The Naked Stalker and the Gymnophobic Frisky Writer, Part I: the naked man must turn himself in on stalking charges

by jovan1984

This is part 1 of 2 of the Stalker and the Gymnophobic Frisky writer.  This is a brief rant post against the naked stalker.  Part II will be a rant post against Sarah Grey, the gymnophobic Frisky writer.

PHILADELPHIA – Dear naked male stalker,

Why are you messing with people who are not interested in you promoting the Naked Bike Ride?

You are no different than the Christians who bother people with their leaflet handouts.

Furthermore, why did you not turn yourself in after you were accused of stalking several women in the Philly metro area, including one who clearly mentioned midway through a piece on the Frisky that she was not interested in talking to you?

Yes, being naked in public is an inviolable right, however, stalking is assault, and that’s a crime.

You committed a crime.

Turn yourself in on stalking charges.