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Month: August, 2014

Councilwoman Michelle De La Isla wants to promote her bigotry against nudists, naturists

TOPEKA — The bigotry against nudists and naturists continue.

This time, in Shawnee County, where some of the women – including the sponsor of the ban – are also being big hypocrites.

One of the bigots, Natasha Shamblin, went on air to condemn a man for exercising his Constitutional right to be naked in public.

“I realized he was butt naked!” she told WIBW 13 News.

While on camera, she exposed her bigotry right there and then.

“The fact that kids could be outside playing, or in their classrooms, he walked past schools, past churches,” said Natasha.

Shawnee County Sheriff Herman Jones said that it is legal, under state law, to be naked.

“I’m confused! I’m like really baffled about it. I don’t understand how is this okay?,” said Natasha.

Only one current state lawmaker even knew about this law – an omnibus law that also protects breastfeeding in public, and he was not that familiar with it, either.

“Well if they weren’t aware, you know there are so many laws, we know we have like 12 volumes, the criminal code is 21 dash whatever. I think it should be reviewed, but you know if its freedom of expression, now you are getting into freedoms that we all share,” said Republican State Representative of the 47th district, Ramon Gonzales, Jr.

“It’s really really disturbing and makes me wonder how many people are going to catch wind of this and think its okay to do that,” said Natasha.

What’s really disturbing is that Ms. Shamblin is a bigot and children will learn how to be bigoted and prejudiced against others.  It is perfectly ok and legal for men to be naked in 42 states (including Kansas), according to an investigation of state laws we did last week.  It is legal in all 50 states for women to breastfeed (a form of nonsexual nudity) and to be topless without breastfeeding (another form of nonsexual nudity) in 47 of them.

“Unless someone is exposing themselves or a sexual organ to gratify or arouse someone other than them self, it’s really not anything against the law,” said Sheriff Jones.

Furthermore, the new omnibus state law that has been criticized by some for preempting local gun laws also forbids municipalities that did not enforce nudity bans prior to July 1 from proposing any nudity bans.  But, Councilwoman Michelle De La Isla is very unconcerned about violating the new state law and the US Constitution.  She is proposing a new (and illegal) nudity ban for the capital city.  The hearing on that proposal is set for September 9.

“The ordinance was prompted by concern expressed by people who observed a man walking nude in south central Topeka within the environs of an elementary school,” according to a document that’s part of the online agenda packet.

A concern expressed by a vocal bigoted super-minority.  Most of the 127,000 people in Topeka could care less about a naked man walking up and down near an elementary school because he is not even remotely trying to cause affront or alarm.  The citizens of Topeka are far more concerned about gang violence – which De La Isla is actively promoting with her proposed nudity ban, unemployment caused by reckless tax cuts for the wealthy, fracking, aging highways and other infrastructure, and the state legislature’s War on Women.

Hopefully, that man walking naked near the elementary school can educate these bigots on why public nudity is a civil right and needs to be legalized in all US States and Territories.

And hopefully, voters will replace De La Isla in her next election with someone who actually respects the US Constitution and Kansas state law.

WIBW 13 News
Capital Journal

In Myrtle Beach, protesting unconstitutional ordinances infringing your God-given right to be nude nets you more jail time than domestic violence


MYRTLE BEACH — Horry County loves to call itself “family-friendly” and “moral”.

They even went as far as making it illegal to be naked inside your own home in the city in its 1993 ordinance that outlaws all forms of nudity, with the lone exception being for doctor offices.

However, here is something that you may not know.

Doing the work of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King – refusing to abide by an unconstitutional nudity ban – nets you more jail time than if you were to abuse your spouse of the opposite gender.  The jail time punishment is 3 years for violating the unconstitutional ordinance, domestic violence is only 30 days.

And Anderson’s Rock Station, Classic Rock 101.1, tweeted that above.  The punishment for animal cruelty is 12 times the length of domestic violence.

Comes to show that there is nothing moral about what S.C. is doing to people.  I’d repeal all nudity bans in the state and make domestic violence punishable for a minimum of 30 years in prison for a first-offense conviction.


Now, we got some reasons not to use GiveForward

CHICAGO — Well, turns out, crowdfunding is a playground for coddling abusers and murderers.

Another pro-War Machine GiveForward appeared, just over a full day after we at Aiken Area Progressive were instrumental in getting rid of a previous GiveForward that blamed domestic violence victim Christy Mack for her own abuse.

For the remainder of the post, we will be issuing a trigger warning for abuse, victim-blaming, and support of killer cops.

Here is the part of the “mission statement”(?) of Give Forward, as cut by Kitty Stryker:

That is a very vague mission statement if it is one.  But, let’s rewind a little bit, shall we?

Ms. Stryker looked back at the checkered history of crowdfunding and their horrifying treatment of sex workers.

As I’ve discussed before, sex workers have regularly had their attempts to crowdfund medical care, travel, and other things shut down because they’re sex workers, or have ever been sex workers. The purposefully vague language of the terms of service for many of these companies means they can determine what’s “too adult” seemingly on a whim. I’m glad to see Christy Mack hasn’t had her medical fundraiser challenged due to her profession, as Eden Alexander did, and I hope that crowdfunding has made a decision to stop penalizing sex workers for their jobs.

She then goes on to echo my sentiments when I got word of other pro-War Machine fundraisers popping up in the past two days: outrage and disgust.

As we noted, War Machine (real name Jonathan Koppenhaver), 32, was arrested by Simi Valley, Calif. law enforcement on Friday afternoon.  Since that time, we have successfully challenged one of his fundraisers and are challenging more with the help of Ms. Stryker and others who are sex workers and, more importantly, victims of intimate partner violence.

As of this writing, only two of his fundraisers were shuttered (with one reappearing in sockpuppet-style as a “mental health” fundraiser – but I know what this is all about), and the statement GiveForward gave to me is the same less than compassionate canned messages that Ms. Stryker got (photos of her messages here, here and here):

Remember the mission statement we posted above that Ms. Stryker snipped from (presumably) an Android Tablet that had the Dolphin Browser on it.  The second sentence from that statement reads:

We like to focus on fundraisers that empower compassion.

Well, we can say that sentence is horseshit.  If GiveForward wanted to show compassion, they would not coddle abusers, or murderers for that matter.

Speaking of the latter, Ms. Stryker got a photo from GoFundMe, which is another crowdfunding source that has been hostile to sex workers as of late.  It is a fundraiser for Deputy Darren Wilson, who slaughtered Michael Brown, 18, from nearly 12 yards away, as an autopsy on Sunday showed.  That screenshot is at the very top of this post.

Even more disgusting is what Ms. Stryker reports: Deputy Wilson’s fundraiser is north of $17000.00 as of this post.

It also does not surprise me that cops sympathetic to a group of terrorist cops in Ferguson, Mo. are making the donations.  What’s more, this fundraiser has been reported numerous times to GoFundMe and they have not done jackshit about it yet.  It confirms that every last one these cops supporting Wilson are no different than the Ferguson cops who committed numerous acts of domestic terrorism against their own community since Wednesday, August 13.

We must take Ms. Stryker’s advice and use Tilt as your source for fundraising.  Blacklist GoFundMe and GiveForward.

Kitty Stryker (Consent Culture)

[image credit of Darren Wilson fundraiser and GiveForward *mission statement*: Kitty Stryker, Kitty Stryker]

RIP Society: Ohio pastor wants to unconstitutionally outlaw female toplessness, public breastfeeding after sex workers give him a dose of his own medicine

WARSAW, Ohio — For the longest time, intolerant Christians from New Beginnings Ministries had protested a strip club every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

Sex workers then had more than enough of the harassment and turned the tables.  They protested the church last Sunday in their professional attire.

Now, the congregation from the church is whining.

Thomas George, who owns Fox Hole North in Walhonding, Ohio, and a second strip club called Fox Hole South in Zanesville, Ohio, said he ran out of ideas to keep members of the congregation of New Beginnings Ministries out of his parking lot.  Judges denied two injunctions that Mr. George sought to bar church protesters to at least 100 feet from his property.

“We’ve been backed into a corner, and they continue to harass the customers,” said Mr. George.  “I don’t want to (use nudity), but obviously he doesn’t understand the meaning of just go away.”

“I’m not here trying to hurt anybody, I just want them to know — I’m not going to sit back and let them come to my place of business and harass me, harass my customers,” said a dancer named Veronica.

And the business has compiled years of documents of harassment by the church.  Church members have gone as far as taking photos of customers’ license plates – a tactic of harassment and terrorism similar to what Operation Rescue does to patients who get a legal health carer service at abortion clinics.  And yet, judges have ruled this harassment and terrorism campaign by New Beginnings Ministries as legal.

Mr. George is now vowing to take the church to court for harassment if they do not back off.

Meanwhile, church members are calling for a complete ban on public nudity – and the proposal written by one of their members, Patrick Johnston, would also completely ban breastfeeding in public.  This is a no-exceptions ban that if enacted, will drop the number of states to 49 in which breastfeeding is legal, and, if enacted, this definitely will violate numerous Constitutional amendments, including the First, 13th and 14th amendments.  The current law as written already violates the 14th Amendment rights of men, nudists and naturists.

“I think what they did was an offense to God, was an offense to the public morality and the legislature should act to criminalize what they did,” said Johnston.

Now he’s urging Ohioans to contact state lawmakers.

Well, so are we.  We strongly urge Ohioans to contact their lawmakers and tell them to oppose any attempt to ban public nudity and instead demand that state legislators exempt nudity from Ohio indecent exposure laws.

Here is the contact information for the Ohio State House of Representatives.

Here is the contact information for the Ohio State Senators.

Get to work!  Tell the state legislature to resist any and all demands being made by Patrick Johnston and his bigoted gymnophobic church!

Fox 45 NOW

Report War Machine’s disgusting Give Forward fundraiser for victim-blaming (UPDATE: It has been removed.)

LAS VEGAS — Those are screenshots of a very disgusting Give Forward fundraiser that popped up sometime Saturday (probably after I had posted domestic violence victim Christy Mack’s Give Forward on here).

Yes, that is 32-year-old War Machine’s fundraiser.  As you read on Saturday, he was served the seven warrants that were out for his arrest for nearly beating his ex, Ms. Mack, 23, to death.

Not surprisingly, it is filled to the brim with victim-blaming.

The screen cuts that I did with Windows 8.1 is up there.  I’m posting the text of this disgusting fundraiser to highlight the important parts of why we at Aiken Area Progressive are demanding that this Give Forward gets taken down permanently.

I’m asking friends and fans of War Machine aka Jonathan Koppenhaver to come together as one and support a man that had no choice.

War Machine, also known as Jonathan Koppenhaver, was invited to his then girlfriend, Christy Mack, also known as Christine Mackinday’s house. He showed up early to her house he was invited to, used a key SHE gave him to enter and found another man with her in bed. He ended up fighting the man as she grabbed a knife. He fought for his life and defended himself accordingly. She has smeared his name for publicity and some attention, turning the world against him all over fairytale story. A public defender will not try his hardest to defend War Machine. We need donations for a good lawyer that will dig deep into Christy Mack’s story and expose the flaws and lies and cast doubt onto the story to prove the innocence of Jonathan Koppenhaver. Any amount of money would help. Keep him in your thoughts. Thank you.

Emphasis mine, in highlighter and bold.

And the comments under the donations are also rife with victim-blaming as well.

“Good luck to War Machine.  Mack’s story makes no sense what so ever. Hope this helps and me and many others stand by you,” said Tim Jones, who donated $30.00 to the fund.

“It’s sad how one person can ruin another persons life by telling lies.  Can’t wait for the truth to come out and set you free.  Good luck war machine,” said a coward who refused to reveal his identity or the amount he gave to the fund.

“Good luck Warmachine!  I too have been in a relationship like this and I came very close to what has happened to you.  It took my brother also to pull mew away and help my situation.. The #truth will come out! Blessings my brother,” said yet another coward who hid his name and donations.

Just mind-boggling at how they believe an abuser over a victim.

War Machine had choices: he could have just left when he saw the friend (yes, “friendzoned” people have sex too – the main aspect of the “friend zone” is that the people can’t have a relationship with each other) and Ms. Mack with each other.  Or, he could have declined the invite.  So, the notion that he “had no choice” is bullshit on its face.

As for the victim-blaming commenters, there really is nothing to say about their totally disgusting tactics.

Let’s put the crimp on this disgusting, victim-blaming Give Forward fundraiser.  Report it to the owner of Give Forward for victim-blaming.

(h/t Kitty Stryker)

UPDATE @ 15:28: Just got a notice from Kitty Stryker that the Give Forward is now gone!  Good work to all who reported this.  We sent the message that this kind of victim-blaming will not be tolerated in the slightest bit!

War Machine arrested!

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. — With an assist from Duane Chapman, aka Dog, one of the nation’s most wanted fugitives – a former Bellator mixed martial arts fighter – is off the streets.

Jonathan Koppenhaver, 32, whose legal name is War Machine, was arrested in Ventura County and served seven warrants that were outstanding in Las Vegas County, Nev. in relation to the near-fatal beating of his sex worker ex-girlfriend, Christy Mack.

The arrest immediately drew praise from one of Ms. Mack’s real-life friends, fellow adult film star and native Las Vegan Jenna Jameson, who was also in a violent relationship with a mixed martial artist, Tito Ortiz, in the past.

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Woman arrested for cursing gets apology

NBC 26, Augusta-Aiken, Here for You

NORTH AUGUSTA — A 27-year-old woman arrested last weekend for disorderly conduct at a business has received an apology from the woman who filed the initial complaint.

Both women decided to talk over their mobile devices with Liz Hughes from WAGT NBC 26 on the scene.

“Michelle” had only requested that the word not be used, however, a security deputy – presumably from the North Augusta Department of Public Safety – overheard “Michelle” tell Danielle Wolfe, 27, to not use the word and then came over to question Ms. Wolfe.

Ms. Wolfe admitted to using the curse word and NADPS, exercising their authority as South Carolina law allows, arrested the young mother.

Both “Michelle” and Ms. Wolfe apologized to each other on Thursday.

“Michelle” explained that hearing the language reminded her of a traumatic time in her childhood. Both women agreed they meant no harm, would never hurt anyone else on purpose and want to put this behind them.

As was mentioned in the link in the opening paragraph – and also by the North Augusta Department of Public Safety to WAGT – there is a state law on the books.  Because of that, they have no choice but to enforce it, although they hate having to do so.  In fact, many law enforcement agencies across South Carolina have openly said that they absolutely hate having to enforce laws such as “indecent exposure” for being nude in public (partially* or fully) and “disorderly conduct” for cursing in public, and that they would rather focus on actual crimes, such as methamphetamine possession, burglaries and gun violence.

They add they treated Mrs. Wolfe with dignity and released her as soon as possible.


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* by partially, definition means either in bikinis, mankinis, swimsuits or in underwear.

Woman arrested for disorderly conduct for cursing (Section 16-17-530 [b])

Woman says she is considering moving back to Ohio;;playerWidth=504;playerHeight=308;isShowIcon=true;clipId=10470066;flvUri=;partnerclipid=;adTag=News;advertisingZone=;enableAds=true;landingPage=;islandingPageoverride=false;playerType=STANDARD_EMBEDDEDscript;controlsType=fixedWJBF-TV ABC 6 Augusta-Aiken

NORTH AUGUSTA — A woman’ stay in South Carolina may be a very short one.

Danielle Wolf moved to Aiken County three weeks ago, but she already wants out.

This, after she was arrested for disorderly conduct for using the word “fuck” in front of her children.

“He was like, ‘You’re under arrest’…right in front of kids, in front of my husband, in front of customers.” said Ms. Wolf, of the North Augusta Department of Public Safety deputy who arrested her.

She says a woman shopping in the store followed Ms. Wolf and her family. “She’s like, ‘you said the f-word’, and I’m like, ‘when did I say this to my kids?” Wolf told us.

According to the incident report, Ms. Wolf was shopping at Kroger with her kids, going down the bread aisle, when they kept squeezing the bread and that’s when she said the word that got her arrested.

The woman who complained later said that she did not want to press charges, but by that time, it was too late.

In many states, law enforcement does reserve the right to arrest a person for cursing in public, as covered under disorderly conduct, obscenity or public indecency laws.  In South Carolina, that is covered under Section 16-17-530:

Any person who shall (a) be found on any highway or at any public place or public gathering in a grossly intoxicated condition or otherwise conducting himself in a disorderly or boisterous manner, (b) use obscene or profane language on any highway or at any public place or gathering or in hearing distance of any schoolhouse or church or (c) while under the influence or feigning to be under the influence of intoxicating liquor, without just cause or excuse, discharge any gun, pistol or other firearm while upon or within fifty yards of any public road or highway, except upon his own premises, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be fined not more than one hundred dollars or be imprisoned for not more than thirty days.

HISTORY: 1962 Code Section 16 558; 1952 Code Section 16 558; 1949 (46) 466; 1968 (55) 2842; 1969 (56) 153.

If you want the relevant laws to your state on this issue, leave your state’s name in comments, or you can email me at

WJBF-DT News Channel 6
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Christy Mack nearly beaten to death by ex-boyfriend, MMA fighter

LAS VEGAS — This war machine abuses women.

The mixed martial artist named Jonathan Koppenhaver beat his ex-girlfriend, sex worker Christy Mack, so badly, she nearly died and was in a coma for a few days after the savage attack.

Now, Las Vegas Police Department deputies have cut no less than seven warrants for Mr. Koppenhaver’s arrest. Read the rest of this entry »

Gymnophobic minority spew their bigotry at Missoula Town Hall

If the sight of men (and women) naked offend you more than gun violence, you are a special kind of ignorant.

MISSOULA, Mont. — On Monday, the bigots went on a parade to the Town Hall hoping to see the mayor.

They didn’t get to do that.

But, that did not stop the tens of bigots from crying their clothed tears about how “children will be scarred for life” and spewing their filth and bigotry against nudists and naturists.

“Our children will be scarred for life if they see anything like this,” said Valentine Simonovich, who obviously has no problems letting children watch violence on television and letting children see women in bikinis.

“Anybody who rides without clothing in our city should be arrested, put in handcuffs and taken to jail,” said another member of the public who was too cowardly to reveal her or his identity.

The communications director, Ginni Merriam, was there to set these bigots straight.

“Public nudity is not necessarily indecent exposure. It is not illegal, and it is not a basis for denying a permit,” said Mayor John Engen in the statement Merriam read.

Mayor Engen was in the ER caring for his mother at the time of the meeting.

And the mayor is right: public nudity is not indecent exposure.  Not in any sense of the word.  The definition of indecent exposure is: intentionally exposing the genitals under circumstances that are likely to cause affront or alarm.  In short, indecent exposure covers things like intentional erections and masturbation in public.  Simply being naked in public does not fall under the indecent exposure clause and anyone arrested for such is illegally arrested and illegally imprisoned, and those people should challenge the arrest and sue the law enforcement agency that made the arrest as well as the jurisdiction the illegal arrest took place.

Furthermore, he is also correct in saying that this is a First Amendment issue.  It is also now a 14th Amendment/Equal Protection issue with all 50 states legalizing breastfeeding as of July 1.

If nudity offends you, but not the constant stream of violence, mankinis or bikinis, then you are a special kind of ignorant.

Anyone who has a problem with nudity in public, you are a prude and you will be called out on your bigotry.  Plain and simple.  It is way past time for the United States of America to join the rest of the civilized world and legalize public nudity in every square inch of this nation!


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