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Month: January, 2018

Unconstitutional carry bill is back, just like a zombie

Columbia — Remember the unconstitutional carry bill that we profiled last year?

Well, it is back.

On Tuesday, two South Carolina subcommittees will hold a hearing on two totally unconstitutional bills that endanger our children and our public safety.

Although the bill passed the state House last year, because there was no vote on it in the state Senate, the process has to start over.

And this time, there is a little piece of bad news for the supporters of the two bills, Senate Bill 449 and House Bill 3930.

It is not me saying that these bills endanger our children, it is science that says this. Read the rest of this entry »

Bottom Line: Politicians and police are lying to you in your face about sex trafficking around the Super Bowl (and other sporting events)

The Rolex 24 at Daytona Beach has not even started and already, the anti-sex extremists who want to criminalize sex work are pushing the debunked and discredited claim that sex trafficking is rampant during the Super Bowl.

It was during Super Bowl 44 in 2010 that this bald faced lie started to surface from politicians, “rescue” organizations and law enforcement — the latter of whom should know better, with false ads being aired on TV, radio and in print in these cases. The claim that sex trafficking is rampant during the Super Bowl is so baseless, the centrist Washington Post gave the claim four Pinocchios, the worst fact checking rating possible at the moment.

The fact is that sex trafficking is not rampant at all. In fact, sex trafficking is about as rare as voter fraud.

The Global Alliance reports that these lies usually start about 18 months in advance, meaning that they get a huge head start on churning out these lies before we get a chance to counter them. They even posted some sources to start with in countering these lies.

Oh and yea, the same professional liars we elect and vow to keep us safe make the same baseless claim about sex trafficking being linked to every major sporting event (the College Football Playoff Championship game, the Australian Open, the 24 Hours of Daytona, the Daytona 500, the NCAA Women’s and Men’s tournament, the Kraft Nabisco Championship, the Masters, the Indianapolis 500, the Coca-Cola 600, the French Open, the Stanley Cup finals, the NBA Finals, the College Baseball and Softball World Series, the PGA Tour’s US Open, Wimbledon, the British Open, the PGA Championship, the WTA’s US Open, the Southern 500, the Brickyard 400, the WNBA Finals, the Alabama 500 and the World Series) despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. All sex workers and their clients want to do is have a box of Little Debbie oatmeal pies and relax. They should not have to worry about being harassed and assaulted by cops due to slanderous hysteria about sex trafficking. All these arrests of women and men for consensual buying of sex do is make people hate the police.

Dr. Eric Sprankle wants to remind you to call out your bffs and family members if you spot this lie anywhere on social media.

I will do my best to call the nonsense out. Will you?

WWE quickly fires championship wrestler after he rapes Philomena Sheahan

Stamford, Conn. — The World Wrestling Entertainment not only vacated the Cruiserweight Championship, but the wrestling body fired its most recent champion less than 36 hours after Philomena Sheahan tweeted about being raped by him.

In an interview with TMZ, Ms. Sheahan dished about being raped on October 19, 2017 by Enzo Amore.

She said to Mr. Amore, “I want to get to know you first.” Mr. Amore was already sexually harassing her when she said that to him.

Then, it got worse. Mr. Amore went from mild harassment straight to rape.

“I said ‘no’ countless times,” Ms. Sheahan told TMZ. “I just kept saying ‘No.'”

Ms. Sheahan noted she was literally in tears as she begged him to stop in numerous portions of the Phoenix, Ariz. hotel room, but he slung her on a bed instead — and she hit her head so hard, she was kayoed.

Mr. Amore continued to restrain Ms. Sheahan and pushed forward with the sexual assault.

Due to this, the Phoenix Police Office opened a criminal investigation and Mr. Amore was suspended hours before Raw celebrated their silver anniversary and then axed earlier this afternoon.

The company has zero tolerance for doping or criminal actions such as sexual violence.

The Ocean City Lawsuit Explained, a Bit.

Hopefully, the Fourth Circuit will right the 27 years of wrongs by judges on the issue of nudity rights and women’s topless rights.


OC Blog photo 2018 Ocean City, Maryland, Spring 2017. This photo was taken just before the Town of Ocean City passed the emergency ordinance addressing the “panic” officials claim bare-chested women would create on the beach.

So after a summer of patient deliberation turned into an autumn of patient deliberation, we have finally filed our civil rights complaint against the Town of Ocean City’s unconstitutional ordinance banning female, but not male, bare-chestedness.

Rather than rehash the story, which is easy enough to find on this blog and through a simple Google search, I thought I would instead do an FAQ about topfreedom and what parts of this lawsuit I can speak to for the benefit of supporters and detractors checking in here as a result of the recent news coverage regarding our lawsuit.

Please understand that I cannot answer certain questions, mostly the ones that require me to make legal arguments.  Lawyers are involved…

View original post 2,572 more words

Ocean City sued for illegal ban on public nudity

Ocean City, Md. — It was only a matter of time before a Maryland city was hauled into court for the shenanigans that led to the municipality to pass an illegal ordinance that forbade public nudity on June 10, 2017.

Chelsea Eline, of Salisbury, who previously used the pseudonym Covington in interactions with local officials and with; Rose MacGregor, of Salisbury; Megan Bryant, of Anne Arundel; Christine Coleman, of Long Island; and Angela Urban, of Pittsburgh, filed a suit in US District Court that claims Ocean City’s emergency ordinance is unconstitutional. Tuesday’s filing in court makes Ms. Eline’s real name public.

The lawsuit seeks a ruling that the ordinance violates five different federal and state laws, including the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution and the Declaration of Rights to the Maryland Constitution.

“This lawsuit is about confirming the legal right of women to be bare-chested, in public, in the same places that men are permitted to be bare-chested, for purposes other than breastfeeding,” the lawsuit reads.

It claims that gender classification does not further government interest, but increases the idea that women are viewed as “inherently sexual objects”, and is tantamount to blatant sexual discrimination.

The defendants named in the suit include the town; Mayor Rick Meehan; Emergency Services Director Joe Theobald, who oversees the beach patrol; and police Chief Ross Buzzuro.

Here’s to hoping that the quartet of women are successful in undoing every last letter of this illegal emergency ordinance.

Man who called in threats to all Williston School District properties gets bond!

You will not believe what happened today at the Barnwell County Courthouse!

A 19-year-old Barnwell man was given bond of $10,000.00 after he ended the school days at Kelly Edwards elementary, Williston-Elko middle and Williston-Elko high schools on Monday!

On Monday morning, the Barnwell County Sheriff’s and Williston Police offices investigated after a bomb threat was called in at the Williston School District Auditorium and Office. That led to the evacuations of all properties owned by the school district.

Some judges we have here.

Asia Misandry: toilet, male urinal that can easily be seen from outside, and female janitor that can enter men toilet.

This is from a men’s rights blogger, but this blogger speaks the truth about the hypocrisy and double standards both in Asia and in the United States of America.

“As a men I disagree with ‘male urinal (peeing place) that can easily be seen from outside public’ (specifically in Asia region – I’m more fine with Europe since they apply equality, Europe have the reverse too: female urinoir), I also disagree when female janitor/ staff can easily enter men toilet. If you ask why, it is because in Asia if the situation were reverse – example female version of urinal/ other female room that can be seen from outside public, or if men janitor can enter female toilet – it will be seen as “offensive”, so it’s double standard. This have unfairness to men too like ‘it only sexist if men see his opposite sex peeing activity’ (yet “ok” if reverse), or ‘it only sexist if men enter his opposite sex bathroom’ (yet “ok” if reverse). Other thing is if male seeing female activity when peeing easily considered by mainstream that “female already been degrade by men” then why the reverse ‘female who see male peeing’ (coincidentally or not) is not fairly considered as ‘degraded male’ too? If you said “no women peeping” my answer is: you fear men can peeping hence your objection is ‘men will SEE his opposite sex peeing’ right? then a female janitor enter male room, or male urinal that can easily be seen from outside public is also about ‘Female can SEE her opposite sex pee’ even if it’s accidentally but the essential is SAME, and who knows if there’s a female that happy can easily see men peeing at public toilet? So either both have equal privacy, or both are okay to see each other peeing. by the way I often accidentally see men underwear, or even men butt/ peeing dick at male toilet (even if i try not to see it), so no excused like “Oh female will not see anything.”

Read more via Asia Misandry: toilet, male urinal that can easily be seen from outside, and female janitor that can enter men toilet.

The Statesboro Kmart is the last one in the Central Savannah River Area. It will be closed by April 27

Statesboro — Soon, the Central Savannah River Area will be Kmart-less.

Sears announced that at least 103 more Kmart stores will be shuttered this spring. Among the locations slated to lose Kmart include Statesboro and Bulloch County.

The Kmart in Statesboro is the last Kmart in the Central Savannah River Area and has been since the Augusta and Orangeburg locations were shuttered in 2016.

The store is located on Northside Dr East in Statesboro.

Emily McCombs and Logan Paul are two douchebags who should be banned from their respective accounts

Douchebags seem to come in pairs these days, do they not?

On Friday, December 29, 2017, Huffington Post editor Emily McCombs posted a violent tweet calling for androcide, that is, the mass killing of men.

And it is not the first time she has posted hate speech like the sort Twitter needs to get rid of.

Listen up douchebag women of the world: “Kill all men” is not a joke, it is not funny nor is it edgy. It is a threat and, at the very least, Ms. McCombs should be fired from all of her media gigs and banned from Twitter under the new hate speech rubric, which took effect on November 22, 2017.

And just when you thought nothing could top that, Logan Paul manages to outdo Ms. McCombs.

Mr. Paul, a YouTube star, posted a video of a person who killed themselves still hanging from a tree. Millions saw this grotesque video and YouTube has yet to do anything to him in this regard.

He apologized, but an apology just will not do. Google needs to close Mr. Paul’s YouTube account to send the message that this content will not be tolerated on YouTube.

Maybe people need to make a New Year’s resolution to not be douchebags. Apparently, that’s asking for too much.

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