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North Carolina voters: kill these five amendments on November 6

Raleigh — On November 6, North Carolina voters will do everything in their election except elect a governor.

There are six amendments and five of them are nothing more than GOP power grabs. Read the rest of this entry »


Report: Ring of Honor (ROH) wrestler Jay Lethal sexually harassed multiple women wrestlers

Baltimore — A Ring of Honor championship wrestler is now accused of sexually harassing several of his women colleagues.

Earlier this week, former Ring of Honor wrestler Taeler Hendrix came forward, saying that Jay Lethal sexually harassed her and that her career suffered as a result of her refusal to sleep with Mr. Lethal, 33. Aiken Area Progressive has learned via Twitter that another woman has come forward with allegations against Mr. Lethal. It is not immediately known if the recent accuser was a wrestler or a valet.

Ring of Honor is owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group, the same corporation that owns at least one TV station in every market adjacent to the Augusta-Aiken market.

We will update this story as soon as more develops…

Update @ 13:48: video report of a second accuser has been uploaded to YouTube.

On Obgerfell Day, vote for a true progressive, NYC!

On June 26, which is Obgerfell Day, New Yorkers have a choice.

A choice between DINO Carolyn Maloney or send her packing and put a real Democrat in Congress in Suraj Patel.

Representative Maloney claims to be a progressive, but three important votes she took tell a much different story.

  • She voted “yea” to allow banks to discriminate against marginalized women by voting for a bill called the “End Banking for Human Traffickers Act”.
  • She voted “yea” for the “Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act”, a bill Jeff Sessions opposed, because of the fact that marginalized women are actually being injured and killed – all the while absolutely no victims of trafficking are being saved by the law.
  • She also voted for the 2015 law that enabled Trump’s FBI to seize Backpage and other consensual sex work web pages.

In 1992, Rep. Maloney was right for New Yorkers. Not so in 2018. New Yorkers need to retire this politician who cares only about her career, not about marginalized women.

Vote for Suraj Patel on June 26.

It’s a new month with new proclamations from the White House. Guess which two proclamations they refused to recognize.

Washington, DC — June has several themes that presidents proclaim for the month.

It is known as Black Music Month, for example.

That is one of four proclamations Trump signed on Friday.

Guess which two proclaimations Trump refused to sign?

Read the rest of this entry »

Sprint and T-Mobile announce deal to merge — the carrier competition will be lit if deal is approved

Bellevue, Wash. — T-Mobile and Sprint announced early Sunday morning that they will be merging.

The deal is worth $26,000,000,000.00. John Legere and Marcelo Claure both said that their companies will have no choice but to deploy 5G together. They even said that neither Verizon nor AT&T can deploy 5G by themselves without kicking all of their customers off LTE temporarily since LTE is long term evolution, and that means 4G and later will always utilize LTE.

The deal must be approved by the FCC and the DOJ. It is likely that the deal will be approved, but not before next spring.

If the merger is approved, the competition will be lit on the carrier side of things for sure since the deadweight will be gone.


Republicans call for special order to ban second trimester abortions

Columbia — The party of big intrusive government is at it again in the state legislature.

This time, the Republicans want to ban abortions in the second trimester.

According to Planned Parenthood South Atlantic South Carolina president Vicki Ringer, the GOP called for a special order on H. 3548, a bill that passed the House under regular rules in the winter because the GOP hates women.

Imagine if these arrogant politicians dictated to doctors how to perform open heart surgery or a colonoscopy, both of which are much more dangerous for women than abortion.

And conservatives ever wonder why no self-respecting woman will ever vote for them.

Let’s send H. 3548 to its graveyard. Call your state Senator or text 50409 to the Resistbot to find your state Senators and demand they vote no on H. 3548!

The US government has officially committed an act of war against its own citizens and the world by enacting FOSTA as law

Washington, DC — The federal government has officially committed an act of war on its own citizens and the world.

Today, Trump signed House Resolution 1865, a bill that bans sex from the internet, therefore violating the First, Fourth, Fifth and Fourteenth amendments.

This bill came about because the federal government decided that users on the internet had too much freedom of speech.

Already, more than a thousand online dating sites — including Craigslist, the Erotic Review (TER) and Backpage — have shut down or have been seized by the federal government since 97 anti-sex extremists in the US Senate voted for the FOSTA law on March 21.

FOSTA has already been proven to do nothing to fight sex trafficking. The only thing FOSTA has done was censor the internet globally and kill sex workers here at home.

The true goal of FOSTA supporters is to outlaw sex entirely — this is the first step towards that goal.

Let the lawsuits commence. We strongly support the effort to overturn FOSTA.

This Means War

This is an act of war committed by the federal government against its most vulnerable citizens — and the world.

The Honest Courtesan

I hate these website confiscation notices.  The agencies involved always plaster their logos all over the damned thing, like they’re so proud of how they wrecked someone’s business, like a bunch of dogs pissing all over to mark their territory.  It makes me sick.  –  Mark Draughn

So it’s finally happened; after seven and a half years of illegal persecution, the federal government finally wiped its fat, disgusting arse with the last remaining shreds of the Constitution and seized Backpage on a number of trumped-up charges, meaning the usual no-evidence-needed “money laundering” and “conspiracy” to ensure they can still loot the corpse of the victim even after repeated attempts on ridiculous “sex trafficking” charges fell flat.  Judges have repeatedly and consistently sided with Backpage in every challenge

…for the simple reason that the government’s demands are blatantly unconstitutional.  But the evil don’t stop being evil merely because…

View original post 495 more words

Nudists are angry — and rightfully so — at postal worker’s bigotry and refusal to deliver important medicines and packages inside community

Hudson, Fla. — Nudists are used to be persecuted and discriminated against by citizens and private entities all the time.

But what makes this different is that it is a group of workers getting government funding that is engaging in blatant discrimination and blatant persecution.

The mailwoman WFLA News Channel 8 describes refuses to do the job as prescribed in her description because she hates nudists and hates being naked. Read the rest of this entry »

Best duopoly phones for displaced Windows users

Two years ago today, Windows 10 Mobile was finally released to the public. It lasted less than 19 months before Microsoft killed it.

As everyone knows, there is officially a duopoly in the smartphone industry, and the usually outspoken T-Mobile CEO John Legere has been totally quiet about it — and for no good reason.

That is the world we are in now, though.

That said, there are duopoly phones you can get if support for your Windows phone has ended.

Here are our recommended duopoly phones. Read the rest of this entry »

Good news! Teen girl found safe!

Orangeburg — There is some good news to share.

Jamella Houser, 14, was found safe this afternoon. She was reported missing Sunday afternoon.

According to the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office, she is at her residence on BANASHEE CIR.

WLTX News 19

South Carolina House introduces bill to ban Medicaid patients from receiving health care

Columbia — The South Carolina House of Representatives have introduced another bill that would essentially ban Medicaid patients from receiving any kind of health care.

The bill is known as H. 4491, and it defunds the only health care provider in the state that accepts Medicaid patients, Planned Parenthood. If H. 4491 is passed into law, there will be absolutely no alternatives for Medicaid patients in South Carolina for health care.

Vicki Ringer, the director of Planned Parenthood South Atlantic South Carolina, writes:

Attention : major announcement for tomorrow morning March 7 th :
Friends, the House Judiciary Subcommittee is holding a hearing tomorrow morning at 9 am in Room 516 of the Blatt Building on the State House grounds (it’s between the Gressette Building and Pendleton Street). The bill is H. 4491 which prevents patients on Medicaid from coming to abortion clinics for pap smears, breast exams, birth control, STD testing and treatment, cancer screenings and other health care. This is the “defund Planned Parenthood” bill.

It has absolutely no impact on the number of abortions performed because state and federal law already prohibit funding for abortion. And though the bill says it affects abortion clinics, Planned Parenthood is the only one affected because we’re the only one which accepts Medicaid.

We really need people who will testify so we can fill the agenda and perhaps slow down a vote or prevent a vote tomorrow.

You don’t need any facts or statistics. Just talk about how politicians are interfering with women’s health care choices, taking away women’s option to go to an already trusted health care provider, making it more difficult for low income women to seek care, hurting women over and over again. It’s getting really tiring having to constantly defend our basic rights to care. Legislators have decided that they haven’t punished us enough this year.

Please come tomorrow and show your support AGAIN for our reproductive rights in SC.

Please forward this to all your networks and contacts. Share on social media. Post on Facebook. Let’s fill the room again!

Thank you so much!


With the state being much worse off now than it was in 1986, waging a War on South Carolina Women is what this crooked conservative state does best.

November 6, where are you?

h/t Elaine Cooper

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