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Time to Delete Tumblr: Tumblr burns its community to the ground – bans nudity, LGBTQIA content

Basking Ridge, N.J. — Tumblr has decided that having an iOS app was more important than having a community of long time users and supporters.

Today, the social media site is banning all forms of nudity and is razing its LGBTQIA community to the ground.

Kitty Stryker wrote all about it for Vice:

No site should allow child porn, obviously. But thousands of sites manage to effectively moderate to keep their platforms free of child porn, while allowing adult content more broadly. After being removed from the App Store but before making the announcement that it would ban all adult content, Tumblr began to purge some adult and NSFW artists from the site.

Monday, Tumblr announced it would ban adult content altogether. In a blog post, Tumblr CEO Jeff D’Onofrio wrote that “there are no shortage of sites on the internet that feature adult content.”

But there are fewer and fewer mainstream sites and services that support porn and adult content, and much of that attitude has grown out of Apple’s strict controls over the App Store and the iOS ecosystem. Steve Jobs famously suggested that “folks who want porn can buy an Android phone,” and Apple has repeatedly leveraged its unprecedented power over millions of smartphones to sanitize the apps that are available on iPhones. Apple does not allow apps “that contain user generated content that is frequently pornographic.” In 2016, Apple famously deleted all third-party Reddit apps that allowed users to toggle NSFW posts on and off; even now, it is impossible to access porn on an iOS Reddit app unless you jump through various hoops.

She continues on that Tumblr was the one place where “we could find porn that represents us, made by indie performers who created their own content outside of an often racist, transmisogynist, fatphobic industry. Tumblr was where our content could exist without pushing us into the restrictions of a misogynist, male dominated workplace.”

She adds that Tumblr was a place where sex education could be freely discussed without attacking marginalized communities, such as the kink, asexual and poly communities.

“I’d be shocked if, since this depends on user reports, this doesn’t disproportionately affect users who are not white, cis, able bodied, slender, and feminine,” said Mrs. Stryker. “It’s a huge loss from an identity affirming perspective, from an educational perspective, from a feminist erotica perspective.”

In short, Tumblr is using child porn as an excuse to ban all forms of nudity, adult and LGBTQIA content.

Tumblr still will allow Nazis on the site, though.

“It’s hilarious how they’ll ban anything even remotely adult, given it’s part of what made their platform initially popular, but they can’t handle actual hate speech, the pearl clutching ‘think of the children’ crusaders who attack anyone they deem ‘wrong’, or Nazi bullshit,” Abigail Sin, who uses Tumblr for NSFW fandom blogs as well as her own sex work, told Motherboard in a Twitter message. “By hilarious I mean ridiculous. There are fan artists who stopped creating because of the shit they’ve been put through there—everything from rape threats and death threats to character assassination.”

It is time to uninstall the Tumblr app, folks.


Is Denmark the Flint of the South? Bakari Sellers, others sue over poisonous water in Denmark

Denmark — There’s a new lawsuit over water rights being served.

According to WRDW News 12, there’s a very long history of water violations committed by the state of South Carolina against the residents of the western Bamberg County city of Denmark.

Some residents spoke to the Augusta, Ga. news station on and off camera. Read the rest of this entry »

Crooked Criminal Brian Kemp launches witch hunt against Georgia Democratic Party

Atlanta — Crooked criminal Brian Kemp is at it again.

The criminal overseeing his own election has decided to conduct a witch hunt against the Georgia Democratic Party after the illegal voting machines were hacked.

The Georgia Democratic Party released a statement slamming the investigation.

“To be very clear, Brian Kemp’s scurrilous claims are 100 percent false, and this so-called investigation was unknown to the Democratic Party of Georgia until a campaign operative in Kemp’s official office released a statement.”

They furthermore correctly said that the crooked criminal Kemp should not be trusted with cyber security “given his record of leaking the personal information and social security numbers of six million Georgians.”

Kemp should be in jail for the breaches, not the governor’s mansion.

Georgians, a vote for Kemp is a vote for a criminal.

Vote for Stacey Abrams on Tuesday.

Joe Wilson donates $1,000.00 to white supremacist Steve King

Springdale — A Federal Elections Commission report shows that Joe Wilson, one of the five local Representatives, donated money to white supremacist Steve King.

Julie Edwards, 31, of Williston, was the one who researched the donations made by him. Donations reported by the FEC are public and searchable.

There are plenty of others who donated to him in the past too, including Tyson’s Foods.

On Tuesday, replace white supremacist sympatizer Joe Wilson with someone who will never support white supremacy.

Vote for James Smith Junior for South Carolina governor

Sixteen years of conservative rule has offered no improvement at all in South Carolina.

In fact, 16 years of conservative rule has resulted in worsening streets and highways, worsening infrastructure, worsening education results and worsening results when it comes to women.

South Carolina was recently named the most dangerous state for a woman to be pregnant in. That is the epitome of what 16 years of conservative rule has done to the state. Read the rest of this entry »

Vote for Stacey Abrams for Georgia governor

Augusta, Ga. — The race for governor concludes on November 6.

There used to be a time where shame used to be a thing and hypocrisy wasn’t.

It is time to get back to those times. Read the rest of this entry »

Three tornados touch down in Orangeburg County

Branchville — The National Weather Service surveyed the damage and confirmed that three tornados touched down in Orangeburg County, including one in the county seat.

None of the tornados were in relation to Michael, however, as the band that spun the twisters occurred ahead of Michael.

The first tornado occurred in Branchville. It was rated EF-0.

The second was in Rowesville. This one was also an EF-0.

The third tornado was confirmed to be in Orangeburg, along Brookside Dr and Pine Hill Rd. Like the previous two twisters, this was a minor EF-0.

Fortunately, there were no injuries and only minor damage from the tornados.

Severe weather info

A Tropical Storm Warning is active for every county in the Aiken Area.

This includes the following cities and towns:

Aiken, North Augusta, White Pond, Wagener, Salley, Ridge Spring, Ward, Monetta, Windsor, Allendale, Fairfax, Ulmer, Bamberg, Denmark, Bufords Bridge, Barnwell, Blackville, Williston, Elko, Whaley, Hattieville, Statesboro, Portal, Brooklet, Waynesboro, Keysville, Girard, Appling, Evans, Grovetown, Martinez, Edgefield, Johnston, Trenton, Swainsboro, Twin City, Adrian, Gibson, Mitchell, Edge Hill, Hampton, Varnville, Yemassee, Estill, Garnett, Miley, Early Branch, Louisville, Wrens, Avera, Stapleton, Wadley, Millen, Perkins, Lincolnton, McCormick, Clarks Hill, Mount Carmel, Thomson, Dearing, Orangeburg, Springfield, Santee, Eutawville, Neeses, Branchville, Augusta, Blythe, McBean, Sylvania, Hilltonia, Rocky Ford, Newington, Crawfordville, Sharon, Warrenton, Jewell, Camak, Norwood, Washington, Rayle, Oak Grove and Tignall.

A Tornado Watch is active for Bulloch, Burke, Jenkins and Screven counties until 2:00 Thursday.

North Carolina voters: kill these five amendments on November 6

Raleigh — On November 6, North Carolina voters will do everything in their election except elect a governor.

There are six amendments and five of them are nothing more than GOP power grabs. Read the rest of this entry »

Report: Ring of Honor (ROH) wrestler Jay Lethal sexually harassed multiple women wrestlers

Baltimore — A Ring of Honor championship wrestler is now accused of sexually harassing several of his women colleagues.

Earlier this week, former Ring of Honor wrestler Taeler Hendrix came forward, saying that Jay Lethal sexually harassed her and that her career suffered as a result of her refusal to sleep with Mr. Lethal, 33. Aiken Area Progressive has learned via Twitter that another woman has come forward with allegations against Mr. Lethal. It is not immediately known if the recent accuser was a wrestler or a valet.

Ring of Honor is owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group, the same corporation that owns at least one TV station in every market adjacent to the Augusta-Aiken market.

We will update this story as soon as more develops…

Update @ 13:48: video report of a second accuser has been uploaded to YouTube.

On Obgerfell Day, vote for a true progressive, NYC!

On June 26, which is Obgerfell Day, New Yorkers have a choice.

A choice between DINO Carolyn Maloney or send her packing and put a real Democrat in Congress in Suraj Patel.

Representative Maloney claims to be a progressive, but three important votes she took tell a much different story.

  • She voted “yea” to allow banks to discriminate against marginalized women by voting for a bill called the “End Banking for Human Traffickers Act”.
  • She voted “yea” for the “Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act”, a bill Jeff Sessions opposed, because of the fact that marginalized women are actually being injured and killed – all the while absolutely no victims of trafficking are being saved by the law.
  • She also voted for the 2015 law that enabled Trump’s FBI to seize Backpage and other consensual sex work web pages.

In 1992, Rep. Maloney was right for New Yorkers. Not so in 2018. New Yorkers need to retire this politician who cares only about her career, not about marginalized women.

Vote for Suraj Patel on June 26.

It’s a new month with new proclamations from the White House. Guess which two proclamations they refused to recognize.

Washington, DC — June has several themes that presidents proclaim for the month.

It is known as Black Music Month, for example.

That is one of four proclamations Trump signed on Friday.

Guess which two proclaimations Trump refused to sign?

Read the rest of this entry »

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