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AT&T, other Fortune 500 businesses being targeted by anti-American Curtis Loftis’s witch hunt must sue South Carolina for at least $500 billion

Columbia — The State of South Carolina continues its assault on our Constitution.

This time, the assault is coming from the Treasurer’s Office.

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Who’s really afraid, Herschel?


Wrightsville, Ga. — Earlier this week, Herschel Walker brought on a swimmer whose 15 minutes of fame ended long ago.

In the ad, both Walker and the swimmer falsely explains how Senator Reverend Warnock is afraid of banning transgender people from sports, which actually violates Title IX and the Educational Equity Act.

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Right wing radicals from coast to coast commit domestic terrorism at LGBTQIA club in Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colo. — American conservatives did it again.

On Saturday night, minutes before the Transgender Day of Remembrance and the start of the Transgender Week of Remembrance, a 22-year-old ultraconservative man fueled by bigotry and hatred brought a legally purchased gun into an LGBTQIA club in the El Paso County seat.

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Elon Musk is an enemy of free speech. Here are three true champions of free speech.

The words of the First Amendment are posted above.

You’d think that some of the richest people in the world would at least understand that amendment, the most important amendment in the Bill of Rights.

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They are lying to Georgians and South Carolinians – Henry McMaster, Ellen Weaver, Tim Scott, Brian Kemp, Burt Jones, Chris Carr, Herschel Walker and Mitch McConnell are all spreading malicious lies about their opponents

They’re getting desperate.

Records have been shattered all over Georgia when it comes to voting. But conservatives are constantly airing lies on television. Below the fold, we will pick apart the lies from each of the seven people whose commercials are airing one by one. We’re starting with South Carolina.

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To save America and everything it stands for, vote only for Democrats

This is it.

This could be the last year America exists.

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Six days before the first-ever early voting period, big government conservatives in the South Carolina Senate plan to revive H. 5399

Columbia — Big government misogynists that have controlled South Carolina for the last 20 years simply do not understand the word “no”.

Case in point, their persistence to passing H. 5399, a bill that only a third of South Carolinians support.

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Windsor woman burns down panties and residence

Windsor — One of the first episodes of Grey’s Anatomy was about Bailey asking “Whose damn panties are on the bulletin board”.

Now, the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office is asking and trying to answer the question of whose damn panties burned down a house.

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Salley is one of the first municipalities in the Aiken Area/CSRA to cease recognition of genocidal colonizer Christopher Columbus

Salley — The movement to eradicate racism and genocide has made its way to the Aiken Area.

The Town of Salley, in northeastern Aiken County, has decided to cease recognition of Christopher Columbus.

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Sayonara, Lightning and micro-USB! See you never!

Paris — The European Union today passed a new bill that would require all smartphones to have USB-C charging ports by August 31, 2024, without exceptions.

The vote was overwhelmingly in favor of the change, with 602 of the 621 people in the EU parliament voting yea.

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Government office closings and early dismissals

There are now closings and early dismissals coming in.

Due to Hurricane Ian, government offices in some local areas will be closing early today and will be closed all day on Friday.

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Tropical Storm Warning is now active for the Aiken Area (Update)

The National Hurricane Center in Miami, Fla. has issued a Tropical Storm Warning for portions of the Aiken Area.

This warning is in effect until further notice.

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