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Instead of pandemic relief, S.C. Senate set to debate six week abortion ban with no exceptions

Columbia — Instead of pushing plans to get South Carolina COVID-19 pandemic relief, the South Carolina Senate is laser focused on taking away pregnant people’s rights.

The six week abortion ban moved out of the Senate subcommittee on Thursday. Nearly everyone who testified on S. 1 opposed the bill.

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Justice Breyer and Chief Justice Roberts save freedom and liberty in striking down Louisiana’s anti-choice law

Washington, DC — The United States Supreme Court struck down the anti-choice law that would have denied pregnant people in 15 states (including Georgia and South Carolina) of their rights by shut down abortion clinics.

The ruling on June Medical Services vs. Russo was 5-4 and was authored by Associate Justice Stephen Breyer.

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Aiken Republican Senator: “we don’t have the votes” to pass total ban on abortion

Columbia — Here is some good news on the home front: it appears that all the shenanigans the Republicans pulled in committees last autumn will be for naught.

WLTX News 19 is reporting that Aiken Senator Shane Massey (who is also the chamber’s majority leader) said that it is unlikely that H. 3020 will make it through the Senate. Read the rest of this entry »

All Republicans (including the local delegation, but except Murkowski) and two DINOs sign brief calling on Supreme Court to overturn Roe vs. Wade

Washington, DC — Almost all of the Republicans in the House and Senate and two House Democrats signed a brief today calling on the US Supreme Court to take away basic civil rights to bodily autonomy.

The brief has 207 known members of the House and Senate, but is likely to include 15 of the 16 Senate Republicans who have not signed it. With the exception of Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), all of the Republicans are expected sign on to the brief.

These are the men and women who do not have one iota of respect for a pregnant person’s rights. Most of the signees are up for re-election on November 3. Remove them from power before they destroy America.

Feel free to rage at the brief.

Senator Mia McLeod wants the state to (rightfully) reimburse pregnant people for being forced (or coerced) to give birth

Columbia — A bill that’s been prefiled for the 2020 state legislative session aims to force anti-choice politicians walk the walk instead of just talking the talk.

S. 928, prefiled by state Senator Mia McLeod, would reimburse pregnant people who were forced or coerced into giving birth. Read the rest of this entry »

The South Carolina Senate is trying to push through an unconstitutional total ban on abortion with unprecedented out-of-session move

Columbia — If the GOP is in charge, chances are there’s always something sneaky going on.

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South Carolina House introduces bill to ban Medicaid patients from receiving health care

Columbia — The South Carolina House of Representatives have introduced another bill that would essentially ban Medicaid patients from receiving any kind of health care.

The bill is known as H. 4491, and it defunds the only health care provider in the state that accepts Medicaid patients, Planned Parenthood. If H. 4491 is passed into law, there will be absolutely no alternatives for Medicaid patients in South Carolina for health care.

Vicki Ringer, the director of Planned Parenthood South Atlantic South Carolina, writes:

Attention : major announcement for tomorrow morning March 7 th :
Friends, the House Judiciary Subcommittee is holding a hearing tomorrow morning at 9 am in Room 516 of the Blatt Building on the State House grounds (it’s between the Gressette Building and Pendleton Street). The bill is H. 4491 which prevents patients on Medicaid from coming to abortion clinics for pap smears, breast exams, birth control, STD testing and treatment, cancer screenings and other health care. This is the “defund Planned Parenthood” bill.

It has absolutely no impact on the number of abortions performed because state and federal law already prohibit funding for abortion. And though the bill says it affects abortion clinics, Planned Parenthood is the only one affected because we’re the only one which accepts Medicaid.

We really need people who will testify so we can fill the agenda and perhaps slow down a vote or prevent a vote tomorrow.

You don’t need any facts or statistics. Just talk about how politicians are interfering with women’s health care choices, taking away women’s option to go to an already trusted health care provider, making it more difficult for low income women to seek care, hurting women over and over again. It’s getting really tiring having to constantly defend our basic rights to care. Legislators have decided that they haven’t punished us enough this year.

Please come tomorrow and show your support AGAIN for our reproductive rights in SC.

Please forward this to all your networks and contacts. Share on social media. Post on Facebook. Let’s fill the room again!

Thank you so much!


With the state being much worse off now than it was in 1986, waging a War on South Carolina Women is what this crooked conservative state does best.

November 6, where are you?

h/t Elaine Cooper

WAR ON WOMEN: S.C. Senate passes unconstitutional ban on abortion

COLUMBIA — It’s no longer a secret that conservatives just plain abhor the US Constitution.

And it’s no different in S.C.

On Tuesday, Lee Bright and his femicidial cronies in the Senate delivered the ultimate insult to pregnant people by passing a bill banning abortion after 133 days in one of the many backroom deals made in exchange for support on a highway bill.

Senator Brad Hutto (D-Orangeburg) was among those to vote against the unconstitutional bill.

“This conflict is still hanging around and hasn’t been resolved,” said Elizabeth Nash, of the Guttmacher Institute, an abortion rights group.

Now, the bill goes to the South Carolina House, who has never supported the Constitution.

Nikki Haley, an avowed enemy of the Constitution, is expected to sign the measure in to law if it lands on her desk.

The Conservatives’ War on Women comes to college campuses: bill would ban abortions from being performed at university hospitals

New bill is first since unconstitutional motorcycle-vagina law passed in 2013

Today's News Briefs

RALEIGH — The near 50-month-old War on Women launched by conservatives is coming to collegiate campuses.

The Daily Tar Heel, the University of North Carolina’s student newspaper, reports that the misogynistic conservatives in Raleigh are trying to pass a bill that would ban UNC, East Carolina and all other universities in the state – public and private – from performing abortions in their medical facilities.

House Bill 465, filed Wednesday, would prevent employees at the state’s two public medical schools — UNC and East Carolina University’s Brody School of Medicine — from performing or supervising abortion procedures.

Jennifer James, spokeswoman for UNC Health Care, said the system and the school are reviewing the bill and its potential effects.

All national accrediting bodies for medical schools requires OB/GYN residents to be educated in performing abortion procedures, Ms. James said in an email.

Should the nosy state legislature refuses to get out of the medical schools’ business about abortion, it would mean an automatic loss of accreditation and the school cannot regain its accreditation as long as such a ban on abortion, such as what HB 465 would do, remains in effect.  All medical schools in Kansas permanently lost their accreditation in 2012 due to the state legislature sticking its nose where it did not belong: in the abortion issue.

“They further state that experience with management of complications of abortion must be provided to all residents,” she said.

She said UNC doesn’t currently use any state money to perform abortions, a practice that has already been prohibited by the federal Hyde Amendment ever since September 30, 1976.

On top of that, there is already a severe shortage of doctors nationwide and in North Carolina, Corey Frost, a UNC law student who’s part of UNC Feminist Students United, said — in part because doctors in the field often are targeted for frivolous malpractice claims, receive terroristic threats and deal with verbal and violent attacks from anti-abortion terrorists like those at Operation Save America, groups of terrorists who are being protected by a terrorist sympathizing-majority in the North Carolina State government and in anti-abortion organizations.

“The incentives are not there for students to learn how to perform abortions anyway, and this (bill) would just make it worse,” he said.

Cara Schumann, co-chairwoman of UNC’s Students United for Reproductive Justice (UNCSURJ), said she’s concerned that restricting abortion education would lead to fewer doctors and fewer options for women who need the procedure.  There is only one women’s health clinic in the entire state at present – it’s in Asheville.

UNC’s OB/GYN residency is the top-ranked program in the South, Ms. James added. If the bill became law, she said it could have a very negative impact on their recruitment of residents.

Other provisions in the bill would triple an already unconstitutionally burdensome waiting period before women could receive an abortion from 24 hours to 72 hours and prevent doctors who aren’t licensed gynecologists or obstetricians from performing abortions.

The bill also requires doctors who perform abortions between 16 and 20 weeks of pregnancy to provide a detailed report to the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services, including an ultrasound, the “probable gestational age” and measurements of the fetus.

This is the first anti-choice bill the General Assembly has considered since Pat McCrory blatantly broke his promise in 2013 to not restrict women’s rights in any way by signing the motorcycle-vagina law, or SB 353.

“From the moment we got a Republican majority and Pat McCrory became governor, again and again and again they have chipped away at abortion coverage,” said Ms. Schumann. “It’s pretty heavy-handed control of our university system.”

Daily Tar Heel

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Nudity in public (and breastfeeding) is not just a civil rights issue – it’s also a reproductive rights’ issue

If reproductive rights activists really want equal rights, the civil rights of nudists like George Davis and breastfeeding mothers must also be on their reproductive justice agenda. Even in 2015, nudists are being denied their civil rights (similar to sex workers) in some jurisdictions, while breastfeeding mothers are being harassed by citizens in others.

In recent years, sex workers, transgender people and African-Americans successfully convinced reproductive rights activists that their right to live without fear or harassment from cops is an issue they need to work on.

However, reproductive rights activists still have two lingering groups of people that they really need to be paying attention to: nudists/naturists and breastfeeding mothers.

Like the three groups mentioned in the opening paragraph, nudists are also harassed and arrested for doing nothing wrong.  Like sex workers, nudists are also denied of their civil rights.  And, like all three groups mentioned in the first paragraph, both nudists and breastfeeding mothers alike are harassed by ignorant citizens daily just for exercising their legal rights in public.

Below the fold, we will post more about these two groups of people.  We’ll begin alphabetically, with breastfeeding mothers and why their rights are a reproductive justice issue.
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Watch: Cleveland-area crisis pregnancy center caught lying to women

CLEVELAND, OH — While most of us were focused like a laser on the now-defeated Senate Bill 5, there was something else that went down on Tuesday afternoon about 1,200 miles to the northeast of Texas.

A 19 year old woman named “Kate” took film at a crisis pregnancy center. The film was then posted to the web by the Crisis Project, an organization that exposes the dirty little secrets and lies about crisis pregnancy centers.

While devastating, the results of this sting was not surprising at all to those — like NARAL — who scrutinized crisis pregnancy centers nationwide (like the ones in Aiken; Allendale and Augusta, Ga.) for many years now.

As I posted on Tuesday evening to The Frisky’s Lady News, I’m posting these videos to the blog so that everyone around the world can see the crisis pregnancy centers at their absolute very best: lying to pregnant women at a time in which they are the most vulnerable.

The lies that crisis pregnancy centers tell are not minor, folks.


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