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Month: June, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: John Kasich lies to the people, decides to wage a war on Ohio’s women

John Kasich breaks his promise, signs anti-choice laws

COLUMBUS — Ohio Gov. John Kasich lied to the people and in the process, broke a promise not to sign anti-choice measure on Sunday evening by signing a litany of unconstitutional anti-choice measures that passed on the final day of the Ohio State legislature’s 2013 session.

The bills he signed would do some of the following:

  1. Shut down all women’s healthcare providers in the Buckeye State.
  2. Defund Planned Parenthood, the only true women’s healthcare provider nationwide.
  3. Defunds all rape crisis centers in the state of Ohio.
  4. Bans all hospitals — both public and private — from allowing admitting privileges from OB-GYNs
  5. Requires all physicians to lie in saying that abortion causing breast cancer, which we all know is not true.
  6. Doubles the abortion waiting period
  7. Requires women to be sexually assaulted by the government via ultrasounds

All of these proposals will definitely be challenged in federal court first thing Monday morning. Ohio is not in the judicially activist conservative Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. [WLWT-DT News 5] Read the rest of this entry »

Woman Supreme Court chief justice facing opposition

Female Supreme Court chief justice gets opposition

COLUMBIA — Jean Toal, one of a handful of female state Supreme Court chief justices in the United States, has a challenger.

Associate Justice Costa Pleicones’ decision to run against Chief Justice Toal has surprised legal watchers and the legislators who will vote on the contest.

Toal is a former lawmaker who became the first woman elected to the Supreme Court in 1988 and became the first woman elected as chief justice in 2000, a position she has held since.

In South Carolina, the state Supreme Court justices are not elected by the voters, instead the jurists are elected by the state’s legislature. [WLTX-HD News 19] Read the rest of this entry »

Catherine Kieu gets cruel and unusual punishment + slut-shaming and misogynistic invectives ensue on social media

SANTA ANA, CA — Catherine Kieu, since divorced since the trial began, was given a cruel and unusual punishment of life in prison for Kieu-ing her husband’s penis on July 14, 2011.

The Orange County district attorney’s office says Catherine Kieu was sentenced Friday for a July 2011 attack that mutilated her estranged spouse. Kieu, who’s 50, can seek parole in seven years but it is unlikely that she will get out of prison.

The Garden Grove woman was convicted of torture and aggravated mayhem.

Her lawyer argued that she had mental health problems stemming from childhood molestation and sexual abuse by her husband.

The case has been discussed at great lengths in social media.

Sadly, though, the men on Twitter just could not contain themselves from hurling misogynistic and slut-shaming slurs at two Virginia dominatrices and castratrices (plural form of castratrix) who, like me, condemned the excessively harsh sentence levied on Ms. Kieu.

Here are the tweets and screenshots (with embedded companions if available).

Steven attacks the dommes as “stank hoes”, “skanks”, “filthy sluts” and “sluts”. Steven’s favorite word is “smelly hoe”, as you will find out.

Steven7166 two stank hoes

steven7166 dominatrix skanks

Steven7166 smelly hoes

steven7166 two dollar hooker

Steven7166 spanking pedophiles

steven7166 hoe and cunt

Steven7166 spanking pedophiles (2)

steven7166 filthy slut

steven7166 dumber skank

Steven7166 smelly hoe

Steven7166 that smelly hoe

Steven7166 stupid hoe

Another man, @mikea775, deleted his vile, misogynistic tweets. However, the Great Goddess Kayla saved them and I’m posting it here for the world to see:

mikea775's misogynist vile tweets

Columbia County man busted for molesting girl

Columbia County man arrested for molestation

EVANS, GA — A 53-year-old man is in jail after molesting a girl.

According to the jail log, the victim told her mother that the man touched her private area when she visited his home during the autumn of 2012.

Juan Jackson, 53, was arrested and charged with child molestation. [WRDW News 12] Read the rest of this entry »

Meet Jackie Watkins, a woman who barely missed being struck by lightning

Jackie Watkins had a close call with death. She says that she will remain inside now until at least 30 minutes after the storm ends.

WINDSOR — Jackie Watkins admits that she is lucky to still be alive after severe thunderstorms rolled through Aiken County on Tuesday.

She was doing what any other woman in the South would do, sit and stand on the porch, when the severe storm rolled through.

“The sky was slowly clearing up by my house, and I figured, OK, it’s passing, it’s gone,” she said.

So, she decided to continue working on her garden when a cloud-to-ground lightning strike struck about 12 feet behind her.

“All of a sudden, the next thing I knew a big flash of lightning was right behind me, and I turned around, and I looked and the lightning struck the tree right there at my front porch,” she said.

Her tree was taken out of commission by the lightning strike.

“I was so close to it. It was like I felt the heat off of it, so I took off running. It scared me to death,” she said.

What’s more? The sky was mostly clear when the lightning struck near Mrs. Watkins, something that is extremely rare anywhere, let alone in South Carolina.

An 11-year-old Fort Myers, Fla. boy died last year after he was struck by lightning on the football field during practice when the sky was also mostly clear.

Most times, lightning can strike up to 18 miles from any direction of the parent storm.

“You should stay inside until 30 minutes goes by and you haven’t heard any additional thunder,” said Columbia County, Ga. EMA Director Pamela Tucker.

Mrs. Watkins said that she will take that to heart.

“From now on, I’ll stay in my house away from the windows and away from the weather,” said Mrs. Watkins.

Mrs. Tucker says, “It’s just not worth it. When storms come, just take shelter. What you’re doing is not that important compared to saving your life.”

[WRDW News 12]

Watch: Cleveland-area crisis pregnancy center caught lying to women

CLEVELAND, OH — While most of us were focused like a laser on the now-defeated Senate Bill 5, there was something else that went down on Tuesday afternoon about 1,200 miles to the northeast of Texas.

A 19 year old woman named “Kate” took film at a crisis pregnancy center. The film was then posted to the web by the Crisis Project, an organization that exposes the dirty little secrets and lies about crisis pregnancy centers.

While devastating, the results of this sting was not surprising at all to those — like NARAL — who scrutinized crisis pregnancy centers nationwide (like the ones in Aiken; Allendale and Augusta, Ga.) for many years now.

As I posted on Tuesday evening to The Frisky’s Lady News, I’m posting these videos to the blog so that everyone around the world can see the crisis pregnancy centers at their absolute very best: lying to pregnant women at a time in which they are the most vulnerable.

The lies that crisis pregnancy centers tell are not minor, folks.


Originally posted to Aiken Area Progressive’s blogspot blog.

BREAKING NEWS: Howard’s Rock vandal arrested — and he is a big time Tiger fan!

CLEMSON — An eighteen year old man is in jail today for a prank he will forever regret.

On June 2, a man broke into the casing that protects the rock, then took off a small portion of the rock. Clemson University police later released surveillance footage of a pickup truck leaving the scene. Read the rest of this entry »

Race shop owners hit with charges in marijuana bust

SALISBURY — The war on marijuana continues.

This time, two owners of a Charlotte area racing shop — both of whom are married to each other.

The Rowan County Sheriff’s Office arrested a husband and wife after 65 pounds of pot were discovered in their possession during a drug raid earlier this month.

“Our office received a Crime Stoppers tip about people traveling back with drugs pretending to be a shipment of oil,” said Deputy Chief David C. Ramsey of the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office. “We just thank the public for their tips. Their tips help solve a lot of crimes.” Read the rest of this entry »

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