Watch: Cleveland-area crisis pregnancy center caught lying to women

by jovan1984

CLEVELAND, OH — While most of us were focused like a laser on the now-defeated Senate Bill 5, there was something else that went down on Tuesday afternoon about 1,200 miles to the northeast of Texas.

A 19 year old woman named “Kate” took film at a crisis pregnancy center. The film was then posted to the web by the Crisis Project, an organization that exposes the dirty little secrets and lies about crisis pregnancy centers.

While devastating, the results of this sting was not surprising at all to those — like NARAL — who scrutinized crisis pregnancy centers nationwide (like the ones in Aiken; Allendale and Augusta, Ga.) for many years now.

As I posted on Tuesday evening to The Frisky’s Lady News, I’m posting these videos to the blog so that everyone around the world can see the crisis pregnancy centers at their absolute very best: lying to pregnant women at a time in which they are the most vulnerable.

The lies that crisis pregnancy centers tell are not minor, folks.


Originally posted to Aiken Area Progressive’s blogspot blog.