The Census starts today

Washington, DC — The decennial Census, which marks the end of the 2010s, rolls out today.

The Census includes everyone for a lot of purposes. However, there are three basic rules about the Census.

First, it is a federal crime to use a prison’s address unless the inmate is serving a natural life sentence or a death sentence. What that means is that the most recent address of person lived prior to going to prison for a set amount of time (provided it is not a natural life or death sentence) must be used.

Second, all people must take the Census. Yes, even undocumented immigrants. It is a crime to fail to fill out the Census with fines being leveled for incomplete Census forms.

Finally, you must use physical address. A physical address means where you live. For example, you cannot use a Post Office Box although that is where you get your mail.

Look out for the Census forms. They should start showing up in your mail starting today!