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Month: May, 2016

YES, this is my female body. NO I am not ashamed

Previous this week my photos from the album I had created on Facebook and called: “Celebration of the beautiful – natural, naked – woman body” got reported to Facebook security.

The next time I tried to lock into my account I could not.

Instead I was a given a warning from Facebook.

“Remove any violating photos” It said.

Either you delete all photos containing any nudity, or we will delete your Facebook account.

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The Privileged Cruelty of Religious Right Sex Rules


No sexReligious conservatives want an exclusive right to dole out the privilege of sexual pleasure and intimacy on their own terms—and leave a lot of people out.

Sexual intimacy and pleasure are some of humanity’s most cherished experiences. The so-called “best things in life” include natural beauty, fine dining, the arts, thrilling adventures, creative pursuits and community service. But love and orgasms are among the few peak experiences that are equally available to rich and poor, equally sweet to those whose lives are going according to plan and to many whose dreams are in pieces.

Religious conservatives think that these treasured dimensions of the human experience should be available to only a privileged few people whose lives fit their model: male-dominated, monogamous, heterosexual pairs who have pledged love and contractual marriage for life. Some true believers—especially those in thrall to the Protestant Quiverfull Movement or the Vatican—would further limit sexual privileges…

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Former principal arrested for private indecent exposure, sexual assault (UPDATED)


Remember the story about the former Williston Elko High principal?

He was arrested this morning by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED).

According to the People Sentinel, Joel Mitchell is accused of private indecent exposure (covered under SC Section 16-15-130), and sexual assault.

Mitchell allegedly exposed himself in a state of nudity in a private area on school grounds and non-consensually touching the private parts of a subordinate woman. It is not known if the victim is/was a teacher or a pupil.

The incident took place before the Christmas holiday break in 2015.

Bond was set at ten thousand dollars.

Update at 21:03 on July 18, 2017: Mr. Mitchell has formally been indicted on a charge of rape in relation to the incident. Via the Aiken Standard.

Richland County Sheriff’s officer arrested for domestic violence

Columbia — A female Richland County Sheriff’s Department officer has been arrested for domestic violence.

Curtis Wilson, the Lieutenant for the sheriff’s department, said that Officer Sharmeen Crandell turned herself into the Columbia Police Office Sunday night around 22:00.

Officers said Officer Crandell has been charged with Burglary 2nd Degree and Domestic Violence in the First Degree.

She will be fired from the RCSD before Memorial Day.

Did Joel Mitchell resign as W-E principal due to an investigation by SLED?

Joel Mitchell, who took over the principal’s job at Williston-Elko High from benevolent sexist Brian Newsome, has resigned on Tuesday…possibly in disgrace.

According to the (Barnwell) People-Sentinel, which filed a Freedom of Information Act request on Friday, Barnwell County Sheriff Ed Carroll said that they and the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division is investigating the matter.  A high school teacher (unknown at this time) blew the whistle on Mr. Mitchell a few weeks earlier.

Missoura Ashe, the superintendent (and interim principal until May 28), told the People-Sentinel, “I can’t discuss personnel matters.  As an employer, I do not discuss matters that are being looked into.”

I don’t know what SLED’s looking at. I can’t really verify anything.”

She concluded, “My door remains open to students, faculty and staff, and parents as our graduating seniors and juniors, sophomores and freshmen complete their year-end activities and look forward to an even better 2016-2017.”

The People-Sentinel

The People-Sentinel (2)

Local military serviceman hit with child molestation charges


Grovetown, Ga. — A Fort Gordon US Army Sargent was arrested for molesting a Clemson area girl inside of his residence.

Officers from the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office said that the victim ran away from her home in the Greater Clemson area recently. The suspect had been communicating with the victim online, although officers declined to reveal which social media outlet they were communicating on.

Officers spotted the victim in the laundry room of the suspect’s apartment.

The victim was returned to the custody of her parents on Wednesday.

Army Sgt. Christopher Thomas Muse, 31, was arrested by the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office and is charged with child molestation and interstate interference with custody.

Mr. Muse is at the Columbia County Jail in Evans.  He could also be court-martialed by the military on the molestation charge.

WSPA News Channel 7

Five Upstate pupils – four of them girls – arrested for rape and child porn


Greer — Five pupils from Upstate middle schools have been arrested for numerous sex offenses involving an aggravated rape.

Four of the arrested pupils are girls, and they are slated to graduate from Riverside Middle School in Greenville in less than a week and a half.

The fifth pupil, a boy, is slated to graduate from Ralph Chandler Middle in Greer in the same time frame.

Greer Police Office deputies said that Wednesday’s arrests are in relation to a kiddie pornography investigation that has been ongoing for quite sometime. The Greer Police Office is the lead investigating agency in this case.

The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office and the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Department are also assisting the Greer Police Office.

All three law enforcement agencies say an intoxicated girl, a Riverside High School pupil, was raped at a home in Simpsonville over the weekend.

The incident was streamed over Apple’s FaceTime app with one of the four girls behind the camera and that was recorded.

The girls had the video on their phones.

Police say the video was spread through IMessage and standard smartphone texts.

The Greenville County Schools Board suspended all five pupils indefinitely immediately after the arrests and all of them are recommended for expulsion from their respective schools.

Police say that ten IPhones and Android phones were confiscated for forensic tests.

They’ve also taken statements from at five dozen pupils at Riverside MS, where the majority of the arrestees attended.

The quintet are all charged with distribution of child pornography. The boy is also charged with second-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor.

More charges against the five are likely.

Here’s a statement from Greenville County Schools:

Four students from Riverside Middle School have been charged by Greer Police Office with Possession of Child Pornography. The four students have been suspended and will be recommended for expulsion.

According to the Greer Police report, an alleged sexual assault occurred on Saturday, May 14th at a private residence in Greenville County. A FaceTime call was made from the residence by several students. The student who received the call recorded it and later sent the video to others.

On Monday May 16th, some students at Riverside Middle began showing the video to other students. One student saw the video and reported it to a school official.

The parents of any students who we are aware were directly exposed to the images or video have been contacted, and those students have received counseling and support from our school counselors and staff. Support services will continue to be available to any students who indicate they have a need.

This is a difficult and complex issue for our school community to process. We encourage parents to discuss with their children the importance of internet safety.

The names of the arrestees, all of whom are fourteen years old, have not been released at this time.

WSPA-HD News Channel 7
WSPA-HD News Channel 7 (2)
Spartanburg Herald Journal

WAR ON SOUTH CAROLINA WOMEN: State passes unconstitutional ban on abortion that has no exceptions for the life of the mother


Columbia — See you in court, legislature.

South Carolina representatives passed one of the most extreme – and unconstitutional – restrictions on abortion, the first nationally since neighboring North Carolina’s Senate Bill 353 in July 2013.

“This is a dangerous bill for South Carolina women …, made even more extreme by removing exceptions for victims of rape and incest,” said Alyssa Miller, South Carolina director of public affairs for Planned Parenthood South Atlantic, in a statement.

“The reality is that abortion later in pregnancy is extremely rare and often takes place in complex and difficult situations where a woman and her doctor need every medical option available,” she added.

These are the following representatives who voted for the bill, with local representatives in bold.

Allison, Merita A.

Anthony, Michael A. (DINO)

Atwater, Todd K.

Ballentine, Nathan

Bannister, Bruce W.

Bedingfield, Eric M.

Bingham, Kenneth A.

Bowers, William K. (DINO)

Bradley, Jeffrey A.

Brannon, Norman D.

Brown, Grady A. (DINO)

Burns, James Mikell

Chumley, William M.

Clary, Gary E.

Clemmons, Alan D.

Cole, J. Derham, Jr.

Collins, Neal A.

Crawford, Heather Ammons

Crosby, William E.

Daning, Joseph S.

Delleney, F. Gregory, Jr.

Duckworth, Gregory D.

Erickson, Shannon S.

Felder, Raye

Finlay, Kirkman, III

Forrester, P. Michael

Fry, Russell W.

Funderburk, Laurie Slade (DINO)

Gagnon, Craig A.

George, J. Wayne (DINO)

Goldfinch, Stephen L., Jr.

Hamilton, Daniel P.

Hardee, Kevin

Hayes, Coach Jackie E. (DINO)

Henderson, Phyllis J.

Herbkersman, William G.

Hicks, Donna C.

Hill, Jonathon D.

Hiott, David R.

Hixon, William M.

Horne, Jenny Anderson

Huggins, Chip

Johnson, Jeffrey E.

Jordan, Wallace H., Jr.

Kennedy, Ralph Shealy, Jr.

Loftis, Dwight A.

Long, Deborah A.

Lowe, Phillip D.

Lucas, James H.

McCoy, Peter M., Jr.

Merrill, James H.

Moss, Dennis C.

Moss, V. Stephen

Nanney, Wendy K.

Newton, Wm. Weston J.

Ott, Russell L. (DINO)

Pitts, Michael A.

Pope, Thomas E.

Putnam, Joshua A.

Quinn, Rick

Ridgeway, Robert L., III (DINO)

Riley, R. Shannon

Rivers, Samuel, Jr.

Ryhal, Mike

Sandifer, William E., III

Simrill, J. Gary

Smith, G. Murrell, Jr.

Smith, Garry R.

Sottile, F. Michael

Spires, L. Kit

Stringer, Tommy M.

Tallon, Edward R., Sr.

Taylor, Bill

Thayer, Anne J.

Toole, McLain R.

White, W. Brian

Whitmire, William R.

Willis, Mark N.

Yow, Richard L.

Bill Clyburn, who represents Aiken, and Jerry Govan, who represents Hampton County, were excused from the vote. Two other local representatives, Aiken County Republicans Chris Corley and Don Wells, did not vote.

And here’s Rep. Todd Rutherford with the tweet of the night:


Raw Story

Sex worker implicated in Mother’s Day murder


Columbia — A 41-year-old Upper Midlands sex worker was arrested and charged with murdering a young man on Mother’s Day.

According to the Columbia Police Office, the sex worker, identified as Natalia Tucker, was on the job on Mother’s Day and got into a dispute with a 25-year-old customer over her rates. The incident happened at the Coronet Motel on MAIN ST in Columbia.

That’s when Ms. Tucker pulled out a small pistol and shot her client in the head.  His body was found during a routine inspection by motel employees during the daylight hours.

Columbia Police Office deputies also allege that Ms. Tucker stole the dead man’s car after offing him.

Ms. Tucker, 41, became the prime suspect in the murder before Mother’s Day ended.  She was arrested on the job at MAIN ST and ELMWOOD AV on Thursday and is charged with murder and possession of stolen goods, with the “goods” being the victim’s vehicle.

Note: Photo is a stock image and is not the image of the suspect.

Statesboro Police Office investigating possible murder-suicide


Statesboro — The Statesboro Police Office is investigating a possible murder-suicide.

The incident occurred on Friday the 13th at Connection Apartments. That is located on 2000 STANBUCK LANE.

According to its Facebook page, Statesboro Police Office deputies arrived to the apartment complex at 21:39 Friday. Deputies forced entry into the residence in question and found a 17-year-old girl deceased and a 20-year-old man with a possible self-inflicted gunshot wound, clinging to life.

The man, identified as Ethan Alexander, did not make it through the night.

The incident is believed to be contained within the apartment and no other suspects are believed to be at large.

The case was turned over to the Statesboro Police Office Criminal Investigations Bureau and has been assigned to Detective Tommy Brown. This case is still under investigation and no further information is being released at this time.

Anyone with information concerning this case is asked to contact the Statesboro Police Office at (912) 764-9911. You may also anonymously submit information to or by texting a tip to “TIPSSPD plus your message” to 274637 (CRIMES). All information is strictly confidential.

Transgender woman MURDERED by cisgender woman for using the correct restroom


Denver, Colo. — A 55-year-old bigoted cisgender woman murdered a 39-year-old transgender woman inside of a women’s restroom at Bradford’s.

The younger woman was murdered in cold blood after an altercation with fellow Bradford’s customer, 55-year-old Kathleen Workman, in the department store’s restroom.

Bradford’s official policy strongly suggests people to use the restroom corresponding to their current gender identity. According to the store manager, senior leadership had requested the sign be created and posted in the restroom area last month after Target announced their new restroom policy.

As a result of the policy, the victim was required to use the women’s restroom.

However, that official policy did not stop a criminal gun owner, Workman, from killing.

Workman then lied to authorities and claimed the victim put up an aggressive body language and that she “feared” for her life.

The victim was shot three times and was deceased upon arrival by EMTs.

This is why we need gun control, people control and hate crimes statutes protecting transgender people – and to make it easier to prosecute people like Workman who uses her gun as a tool to commit a hate crime.

George Davis sexually harasses female nudist, shows why men are the whole problem

Berkeley, Calif. — Once again, men ruin everything.

Even in the nudist community.

An unidentified female nudist told Gypsy Taub that George Davis, the same George Davis who had been very politically active in the fight against unconstitutional bans on public nudity, had sexually harassed her for a period of time.

Mrs. Taub wrote on Twitter that Mr. Davis was excommunicated from not just the Body Freedom Network, but also from the nudist community over the charges.


I feel really sick. I feel like I just got kicked in the gut when I got the notification on my Alcatel Fierce XL.

Once again, a man fails a marginalized community instead of helping it. Charles Clymer. Hugo Schwyzer. James Deen.

And now, George Davis.

All men. All have failed various feminist communities. Clymer and Schwyzer failed intersectional feminists. Schwyzer and Deen failed sex workers. Davis failed the nudist feminism community.

This also comes to show that even though we are marginalized badly within society, nudist men still possess some privilege. It’s really disturbing that Davis showed his privilege to the nudist women.

Men, regardless of whether you’re nudist or not, we need to check ourselves.

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