Columbia County man busted for molesting girl

by jovan1984

Columbia County man arrested for molestation

EVANS, GA — A 53-year-old man is in jail after molesting a girl.

According to the jail log, the victim told her mother that the man touched her private area when she visited his home during the autumn of 2012.

Juan Jackson, 53, was arrested and charged with child molestation. [WRDW News 12]

Man arrested for indecent exposure after woman reports license plate

AUGUSTA, GA — A serial street harassing flasher is off the streets finally.

Augusta-Richmond County Sheriff’s Department arrested Chad Stefani, 24, of Appling, and charged him with indecent exposure. Columbia County and Edgefield County Sheriff’s deputies have all cut warrants for Mr. Stefani.

Aiken County may also cut a warrant for him if it is determined that the attempted public masturbation happened in their jurisdiction.

The Columbia County warrant was cut after Jessica said that she was harassed and flashed by him. The Edgefield County warrant was cut after the Edgefield Advertiser said that a blue pickup truck matching the description of one Jessica saw was at the scene of him jacking off to a woman on April 5.

“I was disgusted. And he’s got, you know, his genitalia completely out and exposed. And he is raised up in his seat to where there, you know, it’s obvious what he is doing, and you know, you can see everything that is going on,” said Jessica.

She and other women said that he asked them for their opinions on “how his penis looks”. They also reported that he masturbated and stroked himself around them too, and there are reports that he may have stroked himself to underage girls in East Central Georgia. [WJBF-DT News Channel 6]
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[Edgefield Advertiser]

Sears, publisher now drops Paula Deen

SAVANNAH — Racism doesn’t pay.

Sears on Friday became the latest of a very large number of businesses to sever ties with Paula Deen, despite the fact she mentioned her minority friends briefly.

The Hoffman Estates, Ill.-based company said Friday that it made the decision to phase out all products tied to the brand after “careful consideration of all available information.”

Also, her publisher removed the best-selling book 3.5 months before it was to be released.

Ballantine Books canceled the publication of Paula Deen’s New Testamant, due out in October. They are latest in a sponsor avalanche for the celebrity chef after she admitted in a deposition to using a racial slur.

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Sign named for African-American in Columbia

Sarah Mae Flemming sign
COLUMBIA — In 1951, a Columbia-area African-American woman made history as she boarded a bus.

Sadly, however, she was told immediately to move to the back.

Three years later, she was again told to get to the back of the bus. She was then dropped off at the intersections of Main St and Washington St.

The NAACP then filed a successful lawsuit on her behalf. The ruling effectively ended bus segregation.

“My grandmother was definitely a wonderful woman,” said Asia Hall, the granddaughter of Sarah Flemming. “The impiety of what a virtuous woman is.”

It’s beyond [what] words can express. I’m just so grateful that god is allowing my family to witness this day.”

I think her being a woman and an African-American woman and making this impact on history has definitely aspired family members, but people beyond South Carolina to believe in what’s right and fight for justice.”

Cheers erupted after the sign, which made the new national minimum standard of 4 inches uppercase and a combination of lowercase letters and initial uppercase letters, was revealed at the corner of where she was kicked out in 1954. [WLTX-HD News 19]