throughout the 24-hour period Monday.

The maximum temperature in Williston on Monday is projected to be 64°f. Rainfall is expected to be at 3 to 4 inches from Irma.

Tornados are also a big threat.

The Tropical Storm Warning is active right now in Allendale, Bulloch, Emanuel, Hampton, Jenkins and Screven counties. The Tropical Storm Warning will be active for the remaining 16 local counties beginning at 17:00.

Irma will likely make its second landfall in the Lowcountry. Hurricane conditions expected in Williston and surrounding areas Monday night.

Looks like the absolutely worst possible outcome will come to fruition.

On Monday night, either Bryan, Chatham or Liberty County in Georgia, or Jasper or Beaufort County in South Carolina, will experience Hurricane Irma’s second landfall. From there, the storm is expected to head northwest or north-northwest – cutting into much of the eastern half of the Aiken area. Irma will not be downgraded to a tropical storm until it is north of Asheville, long out of Georgia and South Carolina. Read the rest of this entry »

#Surfacegate: Aiken Area Progressive is no longer recommending any Microsoft or Windows non-phone product

Redmond, Wash. – If you are among the few who have been living under a rock, you should know why this post is happening.

In August, Consumer Reports basically de-recommended all of Microsoft’s non-phone products, saying that almost one in every four Surface computers were returned because of various issues that popped up during the second year, usually right after the warranty ended.

We at Aiken Area Progressive agree with Consumer Reports magazine here.

In fact, we are going to go one step further: Simply do not buy any Windows PCs, Surface PCs or Xbox Ones.

Instead, buy these alternatives: Read the rest of this entry »

Henry McMaster punishes women further by forcing medical facilities to stop working with abortion providers

Columbia — Donald Trump’s closest ally in South Carolina, Henry McMaster, signed an executive order punishing the state’s women further.

The executive order requires state run medical facilities to cease doing business of any kind with abortion providers.

The state earlier ended its reimbursements to Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood swiftly slammed the out of touch governor:

“Planned Parenthood South Atlantic has provided annual exams, birth control, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, and lifesaving cancer screenings- such as clinical breast exams and Pap tests- to women, men and young people in South Carolina for over 50 years.

Planned Parenthood does not receive Title X funding or any other grants through the state of South Carolina. We do serve patients who rely on Medicaid for their insurance, and provide basic healthcare to men and women who participate in the state health insurance plan.

Given this clear-cut information, today’s executive order issued by Governor McMaster is simply a political stunt. While he spends taxpayers’ time and money on scoring political points, Planned Parenthood South Atlantic will continue to focus on providing the wide-range of accessible, affordable health care services that our patients, and his constituents, rely on.”

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