Yes, people, legible street name signs IS a feminist issue

WASHINGTON — In 41 days, every state must have adopted the new Manual Uniform of Traffic Devices.

The new manual calls for new retroreflective signs on every intersection in the continental United States. I’ve heard of all the sorry excuses before: “This is a stupid change.” “The signs that are up there now are ok/working. Why change them?” “The government must have nothing better to do if they are making us change out perfectly good signs.”

Guess what? None of those excuses are good ones to keep the current signs in most of the nation’s 3,086 counties.

As the list on my Scribd page points out, all but four counties in South Carolina failed compliancy.

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Just like domestic violence is a feminist issue, just like abortion rights for women is a feminist issue, just like civil rights for people of color is a feminist issue, just like civil rights for the disabled is a feminist issue, legible street name signs is ALSO a feminist issue. People must be able to see street name signs, especially at night when they want to see a friend who may have moved away some months ago. Which is why I have been spending most of the scarce free time I have on Microsoft Paint, trying to think of mixed case signage that local counties in the eastern part of the Central Savannah River Area (Allendale, Bamberg, Barnwell and Hampton counties) can use to replace the non-compliant signs currently in place.

NOTE: If the critics of this change want to see stupid, look no further than the Reagan Federal Highway Administration – who created 1988 MUTCD, which mandated that all streets be signed instead of having simple route numbers. If I was in charge of the FHWA back in those days, I would not allowed the mandate to sign all streets to be included in the manual UNLESS the streets were to be signed solely with mixed case lettering. The fact that the idiots in the Reagan administration did not even consider a mixed-case lettering mandate alongside the signing mandate made the 1988 MUTCD the absolute stupidest thing ever done by the FHWA.