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Month: April, 2013

Slutty behavior killing plants?

DAYTON, OH — So, the web page One More Soul had a photo (below, stolen from female feminist ally Jessica Wakeman) of two different flowers and how women’s contraception is, according to them, the root of all evil and that anything other than pure chasity will lead to sexual destruction – even things that are at least 1% fun!

I love dandelions.  When I graduated from Aiken-Barnwell Head Start in Salley in the spring of 1990, I started picking dandelions from the grounds at home in Williston, at my extended families’ homes in White Pond and Blackville and at Kelly Edwards Elementary when the school year was about to end.

Apparently, Ms. Wakeman also loves dandelions, which is yet another thing we have in common.

Female reporters belong in the men's locker rooms – and male reporters belong in the women's locker room

Recently, hockey reporter Don Cherry said something that literally made my skin crawl.

He said that female reporters should not be allowed in the men’s locker room.

To that, I say nonsense.

I am not gonna spend a whole lot of time on this, since I really want to get to why men must be allowed access to the women’s locker room.

It is 2013, not 1983

Since around the time I was born (in 1984), women have been allowed in the men’s locker room – famed female sports writer Christine Brennan even wrote a book about her experiences when she covered the Washington Redskins.

Since Mrs. Brennan, we’ve seen Hannah Storen, Rachel Nichols, and other women go into the men’s (and boys’) locker rooms to interview athletes with no problem.

So, why all the fuss now?

In a word, the men’s rights echo chamber has infiltrated a lot of our culture in North America.

Let me say this: women absolutely belong in the men’s locker room.  It’s been happening since 1984 here in the States and that is not going away.

And that brings me to why I am posting this.

Sexism against men is why male reporters are not allowed in women’s locker rooms in most of North America

Only fairly recently (in the late 2000s) have some media outlets allowed male reports to be in women’s locker rooms.  Most others, including most of the Canadian media, still have a ban on male journalists being in women’s locker rooms, which Mr. Cherry also (and rightfully) brought up in his sexist rant.

Banning male reporters from women’s (and girls’) locker rooms is also a major problem and endemic of the deep sexism – and hypocrisy from women oh by the way – that still permeates in our society.

Journalists are there to do their jobs, not to ogle over the asses and (in the case of women) titties of the athletes.  Some of the female journalists are being unprofessional when they go into men’s locker rooms, no doubt.  But, most do their jobs.

Yes, Amanda Cupido has a point that a majority of sports journalists are men.  But, that is no longer an excuse for barring male journalists from women’s locker rooms.

She also has a point in that media should not be in the shower stalls at all under any circumstances.  It is just common sense, which, unfortunately, is in very short supply these days.

So, why are male journalists not allowed for the most part to be in women’s locker rooms?

In short, sexism in our society is exactly why.

What’s good for the gander is good for the goose.

It is 2013 and it is past high time for the women athletes and our mainstream media to open up the women’s locker rooms to male journalists.

Just as female reporters absolutely belong in the men’s locker rooms, male reporters absolutely belong in the women’s locker rooms.

Anyone who opposes having either gender in the locker room of athletes of the opposite gender needs to grow the fuck up.  That includes Mr. Cherry and other men like him – as well as those who object to having male reporters in women’s locker rooms.

Price Wise Fire: More on the Investigation

Here is a quick summary of the Price Wise fire that happened yesterday in town.

  1. A fire fighter (department of employment not disclosed) was treated and released from the soon-to-be closed Barnwell County Hospital after he was slightly injured while battling the fire.
  2. Firefighters from Williston, Barnwell, Blackville, Windsor, Long Branch, Hilda, Elko and Snelling all took part in battling the blaze at 12889 MAIN ST.
  3. The fire is believed to have been caused by an electrical issue, which, if confirmed, would make it an accident.
  4. Price Wise was Williston’s original grocery store, then called Red & White and later called Piggly Wiggly before it took on the current name.  It was built while Williston still had railway tracks.
  5. IGA, located on 12984 MAIN ST, is now Williston’s only grocery store.
  6. The Dale Earnhardt Junior potato chips were sold at Price Wise.  Now, residents of the town must go to either Barnwell, Blackville, Neeses or Aiken to get those chips.
  7. Because it had a deli, Price Wise was subject to a bimonthly inspection by the state’s Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC).  In addition to food inspections, DHEC also conducts building code inspections on businesses that serve cooked food.  Price Wise was inspected less than ten days before the fire.
  8. Unfortunately, Price Wise was the only grocer that had a deli in Williston.  Both it and IGA had a bakery, although the bakery wasn’t identified in either store.
  9. Reid’s on DUNBARTON BLVD in Barnwell is now the nearest grocery store with a deli.
  10. There are no grocery stores with delis in Blackville.
  11. Price Wise was still under Piggly Wiggly’s ownership at the time of the fire.
  12. The nearest Piggly Wiggly-owned store is now in Denmark on HERITAGE HY.
  13. The heat from the fire may have damaged the nearby Street Name and Destination signs to the point that replacement of the Destination sign by the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) and complete removal of the Street Name sign by Barnwell County’s Public Works will likely be needed.
  14. The new Destination sign in front of the now-destroyed store may have to be replaced sooner than usual.
  15. Conspiracy theorists are already claiming that IGA employees or loyalists may have caused the fire, which I believe is absolutely false.
  16. This is the second major fire in Downtown Williston in less than 18 years.  On July 14, 1995; a major fire destroyed the First Citizens Bank just two blocks to the west.

Female-on-male domestic violence in Johnston: Abusive girlfriend murders former South Carolina State football player

Ashley Butler has been arrested and charged with murdering a former SC State defensive tackle.

JOHNSTON — A former South Carolina State football player is dead and his abusive girlfriend is in jail charged with killing him.

The shooting happened on late Friday morning, when Edgefield County Sheriff’s Department and Johnston Police Office detectives responded to the shooting on LANIER RD.  The 25-year-old man laid the gun down for a split second to cool off when Ashley Butler, 23, picked it up and waited for him to return to the room where the gun was located.  At that point Ms. Butler picked up the gun and waited on the man to return to the room. “As soon as he cleared the doorway she shot him,” Chief Aston said. The man was hit at least once close to his heart and fell and exited through the carport and collapsed. “She (Butler) said she fired once or twice, but we have three spent casings,” Aston said. The man was unarmed at the time of the shooting.

The man was taken to the hospital were he was pronounced dead within an hour.  His parents, and others, were in the waiting room when they received the news of his passing.  A preliminary autopsy was performed on him on Saturday in Newberry.

The gun was recovered and and showed that three bullets were empty.  Investigators were able to collect at least one of the bullets fired from the gun, possibly lodged in a door frame.  The bullet that struck the man is said to have entered the chest around the heart and exited through his back, though the official autopsy report is due on Monday and will have more details on this domestic violence slaying.

The man was shot at least twice, possibly thrice.

Ms. Butler was taken to the Johnston Police Office where she asked for a lawyer, an incident report stated. A couple hours later she was taken into custody and transported to the Edgefield County Jail for booking. Warrants will be cut on Monday.

Johnston Police Chief Aston said the evidence and Butler’s story are not adding up.  “I spoke with the State Solicitor’s Office and we agreed to file the charges,” Aston said.

Amos and Sons Funeral Home will be in charge of arrangements once the man’s body has been released.

This is the first murder in Johnston and Edgefield County in 2013.

The couple had two children, although they were never married.  Those children were said to have been turned over to family members and were in the home at the time of the shooting.  It is unknown if they witnessed the incident.

The man was a former defensive tackle for the South Carolina State Bulldogs from 2006-2009.

Price Wise is a total loss in fire (Video + Photo)

WILLISTON — A fire early this morning (about three hours before opening time) has completely destroyed one of the town’s two grocers.

Price Wise, on 12889 MAIN ST, was in flames early this morning and now, nothing is left of it except for the charred front of the store.

Investigators with the Williston Police Office say that 25 people are out of a job, and the timing of this massive fire could not have been worse.

The South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce (SCDEW) has been forced to shutter locations in smaller locations like Bamberg and Hampton due to state budget cuts and the national sequester.  The sequester, along with legislation in the conservative-dominated general assembly in Columbia, also could force the agency to deny unemployment benefits to the victims of this fire.

The Town of Williston says that they will rebuild the building, as it did have fire and flood insurance.

Via WJBF-DT NewsChannel 6.

UPDATE @ 9:31: Added info from the Williston PO.
UPDATE @ 12:51: Added info from the town.
UPDATE @ 21:31: Raw video of the fire, h/t to YouTube user bluedevildude1993 for this.

Man, 19, gang raped by four women over 30 in a Canadian Steubenville

TORONTO — The next Steubenville, Ohio is…in Canada’s largest city.

A 19 year old man was gang raped by four women in Toronto on Easter Sunday.  The four women have not been found as of yet.

The Huffington Post, hardly a feminist media outlet, has more.

Police say four women sexually assaulted a 19-year-old man after meeting him at a Toronto nightclub, the Toronto Globe and Mail reports.

On March 31, the suspects reportedly offered to drive the man home but instead took him to a parking lot where police say they attacked him, according to the news outlet. The women are described as being white, in their 30s, all about 5 feet 4 inches tall and about 200 pounds, according to several reports. They wore short black dresses with high heels.

Authorities did not reveal the specifics of the attack, and no arrests have been made. The victim did not come forward until April 5, the Toronto Sun reports.

Toronto Police Det.-Const. Shannon McParland praised the man for reporting the crime. Curtis St. John of the Male Survivor support network similarly told the Sun that the stigma of being attacked by females can shame a male victim into silence.

“Men grow up feeling they have to be in control of every situation,” he said.

Nicole Pietsch, coordinator of the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres, told the National Post that while the idea of a man being sexually preyed on by women is sometimes considered “lucky,” it “just feeds into the myth that sexual violence is something the victim wants.”

As the Post notes, men made up 8 percent of the adult sex assault claims reported to police across Canada, according to a 2003 report Canadian Centre for Justice.

According to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, 2.78 million American men “have been victims of sexual assault or rape.”

Emphasis mine in bold.

First and foremost, the only major US feminist that posted about this story was Jessica Wakeman of the Frisky (her post is contained in the “on Easter Sunday” phrase).  That should be extremely alarming to men who want to become feminists and NOT in a good way.  I am totally disgusted by the big American feminist media blackout that occurred on this story. I’ve searched near and far to find who reported on this from our side.  And sadly, Ms. Wakeman – who, like myself, got very little sleep on Sunday night – was the only correct answer to that question.

Second, do anyone remember the phrase “My short skirt is not an invitation to rape me!”?.  Same thing applies here.  Women’s short skirts do not give them the right to rape men.  Not under ANY circumstances.

Third, we all know how bad the victim-blaming and slut-shaming is in cases of male-on-female sexual assault – Steubenville, Torrington, Conn.; and (less infamously) Cleveland, Texas brought that out in the open.  When the man is a victim of sexual assault by a woman, the victim-blaming and slut-shaming (yes, men can be slut-shamed) are already twenty times WORSE.  When a man is a victim of a gang rape by women, the victim-blaming and slut-shaming increase ten-thousandfold.  (Gang rape is defined as a victim being raped by three or more people.)  What that means is that if a man or boy is gang raped and ALL of the rapists are women and girls, he is ten thousand times more likely to be blamed for his own gang rape than vice-versa.

While only 1 out of every 33 men are victims of sexual assault, 58% of all male victims of sexual assault were born on 1/1/1978 or later, 90% of all male victims of sexual assault are mandated to join the Selective Service System (born on 1/1/1960 or later), and approximately 55% of male victims are sexually assaulted by a woman – while 42% of the remaining male victims are raped in prison (particularly those owned by the privateering-advocate group ALEC) by other men.

The victim-blaming and disgusting rape jokes are completely off the charts in this case.  Here are some disgusting pro-rape tweets and comments from Huffington Post.
































That is just a small sample of the vile comments and tweets to this story.  The Policy Mic also has more.  Let’s hope that justice is served in this case.

UPDATE @ 13:00: I’ve decided to add “US” and “American” to the post as many Canadian feminists, including Slutwalk, are speaking out against this gang rape.  Hope this clarifies the post.

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