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Month: July, 2011

Memorial for the victims of the Wagener Massacre tonight at Downtown Pavilion

WAGENER — There will be a memorial for the victims of the July 2-3 Wagener Massacre tonight.

It will begin at 7 p.m. at the Downtown Pavilion in the town and will likely last about one hour.

Esther Baldwin, 47, Angela Myers and Tabitha Brown, both 25, and Vicki Myers, 50, all of Wagener; were murdered by abusive misogynist Ken Myers bridging the two aforementioned dates.

More on the Wagener Massacre:

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America’s Culture of Misogyny claims 4 more victims, gets more extreme with each passing birthday

Abusive misogynist had more people targeted + video of interviews from victims’ families

Woman who saved children during Wagener massacre speaks

WRDW News 12:

Identities of 4 Wagener homicide victims released

Family of Wagener victim describes suspect as ‘control freak’

Family of victim speaks out about domestic violence

Daughter of Tabitha Brown finds neighbor to call 911

Woman who made 911 call in Wagener case speaks out


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WJBF-DT News Channel 6:

Names released of four dead, Suspect shot in Aiken County rampage

Aiken County Sheriff’s Office Working To Clarify Wagener Shooting Speculation

Woman who saved two children during the Wagener Massacre speaks

WAGENER — I have no transcript here, but here is the video of the woman who saved two young children (ages 6 and 1) while misogynist killer Ken Meyers was gunning down four women.


Wagener Massacre: Abusive misogynist had more people targeted + video of interviews from victims’ families

WAGENER — It turns out that (sadly) I was indeed correct: with the exception of one person, all of the people targeted (seven in all) by an abusive misogynist were women.

He already mowed down 57% of the people on his hit list by the time Aiken County Sheriff’s deputies got involved. The cops, staying hot on his trail, prevented him from going after the other three.

And once again, the right wing nut job media outlets — the (Columbia) State and the Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle — does the typical sidestepping and proclaim that financial troubles — not the killer’s controlling ways — caused this massacre.

And people ever wonder why newspapers — and the Chronicle in particular — are going bankrupt.

WRDW did interviews with Esther Baldwin’s family and they talk deeply of the killer’s abusive ways towards Ms. Baldwin. Ms. Baldwin was from North Augusta.

News 12 spoke with the family of one of the victims, who says Myers was controlling and scared them. Esther Baldwin’s two sisters say they never trusted Myers.

A local domestic violence counselor said their gut feeling was probably right on.

“He was a very controlling freak,” Dinah Baldwin said. “He made her quit her job. She couldn’t cut her hair. She couldn’t wear makeup and wouldn’t let her visit her family.”

Dinah Baldwin feels like she has lost her sister twice. The first time was when Esther moved in with Ken Myers. The second time was when investigators say Myers took her life.

“Every time I called my sister I could hear him say get off the phone and cook dinner to do this or that,” Belinda Knoeplfe said. “He would say he would kick her ass if she didn’t do what she was told.”

Knoepfle said she also worried about her sister. Esther met Myers on the Internet, and they started living together soon after. Both sisters feel like he hid her away in a secluded home in the woods of Wagener.

Experts say this is a tell-tale sign of an abuser.

“If he is going to control her and do what he wants to do with her, then she can not have connection with family or her friends,”said Kay Mixon, executive director of the Cumbee Center, which assists abused victims in Aiken.

She said Esther could have been a victim of abuse for years.

“He is going to do everything he can to do make this woman dependent on him,” she said.

That is exactly what the Baldwin family said happened.

“He had threatened to take her life before — and her daughter’s,” Dinah Baldwin said.

Knoeplfe and Dinah Baldwin said their baby sister was trapped. Seven and a half years later, Myers met another woman and moved out.

But that wasn’t the end for Esther Baldwin and Myers.

“Even though the abuser may move out, that is not the end,” Mixon said.

(emphasis mine in bold)

Also, they interviewed the killer’s daughter. But, I won’t post it here. You can read it here.

Words alone cannot describe the rage that still fills my body. Four women gone. Three families torn apart by this abusive misogynist.

My heart aches for the Baldwin and Brown families. My heart aches for the people in North Augusta, Big Cone Ridge, Taylor Pond, Rainbow Falls and Wagener. Most in the media will forget all about the heartache that you are all going through within four weeks. But, I won’t.

May Esther Baldwin, May and Tabitha Brown, and Angela Myers rest in peace. And may the abusive misogynist that gunned them down go to Purgatory where he rightfully belongs.

America’s Culture of Misogyny claims 4 more victims, gets more extreme with each passing birthday

WAGENER — Today is Independence Day. And for America’s women, it just may well be another day on the Calendar, not even worth celebrating.

On the 235th birthday of this nation, women in America are being enslaved and slaughtered by misogynistic ‘culture warriors’ in the far right wing Republican and Tea parties at an alarming rate.

And alarmingly, America’s culture of misogyny is being embraced, supported and endorsed by millions and millions of people — including celebrities and politicians — from coast to coast.

Even after four women in Wagener was gunned down by a misogynistic control freak on Saturday.

The shootings in Wagener are the latest example of America’s violent misogynistic society that has been out of control for eight years now. And not only that, but the Culture of Misogyny is getting more extreme by the day.

Kenneth Myers, 47, may have been the one to pull the trigger five times. But, he is not the only one to blame for what happened on Daytona Rd in northern Aiken County on Saturday.

Our entire misogynistic culture is to blame for what went down on Saturday.

We are more than willing to fight misogynistic leaders in the Middle East, but when it comes to fighting misogynistic leaders (and people) at home — whether it is in Aiken County, Edgefield County, Columbia or in Washington, DC — very few people are willing to get up off their sorry asses and confront the misogynistic right wing extremists exterminating women right here at home. That is where the hypocrisy come in.

Every person who supports anti-choice laws are indirectly responsible for the massacre in Wagener. Every person who opposes the Equal Rights Amendment, who opposes laws that help women get on equal footing with men like myself and who opposes the expansion of laws curbing domestic violence are also indirectly responsible for the massacre in Wagener.

In short, America’s misogynistic culture, which claimed four more lives on Saturday, is responsible for the massacre that took place on Daytona Rd.

Instead of firing up the barbecues today, take a moment to think about the ways in which you can put an end to America’s Culture of Misogyny.

Misogynistic murders in Wagener

WAGENER — Four women, ranging in age from 25 to 50 are were gunned down by a man named Kenneth Myers, who later killed himself.

Here is the latest from the Aiken Standard:

The other victims were Myers’ wife, 25-year-old Angela M. Myers, her twin sister Tabitha T. Brown and their mother, 50-year-old Vicki May Hook Brown, according to Coroner Tim Carlton. The bodies were discovered by authorities at a home on Daytona Road around 6 p.m.

The last victim who was found was Myers’ ex-wife 47-year-old Esther Baldwin at a Big Branch Road home around 1 a.m., Carlton said.

All women were said to have each died from a single gunshot wound.

According to WRDW News 12, Mr. Meyers was planning well in advance to harm women. Which makes this quadruple murder all the more misogynistic. The shootings in Wagener is very similar to one in Bridgeville, Pa. where one misogynist gunned down several women at a gym on August 4, 2009. With one notable exception: Myers knew his victims, George Sodini did not.

Sadly, misogynistic violence has now hit Wagener. Just like it has all those other times before in many other places in this nation. Jessica Valenti was right 23 months ago: this is a culture-wide problem.

UPDATE at 22:51: Added some detail to the post. Also, a video from WRDW interviewing Ms. Baldwin’s family is below:

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