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Month: July, 2015

The Naked Stalker and the Gymnophobic Frisky writer, Part II: Sarah Grey isn’t just a prude, she is a bigoted NERF


This is part 2 of 2 of the Stalker and the Gymnophobic Frisky writer.
Part I was a brief rant post against the naked stalker.  This is a rant post against Sarah Grey, the gymnophobic Frisky writer.

PHILADELPHIA – Earlier this month, a bigoted Frisky contributor named Sarah Grey whined about being ‘assaulted’ by a naked man.

No. Look here, privileged clothed assholes don’t get to say that nudity is assault.

In fact, no one who is of the privileged fully clothed class get to decide that.

First off, being naked in public is not assault, because it is non-sexual.  Therefore, since he did not want to do anything remotely sexual (such as kissing or touching), no consent is necessary when a person appears naked in public.  That’s why what Ms. Grey claimed was assault is actually not.  It is street harassment, however, since she had already warned him she wasn’t interested in speaking with him midway through the DNL-ed piece.

However, the previous piece was about him.  This is about the gymnophobic writer of that tripe.

As someone who is fully clothed, Ms. Grey is actually in a position of privilege, which means she must check her privilege when it comes to her entitlement.  What that means is that she doesn’t get to decide who should and shouldn’t be welcome in public.  Having the least amount of privilege on the hierarchy, and therefore, the most marginalized of all people, nudists and naturists are the ones who get to decide who should and should not be welcomed in public spaces.

Furthermore, nudity has nothing to do with sexual assault.  Nearly 100% of all sexual assaults are committed by a fully clothed person, gender notwithstanding.  So, Ms. Grey had no business placing sexual assault stats in the piece.

Furthermore, although he is criminal stalker who should be in jail, the man she complains about is 100% correct: children are not harmed by the sight of a naked adult in public.

They are learned that behavior from bigots like Ms. Grey.  So, outside of the fact that he is a stalker, Ms. Grey otherwise has no legitimate claims whatsoever as to why a naked man can not be near children.  Fact and the matter is that genitalia does not harm children, and that is even more true since breasts, which also doubles as a feeding body part, do not harm children.  (Every other civilized nation on Earth knows that public nudity does not even remotely harm children, it seems like the USA is the only one that seems to buy into the bigotry against nudity and nudists.)

And speaking of breasts: Imagine if there was a woman who stalked and harassed numerous men and stopped by and harassed children while she was breastfeeding.  Imagine if one of her victims had done what Ms. Grey did and wrote about her breastfeeding her child as an assault on his person.

You’d never hear the end of the outrage against the male assault victim by women.

That is why I’m calling out Ms. Grey and the Frisky.  Their bigotry against nudists helped create a more hostile United States of America, and one that is not just hostile towards nudists – but also a US that is hostile towards transgender people, LGB people, and abortion rights for women.

The right to be naked in public is a right rooted in reproductive justice, civil rights and health issue.  Naked men are not here on this Earth to entertain women.  And vice versa.

The reason why Americans die sooner than other people is because of the exact kind of prudish attitudes against nudity in public like the kind Ms. Grey and the Frisky espouses.

Gymnophobia is deadly, and it kills even worse than misogyny – which is very deadly in and of itself.  Ms. Grey can claim she’s not a prude, but the attitude in her post and on her social media profile (I automatically blocked her on Twitter for being a gymnophobic bigot) proves that she is a prude, just like the rest of the closed-minded stuck up prudish US population at-large, and it also proves that the Frisky has become a sanctuary for bigoted, gymnophobic extremist prudes – and The Frisky is just as bad as, if not worse than, Mike Pence’s Indiana.

That kind of attitude is also why I am one of the most vocal supporters of a total ban on-screen male nudity in Hollywood, because quite frankly, American women have not earned the right to see male actors naked on-screen, be it on Game of Thrones, Magic Mike XXL or elsewhere – in fact, I’ll probably write to the Hollywood filming lobby to impose such a ban.  If American women assault nudists in public with their raw bigotry, what makes you think these hypocrites should be allowed to see naked men on the silver screen?

While the naked man should have been arrested for stalking, Ms. Grey should have also checked her privilege and realize why people are naked in coffee shops and elsewhere.

Like Ms. Grey, the nudists have a right to be in public anywhere she or he has a right to be.

So, she has two options: she can either live with that and the fact that public nudity is a civil right, or she can go to a hyper-gymnophobic nation like Malaysia.

As for the Frisky, they have become a failure at intersectional feminism.
Intersectionality also means standing up for the rights of nudists and naturists and defending nudism from attacks like those launched by Ms. Grey.  The fact that they allowed Ms. Grey to attack nudists officially makes The Frisky an anti-feminist site and a safe haven for bigoted NERFs.  I like my feminism to be completely intersectional.  If one can’t handle my defense of public nudity, they can go flounce.

The Naked Stalker and the Gymnophobic Frisky Writer, Part I: the naked man must turn himself in on stalking charges

This is part 1 of 2 of the Stalker and the Gymnophobic Frisky writer.  This is a brief rant post against the naked stalker.  Part II will be a rant post against Sarah Grey, the gymnophobic Frisky writer.

PHILADELPHIA – Dear naked male stalker,

Why are you messing with people who are not interested in you promoting the Naked Bike Ride?

You are no different than the Christians who bother people with their leaflet handouts.

Furthermore, why did you not turn yourself in after you were accused of stalking several women in the Philly metro area, including one who clearly mentioned midway through a piece on the Frisky that she was not interested in talking to you?

Yes, being naked in public is an inviolable right, however, stalking is assault, and that’s a crime.

You committed a crime.

Turn yourself in on stalking charges.

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