Right wing radicals from coast to coast commit domestic terrorism at LGBTQIA club in Colorado

by jovan1984

Colorado Springs, Colo. — American conservatives did it again.

On Saturday night, minutes before the Transgender Day of Remembrance and the start of the Transgender Week of Remembrance, a 22-year-old ultraconservative man fueled by bigotry and hatred brought a legally purchased gun into an LGBTQIA club in the El Paso County seat.

The results looked similar to that of AME Emanuel Church in Charleston – which is 100 miles away from us at Aiken Area Progressive – on June 17, 2015.

Death and bullet holes.

Five kind spirited LGBTQIA people dead due to stochastic terrorists like Andy Ngo, Chaya Raichik, Ron DeSantis, Henry McMaster, Brian Kemp, Glenn Youngkin, Asa Hutchinson and Greg Abbott.

All of them, as well as many others on the right, are accessories to the attack. Everything that led up to the terrorist attack at Club Q on Saturday night started in August 2021.

That was when conservatives in Loudoun County, Va. were angry over a state court ruling requiring faculty and staff of public schools to show basic respect and common decency to transgender pupils.

That was when parents started issuing terroristic threats to staff at public schools in numerous states, including infamously in central Tennessee just weeks later in September 2021.

Then, the conservatives constantly lied in the media about why the parents were suddenly showing up to school meetings. Most of them had no incentive to be at these meetings that they did not go to prior to March 2020.

Most of these people that were showing up at these meetings were not concerned parents. They were – and still are – astroturfing agitators, itching for a violent confrontation, egged on by the fascist thugs running the Moms For Liberty organization.

In short, they wanted blood and they got it on Saturday night.

America does not have a mental health crisis. In fact, America does not have a mental health problem.

What America actually has is a gun problem, which was started exactly 59 years ago when President John F. Kennedy was slain.

What America actually has is a homophobia problem, which has been the constant issue since June 1969.

What America actually has is a transphobia problem, which has turned more deadly and more violent with each passing year.

Confront the gun lobby and their violent cronies in government. Demand Moms For Liberty and all of their allies answer for the terrorist attack at Club Q that was started by them.

The time for thoughts and prayers ended on December 14, 2012. Relentlessly shame anyone offering thoughts and prayers after a mass shooting. Mass shootings are 100% man-made and 100% preventable with gun control laws.

Call out the right wing regimes in your state’s government.

And most importantly, keep the Club Q story in the news and make it clear that the right wing are directly responsible for what Anderson Aldrich, 22, did.