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Month: November, 2017

Roark Capital, which owns Arby’s, to buy out Buffalo Wild Wings

Atlanta, Ga. – Arby’s, a very popular burger and sandwich chain, is buying one of the up and coming wings chain, Buffalo Wild Wings.

According to reports, the deal is worth $2,400,000,000.00. Roark Capital Group, which owns Arby’s, will pay $157.00 per share.

The buyout of Buffalo Wild Wings marks the end of a bad 2016 & 2017 for the eatery, which has seen falling sales due to rising prices on their chicken wings and the resignation of CEO Sally Smith in disgrace after she lost a legal battle during the summer.

Meanwhile, Arby’s has seen booming sales with the introduction of new sandwiches such as the already extremely popular chicken pepperoni parm sandwich. Their sales are also aided by their family friendly atmosphere and policies (i.e. prohibiting customers other than law enforcement or military personnel from carrying firearms into the establishment).

Although they are soon to be a subsidiary of Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings will continue to run as an independent brand, which is very good news for fans of the restaurant.

Arby’s is not the only one who stands to benefit from this deal. Wendy’s stands to make $450,000,000+ from the deal as well. Wendy’s owns 18% of Arby’s.

Florida pro-life terrorist denied parole

Tallahassee — An American pro-life terrorist was denied parole today and he will not be eligible again for parole for 25.5 more years.

Michael Griffin was denied parole after numerous people – including Dr. David Gunn’s son – spoke at the hearing.

David Gunn Junior, who now is more than twice the age he was when his father was assassinated in Pensacola on March 10, 1993, sent this statement to the Daily Kos’s Ann Rose:

“Awesome news from Tallahassee. Florida law dictates their parole commission to set presumptive parole release dates for all inmates with parole eligible sentences. The presumptive date does not mean parole or release. Today, the parole board set a presumptive parole date of 2043 for Michael Griffin. Griffin, 56, will be 82; however, based on the statements of the commissioners, it seems likely the state will never grace Griffin with parole as they all indicated he was a danger to others and his parole could be seen as an influential to others (as it would have been) to act as he did. Though there is another hearing in seven years, the max they can delay a rehearing under FL law, the state’s decision signals they have no inclination to parole this repugnant and unrepentant terrorist. My family thanks everyone who helped make the hearing a success.”

Gunn Senior’s assassination was the 27th terrorist attack on abortion clinics, and the first terrorist attack overall in the presidency of Bill Clinton.

Griffin’s next parole hearing date is now on March 9, 2043 – the day before what would be the 50th anniversary of the terrorist acts he committed against Dr. Gunn.

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