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Month: December, 2018

Meet Josiah Magnuson, the man who wants government to control all South Carolinians with personhood bill

Columbia — The 2019 legislative session is upon us and it is not good news at all for anyone who cares about liberty.

Already, a Campobello Republican, Josiah Magnuson, prefiled a bill that would basically turn pregnant people into the property of the state of South Carolina.

Speaking to the Spartanburg GOP earlier this month, he said, “The Personhood Act will define life at conception so that all humans are protected under state law, regardless of age.”

The bill would, much like Ohio’s recently vetoed bill, prosecute women for having abortions and miscarriages.

As Vicki Ringer tweeted, there are a quartet of Dems cosponsoring this unconstitutional bill.

What part of get the government out of women’s lives do these arrogant politicians like Magnuson not understand?

What part of “Stop the Bans” do South Carolina politicians not get?

When will people who can not get pregnant stop trying to dictate pregnant people’s lives?

Pregnant people’s lives matter far more than that of a fetus. And furthermore, South Carolina was recently named the Worst State to Be a Woman.

Yes. The Worst State to Be a Woman due to anti-choice laws like this one.

These busybodies need to mind their own business. Kill this bill in the upcoming session on January 8, 2019!

Edge is another bust for Microsoft as they move the browser to Chromium

Redmond, Wash. — A year after killing Windows Phone, Microsoft is hitting reset on Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft will be merging Edge with Chromium in the coming months. This is due to very low adoption rates for its Edge browser, which was created in 2015 to replace Internet Explorer.

One Windows Insider made a claim with scant proof that Google kept breaking the compatibility in its browser, Google Chrome, and leaving the Edge developers on the Windows desktop ecosystem to fix the issues.

‘JoshuaJB’ posted on Hacker News: “I very recently worked on the Edge team, and one of the reasons we decided to end EdgeHTML was because Google kept making changes to its sites that broke other browsers, and we couldn’t keep up. For example, they recently added a hidden empty div over YouTube videos that causes our hardware acceleration fast-path to bail (should now be fixed in Win10 Oct update).”

He added: “What makes it so sad, is that their claimed dominance was not due to ingenious optimization work by Chrome, but due to a failure of YouTube. On the whole, they only made the web slower.”

Edge’s move to Chromium now leaves three web engines in a cutthroat environment: Chromium, Safari (Apple’s default browser) and Mozilla’s Firefox. Opera, Dolphin and Chrome are all powered by Chromium.

The Inquirer

Enemy Spam: Good or evil for level design?

You probably got a video game or PC for Christmas.

One game mechanic that is used on platform games is enemy spam.

As ridiculous as that sounds, enemy spam is a thing.

Enemy spam is not clearly defined, some say the definition is when there are at least ten enemies on the screen at the same time.

Some say that enemy spam is four or more enemies on the same real estate of screen.

Enemy spam is prevalent on Super Mario 3D World, Super Mario Maker, Make a Good Mega Man Level 2 and Mega Man Maker.

Most think enemy spam is bad while others either like it or tolerate it.

Your turn, audience. What do you say about enemy spam? Like it? Hate it? Post your thoughts in the comments!

Christmas Day 2018: The list of businesses that will be in business on December 25

Forgot something? Want to get a bite?

Not everything is shutting down on Christmas Day.

Here are businesses, a good bit of them small businesses, that are open on Christmas Day. (The list grows slowly year by year.)


Albertsons: All locations open but hours vary.

Cumberland Farms: All are open. Hours vary, some open 24 hours.

CVS: All, including all Aiken Area locations, are open, most are on regular hours though all pharmacies will be closed.

Rite-Aid: Most locations open but hours vary.

Safeway: All locations open but hours vary.

Walgreens: All, including all Aiken Area locations, are open, most are on regular hours though all pharmacies will be closed.

Family Dollar: Some locations are open, including the Wagener location.


Applebee’s: Not all locations will be open as the decision is made by franchisees.

Baker’s Square: Open until 8 p.m.

Boston Market: Some locations are open Tuesday only for catering orders.

Buca di Beppo: Most open regular hours.

Burger King: Select locations will be open on Christmas Day.

Carl’s Jr.: Participating locations are open Tuesday.

Checker’s: Most open regular hours.

Denny’s: Open 24 hours.

Dunkin’: Hours vary, check with your closest location.

Fogo de Chão: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Golden Corral: Most locations will be open.

Hardee’s: Some locations are open special hours Tuesday.

Huddle House: Hours vary but many open 24 hours, including the Barnwell location.

IHOP: Most locations will be open regular hours Tuesday.

Jack in the Box: Hours vary, check with your closest location.

McCormick’s and Schmick’s: The restaurant recommends making reservations.

McDonald’s: Participating locations are open Tuesday, hours vary.

Panda Express: Hours vary.

Starbucks: Hours vary, check with your closest location.

TGI Fridays: Some locations will be open special hours, which vary.

Waffle House: All locations open 24 hours.

Note: we excluded convenience stores from the list due to the fact that most are always open, even when most businesses closed on New Year’s Day prior to the year 2001 and Thanksgiving Day prior to the year 2012.

Utah will lower the BAC content for DWIs

Salt Lake City — Utah will soon have a law that some say would help cut down on impaired driving.

The law, which will takes effect on Christmas Day, will lower the blood alcohol content for a DWI arrest from 0.08 to 0.05.

Five days later, on December 30, an automobile homicide statute will also take effect.

The law passed in 2016 and Gary Herbert signed it in 2017.

The National Transportation Safety Board recommended lowering the BAC limits to 0.05 earlier this decade.

This makes Utah, the most conservative state in the Union, the first – and so far only – state to adopt the NTSB recommendation.

Time to Delete Tumblr: Tumblr burns its community to the ground – bans nudity, LGBTQIA content

Basking Ridge, N.J. — Tumblr has decided that having an iOS app was more important than having a community of long time users and supporters.

Today, the social media site is banning all forms of nudity and is razing its LGBTQIA community to the ground.

Kitty Stryker wrote all about it for Vice:

No site should allow child porn, obviously. But thousands of sites manage to effectively moderate to keep their platforms free of child porn, while allowing adult content more broadly. After being removed from the App Store but before making the announcement that it would ban all adult content, Tumblr began to purge some adult and NSFW artists from the site.

Monday, Tumblr announced it would ban adult content altogether. In a blog post, Tumblr CEO Jeff D’Onofrio wrote that “there are no shortage of sites on the internet that feature adult content.”

But there are fewer and fewer mainstream sites and services that support porn and adult content, and much of that attitude has grown out of Apple’s strict controls over the App Store and the iOS ecosystem. Steve Jobs famously suggested that “folks who want porn can buy an Android phone,” and Apple has repeatedly leveraged its unprecedented power over millions of smartphones to sanitize the apps that are available on iPhones. Apple does not allow apps “that contain user generated content that is frequently pornographic.” In 2016, Apple famously deleted all third-party Reddit apps that allowed users to toggle NSFW posts on and off; even now, it is impossible to access porn on an iOS Reddit app unless you jump through various hoops.

She continues on that Tumblr was the one place where “we could find porn that represents us, made by indie performers who created their own content outside of an often racist, transmisogynist, fatphobic industry. Tumblr was where our content could exist without pushing us into the restrictions of a misogynist, male dominated workplace.”

She adds that Tumblr was a place where sex education could be freely discussed without attacking marginalized communities, such as the kink, asexual and poly communities.

“I’d be shocked if, since this depends on user reports, this doesn’t disproportionately affect users who are not white, cis, able bodied, slender, and feminine,” said Mrs. Stryker. “It’s a huge loss from an identity affirming perspective, from an educational perspective, from a feminist erotica perspective.”

In short, Tumblr is using child porn as an excuse to ban all forms of nudity, adult and LGBTQIA content.

Tumblr still will allow Nazis on the site, though.

“It’s hilarious how they’ll ban anything even remotely adult, given it’s part of what made their platform initially popular, but they can’t handle actual hate speech, the pearl clutching ‘think of the children’ crusaders who attack anyone they deem ‘wrong’, or Nazi bullshit,” Abigail Sin, who uses Tumblr for NSFW fandom blogs as well as her own sex work, told Motherboard in a Twitter message. “By hilarious I mean ridiculous. There are fan artists who stopped creating because of the shit they’ve been put through there—everything from rape threats and death threats to character assassination.”

It is time to uninstall the Tumblr app, folks.

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