Here’s why businesses should consider closing on New Year’s Day rather than on Christmas Day, the deadliest day of the year

It’s that time of year again.

The deadliest day of the year is, coincidentally, the one in which most corporate stores are (but should not be) closed on.

That’s right, Christmas Day.

According to Medical Daily, Christmas Day is the day in which a person in the United States are the most likely to die on for a number of reasons, some of which is absolutely preventable.

Here are four notable reasons why more people die on Christmas Day than any other day of the year.


Health related complications can kill quickly.  Add stress into the mix and the combo is even more lethal.  Some of the health related problems that cause deaths on December 25 include: cardiac disease, respiratory diseases such as pneumonia, endocrine/nutritional/metabolic problems, digestive diseases, and cancer.  Non-regular hospital workers often work on the day, which can drive deaths even higher.


Violence is also deadly.  As mentioned above, non-regular hospital staff work on December 25, meaning that regular Level 1 trauma teams might not be around to help save a victim of violence.  Homicide is a big reason why younger people die on December 25.  However, homicide is preventable and it takes the correct type of precautions and laws to prevent it.


The one day of the whole year in which there should not be any motorized traffic on the highways often turn out to be the deadliest on the road.  Excepting those who have to work because the big bossman requires them to do so, there shouldn’t be any reason for anyone to be out on the highways on Christmas Day.  Auto crashes is a big reason people under 30 die, and those are absolutely preventable.


The final reason why so many people die on Christmas Day is also 100% preventable: safety hazards.  This kills children more than anything else, including cancer.  Defective items go undetected until it is too late and there have been many recalls on Christmas Day in the past few years.  Since most retailers are open on every other day of the year, they need to set aside a few hours on Christmas Day and allow people to return defective items such as strollers, toys, chairs and the like.  These deaths are 100% preventable and are a cause of why lawsuits against retailers and product manufacturers spike at this time of year.

These are the reasons why Christmas is not so merry for people.  Death is unavoidable for everyone, but most untimely deaths are very much preventable by taking steps such as opening for a handful of hours on Christmas Day or making sure that cops arrest convicted felons who are barred by local law from possessing weapons.

Conversely, New Year’s Day is actually the least deadly day of the year, primarily due to the fact that many people feel relieved that they saw another year in the world.  The top cause of a person’s death on New Year’s Day is homicide, which, as we explained above, is absolutely preventable.  That’s one of many reasons I can think of as to why non-essential businesses need to close on New Year’s Day rather than on Christmas Day.  As a non-essential business ourselves, we sure will be shuttered on New Year’s Day.  What that means is that any news that comes down on January 1 will be posted on January 2 in a near-all day post-fest.

NOTE: We will be operating standard format on Christmas Day.  We will be shuttering the blog at noon on New Year’s Eve, December 31.  As mentioned above, we will be closed all day on New Year’s Day 2015 – that means absolutely nothing, not even News Briefs, will happen on January 1, and we will resume blogging at 14:00 on January 2, 2015.  We will be posting this at the bottom of all posts from here on out in 2014.