All three women in domestic violence gang assassination plead guilty – two get 30 year jail terms

ORANGEBURG — Remember the domestic violence gang assassination of Branchville’s Fire Chief that was the lead story of 2014?

Well, that has been resolved without a trial.

All three of the women pleaded guilty to murder and conspiracy charges, although the youngest of the murderesses, Carrie Brown, claimed that she chickened out at the last second.

As I mentioned on January 6 a comment to the link in the first paragraph, the two older women, Melody Oakley and Ann Anderson, were in a lesbian love affair, and a love triangle that involved Alan Oakley, the man they murdered.  Ms. Brown was not involved in any way other than as an acquaintance of the older women.

Fire Chief Oakley told his wife to end the lesbian affair after Ms. Anderson was hit with a criminal fraud charge, which is the same charge that Mrs. Oakley was found guilty of in her civil trial that led to an $800,000.00 fine to the now-defunct Williston Rescue Squad.

That is when the two older women created a sophisticated texting code made from computer programming was made by the trio of murderesses to off the fire chief.  It was activiated on December 28, 2013.

Ashley Cornwell said an autopsy concluded the fire chief died as a result of a single stab wound to the neck.  The trio conspired to take the man out of the bisexual/lesbian love triangle involving the Oakleys and Ms. Anderson.

Everyone agreed that Ms. Brown, 25, was not involved in the slaying.  But, Ed Dickerson, the judge, decided not to sentence her as he will consider her sentence on a future date.

Ms. Brown was the one who was bullied into the plan by the older women.  She decided to cooperate with SLED.

Ms. Cornwell said the night Alan Oakley was murdered, the texting code was sent that brought Ms. Anderson and Ms. Brown to the Oakleys’ house.  Ms. Brown was to stab Alan Oakley, but she backed out at the last minute, literally at Alan Oakley’s bedside.  Ms. Anderson, Melody’s lesbian lover through her open marriage, then took the knife, climbed into the bed where he was sleeping, straddled him for a moment and then stabbed him.

The fatal wound was the only wound of any kind found on his body.

“(Melody Oakley) said Alan then stood up with the knife in his neck,” Cornwell said.

Melody Oakley apologized to her former in-laws, saying they were correct in believing their son was a good man.

“I wish I could go back and change what happened, but I can’t,” she said in an emotional statement. “I can’t change any of it. Lord knows if I could, I would.”

However, Alan’s family did not buy the apologies of the black bisexual/lesbian widow.

Linda Rutland said her brother was a family man who loved his stepchildren and professional firefighter who was taken by three women who decided “to play God.”

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