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Month: August, 2016

Verizon turns on LTE Advanced in Augusta, Statesboro, Orangeburg and 458 other mobile phone markets

Basking Ridge, N.J. – If you noticed your mobile phone having blazing fast speeds in excess of 160 mbps down, there’s something you need to know.
On Tuesday, Verizon flipped on LTE-Advanced, which has on average thrice the speeds of 4G. LTE-Advanced is live in 461 markets nationwide, including those in Augusta, Orangeburg and Statesboro. Read the rest of this entry »

Get ready to be enraged: York nudist Jeannie Jonas will have spent more time in jail than rapist Brock Turner when he is released on September 2

SACRAMENTO — Rapist Brock Turner will be released from jail on Friday.

Mr. Turner, for those unfamiliar with Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and Instagram, was sentenced to jail on June 2 after a March 25 conviction on three rape charges after he raped an unconscious woman in an alley at Stanford University.

Mr. Turner will be released after spending just 89 days in jail. His sentence began on Monday, June 5.

That is less than half of the 183-day jail term Mr. Turner was handed by rape enabling judge Aaron Persky, 54, who is facing a recall election on November 8 over his sentencing in this case.

By comparison, York nudist Jeannie Jonas, now 57, convicted of Mickey Mouse “indecent exposure” charges after an ultraconservative Muslim male neighbor was “offended” by her cutting her grass while legally topless, spent 90 days in jail from January to April 2015.

The extremely light sentence ignited a new bill, now on the desk of Governor Jerry Brown (D), that would prohibit judges or prosecutors from seeking jail sentences of less than three years in cases of rape or sexual assault. That bill also eliminates probation as an option in such cases. Aiken Area Progressive has not taken a position on this bill.

Gov. Brown has vowed to anti-rape advocates that he will sign the bill.

Look at these two cases and prepare to be outraged.

GoTopless Equality Day Weather

Here are the weather forecast for GoTopless Equality locations regionally and nationally in the US (all times are Eastern Daylight Time):


At 8:00, there is a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms. Otherwise, it will be mostly cloudy and the temperature will be 70. Chance of rain 12%.

At 10:00, it will be mostly cloudy and 75.

At noon (pre-rally), it’ll be partly clear and 80.

At 13:00 (beginning of rally), a slight chance of thunderstorms is back. Otherwise, it’s partly cloudy and 84.

At 16:00 (conclusion of rally), there will be scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms under partly cloudy skies. Temperature will be 86, the projected maximum temperature.

New York City:

At 8:00, it will be mostly sunny and the temperature will be 74.

At 10:00, it will be mostly sunny and 81.

At 12:30 (beginning of rally), it’ll be mostly sunny and 85.

At 15:30 (conclusion of rally), it will be mostly sunny and seasonably warm. Temperature will be 86, the projected maximum temperature.


At 8:00, there will be scattered showers and thunderstorms under mostly cloudy skies, and the temperature will be 74. Chance of rain 40%.

At 10:00, scattered showers and thunderstorms will be ongoing under mostly cloudy skies and 80.

At 14:00 (pre-rally), it’ll be a chance of showers and thunderstorms. Otherwise, it will be mostly cloudy and 86.

At 15:00 (beginning of rally), there’s a continued chance of thunderstorms. Otherwise, it’s mostly cloudy and 88, the projected maximum temperature.

At 18:00 (conclusion of rally), there will be a continued chance of showers and thunderstorms under mostly cloudy skies. Temperature will be 86.

Miami, Fla.:

At 8:00, there will be thunderstorms. It will be mostly cloudy and the temperature will be 79. Chance of rain 70%.

At 10:00, thunderstorms under mostly cloudy skies and 83. Chance of rain 70%.

At noon, thunderstorms will be likely and 86. Chance of rain 70%

At 14:00, there will be occasional showers and a slight chance of thunderstorms. It will be mostly cloudy with limited sunshine and 85. Chance of rain is 78%

At 18:00, there will be showers and scattered thunderstorms under mostly cloudy skies. Temperature will be 86, the projected maximum temperature. Chance of rain is 80%.


At 10:00, it will be mostly cloudy with scattered thunderstorms and 66.

At 13:00 (pre-rally), it’ll be partly clear and 78.

At 14:00 (beginning of rally), it’s partly clear and 82.

At 17:00 (conclusion of rally), there will be partly clear skies. Temperature will be 82, the projected maximum temperature.

Today is the first of two GoTopless Days in 2016 – and law-abiding citizens are still being treated as criminals based on zip code


Today is the first of two GoTopless Days this year (thanks to the leaping of August 1 from Saturday to Monday), and some locations in the United States and Canada are having events today.

However, all events regionally – in Asheville, Atlanta and elsewhere in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina – are scheduled for a week from today, weather permitting.  We will post a forecast for those events as they near.

In the meantime, though, there is a very troubling trend ongoing where cities (Myrtle Beach, Timmonsville, Los Angeles and San Francisco among them) and the entire states of Indiana and Utah are openly violating the US Constitution without fear of consequences. Read the rest of this entry »

American Telephone & Telegraph Mobility ends overage charges on all plans – prepaid and postpaid


Dallas, Texas — Starting now, American Telephone and Telegraph Mobility will no longer charge customers for overages on any of their plans.

AT&T announced on Tuesday, August 16, that starting at 0:01 EDT today, that they would no longer charge for overages on any of their three plans: GoPhone, Next and Mobile Share Advantage.

Instead, Big Orange will throttle the customer’s data down to 128 kbps, which is 2G/EDGE speeds, once a customer has hit her data limit for the remainder of that billing cycle, which is usually 31 days.

The plans come with other changes — they strip out the cheapest, offering more data for higher prices, while lowering the cost for some higher data plans.

AT&T is likely betting consumers will switch to get rid of annoying charges when they go over the limits.

That leaves Verizon as the only carrier that still charges overages.  However, that’s not going to last long as Verizon announced last month that they were ending overage charges on their prepaid and postpaid plans by no later than September 22.

Thirty-eight months ago, T-Mobile was the first of the carriers to end overage charges.  This was at a time in which they had no LTE at all and only a small slice of 4G.

It would take 24 months before another carrier, this time Sprint, to end overage charges.  Sprint did so 14 months ago, in June 2015.  Later in 2015, US Cellular followed suit and ended overage charges, leapfrogging fellow CDMA carrier Verizon and fellow Band 12 carrier AT&T.

By the time autumn arrives, the era of annoying overage charges will, thankfully, come to a close.

Feel free to use your Lumia 950 XL on AT&T now without worrying about that annoying gimmick.

WLTX News 19

Facebook for Windows 10 is here!


Menlo Park, Calif. — This afternoon, Facebook has released its long-awaited Windows 10 app for phones.

This app is different in that Facebook themselves created the app – not Microsoft – and they used IPhone code to port it over to Windows 10, which is being used by only 2% of the American people.

The app may be a teeny bit sluggish on lower end phones such as the Alcatel Fierce XL, Acer Liquid M330, and the Microsoft Lumia 550, 640 and 650.

The app is also much larger than the Microsoft app, coming in about 70 megabytes larger than the Microsoft-created Facebook app for Windows Phone 8.x.

Download it here:

Developer: Facebook Inc
Price: Free

Image via MSPowerUser

Forever 27: Brazzers, Fetish star Alexis Grace (1989-2016) found dead


Tampa, Fla. — One of the nation’s most popular sex workers and fetish models has tragically died.

Alexis Grace, 27, was found dead by her fiancé, Jon Weld, when he left to take his car to a shop for regular maintenance.  Hillsborough County EMTs were called to their residence.

Ms. Grace had been dealing with asthma attacks and other respiratory conditions and had a trying time breathing normally recently.

“She was trying to keep it under control,” a bereaved Mr. Weld told AVN.  He told the adult industry media outlet that it was probable that Ms. Grace had a final asthma attack.

A few weeks ago, Ms. Grace was on the other end of Interstate 275 at the Fetish Con on the other side of the Bay in Saint Petersburg.  It was there she announced she was increasing her workload again.  She had plans to visit other places in the continental US for fetish sessions, including Columbia; Charleston; Savannah and Augusta, Ga.

“Everyone’s in complete shock and devastated right now.  She was just at Fetish Con as lively as can be getting ready to make her comeback,” said Mr. Weld.  “She shot at Fetish Con; she was talking to producers.”

She was still actively doing fetish clips but she was only doing our site and her site.  She was planning on going to AVN this year and talking with a few agents out there.”

The last time Ms. Grace shot for mainstream pornography producers was in early 2015.  The couple co-produced Bratty Babes Own You, one of the many stores on the popular site  Bratty Babes Own You sold videos of pantyhose, smelly feet fetishes, foot domination, even cock-and-ball torture and ballbusting among other fetishes.

In addition to clips4sale, Ms. Grace performed for Brazzers, Bang Bros, Reality Kings, Hustler, Evil Angel, Lethal Hardcore, Amateur Allure, FM Concepts and Wicked Pictures.

The couple were engaged to be married in early 2018.  They lived together ever since Ms. Grace moved from her birth place of Los Angeles County to Tampa.

Mr. Weld continued, “She was a really kind-hearted person. She loved normal stuff outside the business. She was a great person, a loving person, a giving person. She loved her dog. We planned on moving to Los Angeles next year. If a homeless person was on the sidewalk she’d give him 20 dollars out of her pocket. That’s the kind of person she was.”

She loved her fans and loved her work. She was a perfectionist who always wanted to look her best and perform her best. She cared about every person she ever worked with. Her colleagues loved her. I loved her. She was a caring, beautiful person inside and out who was never disrespectful to anyone.”

And she was at a really good spot in her life right now.”

Ms. Grace leaves behind a slew of people: from her aforementioned fiancé to maternal grandparents and paternal grandparents to the millions of fans in the continent who grieve her death.

Dan Miller

Image from AVN

NEW Redstone 2 cumulative build released to Windows Insiders

Redmond, Wash. — Not even twelve hours after Microsoft released the Anniversary Update for eligible Windows 10 Phones, the corporation released a new Redstone 2 cumulative build to the Release Preview Insider ring.

Jovan’s Alcatel Fierce XL received the new cumulative build update. It bumps the phone to 14393.82.

Insiders on the Fast and Slow rings will not get this build due to the fact it is a cumulative build instead of a preview build.

No changelog is available yet, but it is probably logs about squashing bugs and nothing else.

Be patient if you’re on Release and hasn’t gotten this update yet. It’s coming.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is here!

Redmond, Wash. — If you are among those with a Windows 10 Phone, today is the big day!

At noon EDT, Microsoft released the Anniversary Update for the phones. This comes two weeks after the targeted date for the update.

Dona Sarkar, the Windows 10 Mobile Insiders chief, wrote this on the Windows Blog:

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update has begun rolling out for Windows 10 Mobile. The Anniversary Update includes additional features and improvements for your Windows 10 phone. To manually check for the update, on Start, swipe over to the All apps list, then select Settings > Update & security > Phone update > Check for updates. Note that availability may vary by manufacturer, model, country or region, mobile operator or service provider, hardware limitations and other factors.

Here are the phones that are eligible to get the update:


Liquid Jade Primo
Liquid M330


Fierce XL




Moly x1
Moly w5


Lumia 430
Lumia 435
Lumia 532
Lumia 535
Lumia 540
Lumia 635 (Sprint variant only)
Lumia 636
Lumia 638
Lumia 640
Lumia 640 XL
Lumia 735
Lumia 830
Lumia Icon (929)
Lumia 950
Lumia 950 XL
Lumia 1520






Phone Biz

Any phone not listed here is ineligible for the Anniversary Update and will remain on Windows Phone 8.x or Windows 10 build 10586.

Check your phones and get ready to download!

If you’re among the 2 percenters (with Windows Phone), you do not have to worry about this privacy concern

Tokyo — There’s some good news for 2% of the US smartphone market and very bad news for the other 98% who are part of the duopoly.

The Intercept reports that one of the creators of the most downloaded app in world history, Pokémon Go, was a major part of a worldwide privacy scandal in recent years:

All the more alarming, then, that Pokemon Go is run by a man whose team literally drove one of the greatest privacy debacles of the internet era, in which Google vehicles, in the course of photographing neighborhoods for the Street View feature of the company’s online maps, secretly copied digital traffic from home networks, scooping up passwords, email messages, medical records, financial information, and audio and video files.

Before Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke was the man behind an unfathomably popular smartphone goldmine, he ran Google’s Geo division, responsible for nearly everything locational at a time when the search company was turning into much more, expanding away from cataloging the web and towards cataloging every city block on the planet. Hanke landed at Google after his wildly popular (and admittedly very neat) CIA-funded company Keyhole, which collected geographic imagery, was acquired in 2004 and relaunched as Google Earth in 2005. By 2007, Hanke was running basically everything at Google that involved a map. In a 2007 Wiredprofile, (“Google Maps Is Changing the Way We See the World”) Hanke was lauded as a pioneer (“Led by John Hanke, Google Earth and Google Maps are delivering cartography tools to the masses”) and deified, appearing in photo with an enormous globe across his shoulders.

It was an exciting time for Google. Google Maps had become indispensable, dumping the likes of MapQuest into obsolescence, and Google had great ambitions for turning surroundings into revenue. But before Google could sell the world back to its inhabitants, it needed to digitize it; around the world, fleets of sensor-laden Google cars roamed cities, back roads, and highways, snapping photos of buildings, posts, trees, and other features. Each vehicle was labeled a Street View Car by Google, a reference to the Street View feature their pictures enabled on Google Maps. Google shared Street View imagery widely via an application programming interface, or API, and among the apps that owe a debt of gratitude to Street View Cars is Pokemon Go.

Then, in April 2010, Germany’s data protection commissionerannounced that Google vehicles had been illegally collecting Wi-Fi data. Further regulatory scrutiny and corroborating news reports eked out the truth: As they drove, Street View Cars were swallowing up traffic from unencrypted wireless networks. Germany’s federal privacy czar, Peter Schaar, said he was “horrified” and “appalled.”

It eventually emerged that, in the U.S. alone, this collection went on for more than two years. The scandal, referred to as the “Wi-Spy” case as it was unfolding, resulted in:

  • Findings that Wi-Fi traffic collection was illegal by authorities in the United KingdomFranceCanadaSouth Korea, and New Zealand.
  • A bruising Federal Communications Commission investigation, which followed a director’s comment that Google’s activity “clearly infringes on consumer privacy” and which resulted in a $25,000 fine.
  • A Department of Justice wiretapping investigation.
  • A federal class-action case against Google, ongoing to this day, in which a district and appeals court have both ruled, against the company’s arguments, that the sort of data Google accessed is protected from interception under the U.S. Wiretap Act. (The Supreme Court has declined to hear Google’s appeal.)
  • Lawsuits brought by authorities in Spain.
  • Regulator intervention in Italy and Hungary.
  • And a government investigation in Germany.

You can read the whole thing here.  Just remember that 100% of all phones that have IOS and Android have significant privacy issues and that 100% of all phones running IOS and Android are extremely susceptible to malware and Trojans (we’ll get to that issue, which is getting worse due to Facebook’s recent practices against ad-blocking software later).  No amount of patches from Apple or Google will change that.

Once you’re done reading the Intercept’s post, you’ll likely be glad you have a Windows Phone or a Windows 10 Phone.

Sexism Express, 2016 Summer Games Edition

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — Barely a half week has passed in the 17-day Summer Games, and there’s already been enough sexism to warrant both a post here and Twitter hashtags.

Since the opening ceremonies on Friday, there have been at least five incidents of sexism and sexual objectification during the Olympics – and that’s just the incidents publicly called out on Twitter.

Below the fold are the incidents in detail.

Read the rest of this entry »

Tufts U convicted of violating Title IX

Boston — Tufts University has become the first college in 19 years to be convicted of violating Title IX.

These allegations stemmed from the university’s failure to report sexual assault on campus.

An alumni of the school, Watague Wanjuki, burned her shirt in disgust. She recorded it on Facebook Live.

“We want to educate the world about the power of apology and just how deep institutional betrayal hurts us,” said Ms. Wanjuki, who filed a Title IX complaint against Tufts in 2010, to Rewire. “It will also show the true motivations of schools—do they care that survivors are carrying the weight of the harm they caused? Or were we just a number to them, despite what they claim in brochures attracting new students, wooing parents, and soliciting donations? No matter the outcome of the campaign, the true colors of schools will be revealed.”

Rewire reports that the complaint stemmed from Tufts using a sudden decline in Ms. Wanjuki’s GPA due to the stress, depression and trauma she experienced following her rape to boot her from the university rather than support her after she reported her rapist.

“Schools have so much power over the course of our lives. When they refuse to support the most vulnerable in our society, they are not being the beacons of knowledge and nurturing that they claim to be. They are merely reinforcing the harms and inequalities that plague our communities,” said Ms. Wanjuki to Rewire.


Tufts is the third school to be convicted of violating Title IX, the first school since 1997 to be convicted, the first school outside of the South to be convicted and the first school to ever be convicted due to the failure to take campus rape seriously.

The last school to be found guilty of violating Title IX prior to Tufts was the Virginia Military Institute in June 1997. The Mississippi University of Women was the first college to be found guilty of violating Title IX in 1982.


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