Shameful move by Williston-Elko’s new principal

For the past two Fridays, people at Williston-Elko High School have found the cheerleaders in their Monday-Thursday clothing.


Because the new principal, Brian Newsome, has ruled with an iron fist, banning the uniforms because they are ‘too short’.

We have heard this misogynistic excuse before.

From none other than the commish of the NFL, Roger Goodell.

Mr. Goodell warned the 26 orgs with squads to ‘control their cheerleaders’ in 2007, just before I began this blog.

Goodell says the cheerleaders’ pregame warmups are “very distracting” and that the women are “influencing” the outcome of games by doing “lascivious” dances on the away team’s sidelines.

That is a strawman argument. And Mr. Newsome’s claim that the Blue Devil cheerleading outfits ‘distract’ their classmates and schoolmates is every bit of a strawman argument as Goodell’s claims about the NFL cheerleaders were three years ago. What makes Mr. Newsome’s move to ban the outfits during school hours triply insulting is the fact that I am a 2002 graduate of Williston-Elko.

Mr. Arrowood did not ban the uniforms. The late Mr. Atkins never banned the uniforms. And Mr. Lax never banned the uniforms, either.

So why they are a problem for Mr. Newsome?

His excuses for banning them are totally weak. He should reverse his decision and allow the W-E cheerleaders to wear their uniforms to school during the day.