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Jackson teenage boys commit child rape (trigger warning) (Update)

Jackson — Two 17-year-old boys committed child rape over the a weekend last month.

The Aiken County Sheriff’s Office said that they arrested one teen for criminal sexual conduct and another teen is also wanted for the similar offenses, according to the Jail Report.

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Augusta-Richmond County School System to shut down in-person learning at 3:45 pm on September 3 and go virtual for two days after the holiday

Augusta, Ga. — There will be another school district shutting down in-person learning after this week.

According to Kicks 99.5 FM, the Augusta-Richmond County School System, the largest school district in the Aiken Area, will shut down in-person learning at 3:45 pm on Friday, September 3.

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Both Bamberg County school districts to go virtual

Bamberg — Another local school district has shut down in-person learning and gone to virtual learning.

According to the (Orangeburg) Times and Democrat, both of Bamberg County’s school districts are shutting their schools down and switching to virtual learning.

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Williston School District to go virtual immediately

The Williston School District has announced at 4:00 pm today that the entire district will close schools to in-person learning and go virtual.

This is effective immediately.

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Allendale-Fairfax School District closes schools to in-person learning, will go virtual effective immediately

Allendale — The Allendale-Fairfax School District announced on Thursday that they will be immediately going virtual.

They’re the first school on the South Carolina side of the Aiken Area to make this announcement.

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Two tornados officially hit the CSRA region of South Carolina on Tuesday due to Fred

On Tuesday, Tropical Storm Fred made his presence known.

That is when tornado warnings popped up across the Central Savannah River Area of South Carolina. There were no tornado warnings issued for any of the 14 Central Georgia and Georgia Lowcountry counties in the Aiken Area.

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Warren County to go virtual; Jenkins County to delay start of school

Warrenton, Ga. — The Warren County School District has announced that starting today, all pupils who attend school will go virtual.

This will last until September 7.

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Mass shooting near Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School

Orangeburg — On the third day of school, a mass shooting has happened.

Just after dismissal today, someone shot three pupils who attended Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School.

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Screven County to close schools and go virtual due to COVID surge

Sylvania — Another Aiken Area school district is closing schools for in-person learning for 14 days.

The Screven County School District announced that they’re closing schools to in-person learning on Wednesday at 3:45 pm and will go virtual on August 23.

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Best TikTok of the Day: Man blasts anti-vax, anti-mask extremists and COVID deniers

Mooresville, N.C. — A 45-year-old man in Race City USA has a clear message to the anti-mask, anti-vax extremists and COVID deniers – all of whom are the main cause of the prolonged pandemic.

“If you don’t trust the medical field to prevent you from getting it, why do you trust them to cure you from it?” Jason Arena, 45, asks coronavirus and vaccine skeptics in the video.

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Burke County shutting down all schools for two weeks as of 3:45 pm today due to spiking COVID cases

Waynesboro — The Burke County School District announced that schools will be shut down for two weeks as of 3:45 pm today.

This is because of rising COVID cases within the county and schools.

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Time for Columbia, school districts to sue the out-of-control, tyrannical South Carolina state government

School for much of South Carolina, including for almost all of the remainder of the Aiken Area, starts on Monday.

And the tyrannical state government has given Columbia until 5:00 pm EDT today to remove its mandate and all options for masks in school, the only source of protection from COVID Delta for those 0-11 years old.

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