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Month: March, 2017

Facebook Stories is rolling out, likely coming to Windows 10 Mobile

Menlo Park, Calif. — If it seems like there have been a lot of stories about Facebook lately, it’s because it is.

Today, Facebook is releasing Stories, which many have called a Snapchat clone.

It is rolling out to the duopoly now. When, or if, it comes to Windows 10 Mobile, we will have more. If it comes to Windows 10 Mobile, it’s likely game over for Snapchat.

Business Insider

Facebook has yet to get rid of their sexist, gymnophobic policies, but they found time to remove older Windows and Android apps


Menlo Park, Calif. — The arrogance and incompetence of Facebook continues to be glaringly obvious.

Since we helped Laura Bates and Everyday Sexism report on #FBrape on May 22, 2013, Facebook has done nada to combat misogyny and excessive violent content on their site. Nor have they done anything to adjust, or get rid of, their arbitrary policies of removing non-sexual nude content (including breastfeeding photos and videos) on any of their sites.

However, they somehow found time to tell users on Android 4.x or lower and Windows Phone 8.x that the Facebook and Messenger apps will be deleted and rendered useless after Friday. Read the rest of this entry »

Could Facebook be finally near with updates allowing audio calls and video calls on their Messenger app?

Menlo Park, Calif. — After being slagged by the Windows 10 users for months for blatantly neglecting the platform, Facebook could be finally on their way to allowing audio calls and voice calls on their Windows 10 Messenger and Messenger beta apps.

Recently, on the r/windowsphone subreddit, a user named amosterous noted that the icons to call and video call are now appearing in the app. Read the rest of this entry »

Facebook Live is now live for MacBook and Chromebook

Menlo Park, Calif. — While Windows 10 Mobile still waits for Facebook to make good on their promise to bring Facebook Live to the app, Microsoft’s two biggest software rivals just got a major update on their desktop platforms.

Facebook announced this morning that the MacOS and (the soon to be killed off) ChromeOS now have the ability to use Facebook Live. Apple runs the MacOS, while Alphabet/Google runs the ChromeOS.

Facebook even provides this step-by-step tutorial on how to go live on the MacBook and Chromebook.

To get started on your live broadcast from a computer, click “Live Video” from the top of your News Feed or Timeline, then follow the prompts to add a description and choose your audience.

The fact that Microsoft’s PCs were snubbed from this update is a damning indictment against the Seattle metropolitan area corporation and its continued neglect of Windows Mobile.

And this also confirms Aiken Area Progressive’s decision to rid our workplace of the Windows PCs and switch to the Mac and Chrome operating systems.

Former UFC fighter convicted on all but five charges in near-fatal assault on sex worker


Las Vegas — A former Ultimate Fighter was convicted of the near-fatal assaulting his then-girlfriend, who is also a sex worker.

Jonathan Koppenhaver was convicted on all but five charges in the rape and assault of Christy Mack 31 months ago. The duo dated while he was still a UFC fighter. Read the rest of this entry »

Cellular PCs are a massive failure in the making


Redmond, Wash. — When one person thinks of cellular, they think of a Windows phone or a small IPad or Android tablet.

When people think of a PC, they think of a MacBook or a Windows desktop product (desktop, laptop, notebook, netbook and/or tablet).

Now, Microsoft wants to make the Cellular PC a thing.

Big mistake. Read the rest of this entry »

Currently, there are five carriers. There will only be two within the next decade.

att and verizon

Earlier this week, the wireless industry started culling out mobile operating systems.

By 2030, only IOS and Android will exist, with Windows missing the cut.

In the United States, three carriers will miss the cut: the predictions are that Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular will be no more by the early- to mid-2020s.

In fact, Sprint and US Cellular are already disappearing from the mobile carriers industry as they continue to lose subscribers.

And T-Mobile’s momentum from 2016 is now slowing dramatically, as almost all of the new subscribers this year have been on two national carriers: AT&T and Verizon.

Nearly all of the other subs in 2017 outside of AT&T and Verizon have been on what’s called mobile virtual network operators such as Straight Talk.

With the Mobile World Congress having nothing but IOS and Android devices, there is little to no incentive for anyone to go to a lower-price network like Sprint or T-Mobile anymore.

Bottom line is this: the dominance of IOS and Android is partly to blame for the demise of Alltel Wireless – and will lead to the demise of Windows Phone, T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cellular.

Enjoy your five carrier competition while you can. It will only be AT&T, Verizon and the Tracfone MVNOs left standing within the next few years.

Here’s the best Reddit thread you will ever see


Usually, when we post about Reddit, we post about the armpits of the site (such as the r/mensrights subreddit).

However, today, we have an awesome part of Reddit that I’ve been following since August 2, 2016 that I want to talk about.

It’s the r/windowsphone subreddit, and I could not help but be happy about this particular thread from a user named charlotteplusplus.

There are roughly 1.5% of us in the States using a Windows Phone, which makes great threads like this all the more meaningful.

Other women who loves window phones, say hello!

We could use a lot more women on our platform! Read the link above and prepare to feel awesome!

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