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NBC will be the third Over-The-Air network without soap operas on September 9 as network will move Days Of Our Lives to Peacock

Los Angeles — And then there will be two after next month.

At 2:00 pm on September 9, there will be only two over-the-air stations with soap operas for the first time since November 5, 1965.

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South Carolina wants to abolish the First Amendment in its zeal to control women and others who can get pregnant

Columbia — The conservatives spit game about how they are pro-Constitution when in the past month, it has been proving that they are anything but.

In fact, the conservatives have been wiping their asses with the Constitution.

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Vice President Harris is correct: the US Supreme Court essentially legalized government slavery of adult women

Atlantic City, N.J. — Vice President Kamala Harris, a former guest of the Tyra Banks Show in the late 2000s, spoke the truth on Monday night at the home of the Monopoly board game.

And the truth is causing the hit dogs on the right to holler loudly.

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Back to school dates

The school year starts this week in the Aiken Area.

So below the fold, here are the first days of school for each district in the area:

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The state of Texas wants to murder anyone who can get pregnant

Austin — Radical mass genocidal maniac Ken Paxton, still under indictment for criminal charges dating back to 2015, has filed a lawsuit against the United States government over its enforcement of a 36-year-old law that requires abortions to be performed to save a pregnant person’s life.

The lawsuit was filed on Thursday evening after President Biden and the Department of Justice issued an executive order requiring all states to follow the 1986 EMTALA law, which requires abortions to be performed in emergency situations at hospitals.

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Bowen Turner gets probation revoked, remanded to jail and required to register as sex offender

Orangeburg — At long last, some semblance of justice at least.

Judge Roger Young revoked the probationary sentence that Markley Dennis gave Bowen Turner more than two months ago.

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Time for the federal government to shut down meta, Facebook

Menlo Park, Calif. — There is an explosive report about how Facebook treats women’s rights activists as terrorists.

The Intercept reported earlier this week that Facebook designated women’s rights activists as terrorists.

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USB-C to become mandatory for all phones, tablets and PCs within two years

Paris — The IPhone and budget Android phones will have to say goodbye to their ports.

In a vote this morning, the European Union overwhelmingly voted to require all phones, tablets and laptop computers to use USB-C for charging.

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The state forced Hampton and Estill to consolidate their school districts – now their high schools and traditions will soon be gone

Hampton — Government-forced consolidation has destroyed yet more traditions in the state of South Carolina.

This time, in Hampton County.

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Five IPhones projected to be dropped from future support

Cupertino, Calif. — We are now about two weeks away from the big iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 reveal.

And if rumors are true, support will revert back to the way it was prior to COVID.

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US Senate quickly passes anti-1st Amendment bill

Washington, DC — When it comes to violating the Constitution, you can rely on the US Senate AND the US Supreme Court to do just that.

On late Tuesday, the US Senate passed a bill that blatantly violates the First Amendment rights of the people.

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Bowen Turner, on probation for raping two teen girls, arrested for disorderly conduct

Orangeburg — Bowen Turner, the Orangeburg man who was sentenced to probation for raping two teenage girls, was arrested over the weekend.

Mr. Turner was arrested just after midnight today for disorderly conduct.

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