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Orangeburg Department of Public Safety officer stomps on handcuffed man’s head

Orangeburg — An Orangeburg Department of Public Safety officer was axed and then arrested for stomping on the head of a 58-year-old man he had arrested moments earlier.

David Lance Dukes, 38, was fired from ODPS and arrested by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) for assault and battery in the first degree.

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Ranking each state’s respect for the Constitution

It is the first full day of summer. However, if you’re looking for freedom and respect for your constitutional rights, you need to escape the South for the most part.

That’s because three of the five states that show the most contempt for the Constitution are in the South: Oklahoma, Tennessee and South Carolina. The only three Southern states that rank in the top half of the nation (Top 25) are: Florida, North Carolina and Texas.

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Manager of Hooters arrested for sexual assault

Augusta, Ga. — A 26-year-old Hooters manager was arrested on Tuesday morning for sexual assault on an employee.

According to the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, one of the several sexual assault victims said that she spilled something on her uniform Monday night and asked the suspect for a new one.

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Senator Mia McLeod is running for governor

Columbia — Senator Mia McLeod is running for the governorship of South Carolina.

The Bennettsville-born state Senator is vying to become the first African-American governor in the state and the first African-American woman governor in any state.

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Missing Teacher found dead in Washington County

Sandersville, Ga. — A teacher in Washington County has been found dead after having been missing since May 28.

Sources tell Macon media outlets that the body of Tina Prince, 46, was found.

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Woman arrested for murder in Estill

Estill — A woman has been arrested in the death of another woman in Estill.

The Estill Police Department said that during the holiday weekend, Tiffany Rebecca Owens, 33, was booked on murder charges Saturday after a shooting. The Hampton and Jasper County Sheriff offices, and the Yemassee Police Department assisted the Estill Police in the investigation, which is ongoing as of midnight EDT.

Estill elects first woman mayor in town history

Estill — The town of Estill has its first woman mayor.

After a 174-all tie in the April 13 election that caused a runoff, Kim Wiley defeated incumbent mayor Corrin Bowers on Tuesday.

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Red Alert: US Supreme Court to take up Mississippi law banning abortion

Washington, DC — The US Supreme Court agreed today to take up Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health, a case that would likely overturn Roe vs. Wade, an already disfavored right by many activist judges appointed by radical conservatives on the federal courts ever since the 1980s.

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South Carolina state Senate rejects permitless carry

Columbia — It was unexpected, but South Carolina can breathe a sigh of relief.

The South Carolina state Senate rejected permitless open carry by three votes. The final vote was 25-21. Twenty-eight votes were needed to pass this vulgar, indecent bill that came out of nowhere late last month.

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Six words (and phrases) the mainstream media must stop using

Recently, I ran across something on Facebook about President Biden and his administration soon to cease using the term illegal aliens to describe people who are undocumented.

That got me thinking about all the phrases the mainstream media has been using over the years.

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Openly carrying guns is the epitome of the destruction of morality and society in America

Once again, South Carolina continues the path of destruction of all morals in promoting the immoral gun culture.

A bill introduced this week would allow for anyone with a permit to open carry firearms and flaunt them around children, scarring them for life.

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Frowning Faces, Ugly Places: Unconstitutional bill banning abortion signed into law – pro-freedom groups sue five seconds later

Columbia — It is no longer a great day in South Carolina.

Instead, it is an awful day in the state.

Henry McMaster, as promised, signed a totally unconstitutional bill banning abortion into law at about 13:25.

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