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Jackson teenage boys commit child rape (trigger warning) (Update)

Jackson — Two 17-year-old boys committed child rape over the a weekend last month.

The Aiken County Sheriff’s Office said that they arrested one teen for criminal sexual conduct and another teen is also wanted for the similar offenses, according to the Jail Report.

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WWE quickly fires championship wrestler after he rapes Philomena Sheahan

Stamford, Conn. — The World Wrestling Entertainment not only vacated the Cruiserweight Championship, but the wrestling body fired its most recent champion less than 36 hours after Philomena Sheahan tweeted about being raped by him.

In an interview with TMZ, Ms. Sheahan dished about being raped on October 19, 2017 by Enzo Amore.

She said to Mr. Amore, “I want to get to know you first.” Mr. Amore was already sexually harassing her when she said that to him.

Then, it got worse. Mr. Amore went from mild harassment straight to rape.

“I said ‘no’ countless times,” Ms. Sheahan told TMZ. “I just kept saying ‘No.'”

Ms. Sheahan noted she was literally in tears as she begged him to stop in numerous portions of the Phoenix, Ariz. hotel room, but he slung her on a bed instead — and she hit her head so hard, she was kayoed.

Mr. Amore continued to restrain Ms. Sheahan and pushed forward with the sexual assault.

Due to this, the Phoenix Police Office opened a criminal investigation and Mr. Amore was suspended hours before Raw celebrated their silver anniversary and then axed earlier this afternoon.

The company has zero tolerance for doping or criminal actions such as sexual violence.

Augusta girl, 17, launches app designed to combat sexual violence

Augusta, Ga. – An Augusta-Richmond County teen girl has launched an app that is actually very important.

Anika Kablan, 17, of Augusta, Ga., officially launched an app called Recoup Incorporated this week. The app, which is designed to combat sexual violence, is available on the IPad.

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North Carolina student-athlete booked on charges of raping Delaney Robinson

Chapel Hill — A student-athlete at the University of North Carolina faces possible expulsion from the college after being booked on rape charges.

Allen Artis, 21, turned himself in, was arraigned on rape charges Wednesday and subsequently released on a $5,000 bond, the Orange County (N.C.) Sheriff’s Department and District Attorney’s Office told media.

Mr. Artis, a junior linebacker for the Tar Heels football team, has been suspended indefinitely from both the team and school shortly after fellow student Delaney Robinson, 19, asked the Orange County Sheriff’s Department to issue an arrest warrant.

Ms. Robinson said she “did everything a rape victim is supposed to do” by contacting police, the school and getting a rape kit procedure done — but became frustrated when the university’s investigation appeared to stall.

Her lawyer, Denise Branch, said those warrants were the “result of the Orange County District Attorney’s refusal to prosecute the case despite sufficient physical evidence.”

At Tuesday’s presser, photos were released showing Ms. Robinson with apparent bruising on her neck after going to a nearby hospital. An exam revealed “blunt force trauma to my client’s genital area,” noted Ms. Branch.

Ms. Robinson said she felt as if she were being treated as the suspect in the case. The university’s department of public safety closed its investigation in June, after the spring semester.

Ms. Branch added that the university failed miserably on numerous accounts: The school’s Title IX office, which oversees the law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in federally funded education programs and activities, violated its own rules by not making a decision in Ms. Robinson’s case within the 90 day period and by trying to obtain her blood-alcohol content.

“The university failed either by being uninformed or by completely disregarding the new Title IX guidelines that they so publicly pronounced being put in place,” said Ms. Branch.

There’s no word on whether Ms. Robinson will file a Title IX lawsuit against North Carolina.

On Friday, September 2, Brock Turner was released from a Santa Clara County jail after serving less than half of a six month jail term for rape. The Stanford rapist’s sentence sparked a new bill calling for mandatory minimums for people convicted of rape. We at Aiken Area Progressive have not taken a position on this bill.

Aiken Area Progressive usually does not identify crime victims, but Ms. Robinson wanted the media to honor her request to reveal her identity.

Get ready to be enraged: York nudist Jeannie Jonas will have spent more time in jail than rapist Brock Turner when he is released on September 2

SACRAMENTO — Rapist Brock Turner will be released from jail on Friday.

Mr. Turner, for those unfamiliar with Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and Instagram, was sentenced to jail on June 2 after a March 25 conviction on three rape charges after he raped an unconscious woman in an alley at Stanford University.

Mr. Turner will be released after spending just 89 days in jail. His sentence began on Monday, June 5.

That is less than half of the 183-day jail term Mr. Turner was handed by rape enabling judge Aaron Persky, 54, who is facing a recall election on November 8 over his sentencing in this case.

By comparison, York nudist Jeannie Jonas, now 57, convicted of Mickey Mouse “indecent exposure” charges after an ultraconservative Muslim male neighbor was “offended” by her cutting her grass while legally topless, spent 90 days in jail from January to April 2015.

The extremely light sentence ignited a new bill, now on the desk of Governor Jerry Brown (D), that would prohibit judges or prosecutors from seeking jail sentences of less than three years in cases of rape or sexual assault. That bill also eliminates probation as an option in such cases. Aiken Area Progressive has not taken a position on this bill.

Gov. Brown has vowed to anti-rape advocates that he will sign the bill.

Look at these two cases and prepare to be outraged.

Georgia-Lina sex worker the latest to be raped by James Deen


ATLANTA, Ga. — A sex worker with ties to the Augusta-Aiken area is the latest of about ten women to come forward about being raped by disgraced sex columnist James Deen.

Kora Peters, who sometimes do sex work in Augusta, Ga.; Evans, Ga.; Statesboro; Columbia; Charleston; Spartanburg; Greensboro; New Bern; and Wilmington just to name a few locales, tweeted about how Mr. Deen coerced her to do an anal scene once. Ms. Peters, who goes by the name Mistress Kora, was then deluged with slanderous attacks and death threats from Deen’s colony of apologists.

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