Unconstitutional carry bill is back, just like a zombie

by jovan1984

Columbia — Remember the unconstitutional carry bill that we profiled last year?

Well, it is back.

On Tuesday, two South Carolina subcommittees will hold a hearing on two totally unconstitutional bills that endanger our children and our public safety.

Although the bill passed the state House last year, because there was no vote on it in the state Senate, the process has to start over.

And this time, there is a little piece of bad news for the supporters of the two bills, Senate Bill 449 and House Bill 3930.

It is not me saying that these bills endanger our children, it is science that says this.“Ten years after the adoption of RTC laws, violent crime is estimated to be 13-15 percent higher than it would have been without the RTC law,” explains John Donohue’s thesis paper, published at the National Bureau of Economic Research.

“The most obvious problem is people get into disputes that, without guns, would at the most lead to a bloody nose,” explained Mr. Donohue. If one or both parties are carrying guns, such conflicts “can now lead to death.”

As Salon further explained, there were several incidents within the week ending on January 27 that proves Mr. Donohue’s point. One example is in Minnesota, where a 17-year-old boy was gunned down by Minneapolis area gun extremist Alexander Weiss, 25. Mr. Weiss’s totalled vehicle had a bumper sticker that read “Gun Control Means Hitting Your Target”.

“American gun owners, preoccupied with self-defense, are inadvertently arming the very criminals they fear,” explained Brian Freskos at The Trace, kicking off his November investigative report on the way stolen guns have become a major component of the gun crime problem.

As Salon notes:

the gun industry at-large gets, obscene profits from all those stolen guns, since many people who have a gun stolen are back in the nearest shop within hours, buying a replacement. So the gun lobby has every incentive to encourage people to carry guns or otherwise store them in places where they can easily be stolen. That ends up boosting profits for manufacturers, whom the gun lobby represents first and foremost.

And what people call “permitless carry” and the lamestream media calls “constitutional carry” allows criminals to carry legally and lawfully.

Small wonder, then, why gun lobby allies in Columbia are pushing for unconstitutional carry, which would be carrying without a valid carry license.

Getting a concealed carry license is already laughably easy. It took NBC News reporter Mike Stuckey about the same length of time as Yes’s rock epic the Gates of Delirium to successfully complete the application. Twenty-six states, that is 52% of the American states, let someone get a concealed carry permit without spending even one second at a gun range to make sure they can fire the damn thing safely, properly and correctly. But even those speed bumps are considered too fucking much for the gun lobby, which has aggressively lobbied to lift even the most minor and miniscule of permit requirements. Such a change opens up a new market for the gun industry: People who want to feel tough and walk around strapped, but can’t be bothered to learn to shoot the thing, learn about the thing or answer a few simple (and easy) questions first. (By the way, shame on Medium for giving the gun lobby a platform to spread their Goebbels-style lies and propaganda.)

To quote the best male country and western music singer of all time, the late Johnny Cash, “Don’t take your guns to town, son/ Leave your guns at home.”

Let’s keep South Carolina safe and as one of the 24 states with common sense. Sign this MoveOn.org petition and tell the out of touch elitists in Columbia to kill unconstitutional carry bills S. 449 and H. 3930 now!