Who’s really afraid, Herschel?

by jovan1984


Wrightsville, Ga. — Earlier this week, Herschel Walker brought on a swimmer whose 15 minutes of fame ended long ago.

In the ad, both Walker and the swimmer falsely explains how Senator Reverend Warnock is afraid of banning transgender people from sports, which actually violates Title IX and the Educational Equity Act.

What Mr. Walker doesn’t want people to know is what he’s afraid of.

And trust me, there is a lot that Mr. Walker is afraid of.

For one, he is afraid of white supremacists. That’s why he attacks Democrats for the record-low patriotism of youth in America today, something the Democrats had absolutely nothing to do with.

In short, the radical, out of control conservative judicial activists on the US Supreme Court are the reasons why patriotism is at an all-time low. Every poll conducted since the summer is the evidence. The first poll came on the Canada Day weekend leading up to July 4, and it shows why very few people are proud to be an American, numbers that have only further declined since.

He is also afraid of the misogynists like Brian Kemp. That is why he refuses to explain the forced abortions he inflicted on several women in his past.

He is also afraid of the violent, astroturfing thugs at Moms For Liberty. Which is why he not only refused to condemn the homophobic and transphobic massacre at Club Q on November 19, he actually hosted a vile event earlier this week that further assaulted transgender people.

While Warnock is afraid of violating people’s civil rights, Walker is afraid of offending those violating people’s rights. That is a huge difference.

That is why Georgia must reject the 1982 Heisman Trophy winner.

That is why Georgia must use their noodle for once and elect Senator Warnock to his first full term on December 6.

The last thing America needs is another out-of-touch conservative doing to our country what they did to Georgia.