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Jackson teenage boys commit child rape (trigger warning) (Update)

Jackson — Two 17-year-old boys committed child rape over the a weekend last month.

The Aiken County Sheriff’s Office said that they arrested one teen for criminal sexual conduct and another teen is also wanted for the similar offenses, according to the Jail Report.

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WWE quickly fires championship wrestler after he rapes Philomena Sheahan

Stamford, Conn. — The World Wrestling Entertainment not only vacated the Cruiserweight Championship, but the wrestling body fired its most recent champion less than 36 hours after Philomena Sheahan tweeted about being raped by him.

In an interview with TMZ, Ms. Sheahan dished about being raped on October 19, 2017 by Enzo Amore.

She said to Mr. Amore, “I want to get to know you first.” Mr. Amore was already sexually harassing her when she said that to him.

Then, it got worse. Mr. Amore went from mild harassment straight to rape.

“I said ‘no’ countless times,” Ms. Sheahan told TMZ. “I just kept saying ‘No.'”

Ms. Sheahan noted she was literally in tears as she begged him to stop in numerous portions of the Phoenix, Ariz. hotel room, but he slung her on a bed instead — and she hit her head so hard, she was kayoed.

Mr. Amore continued to restrain Ms. Sheahan and pushed forward with the sexual assault.

Due to this, the Phoenix Police Office opened a criminal investigation and Mr. Amore was suspended hours before Raw celebrated their silver anniversary and then axed earlier this afternoon.

The company has zero tolerance for doping or criminal actions such as sexual violence.

Get ready to be enraged: York nudist Jeannie Jonas will have spent more time in jail than rapist Brock Turner when he is released on September 2

SACRAMENTO — Rapist Brock Turner will be released from jail on Friday.

Mr. Turner, for those unfamiliar with Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and Instagram, was sentenced to jail on June 2 after a March 25 conviction on three rape charges after he raped an unconscious woman in an alley at Stanford University.

Mr. Turner will be released after spending just 89 days in jail. His sentence began on Monday, June 5.

That is less than half of the 183-day jail term Mr. Turner was handed by rape enabling judge Aaron Persky, 54, who is facing a recall election on November 8 over his sentencing in this case.

By comparison, York nudist Jeannie Jonas, now 57, convicted of Mickey Mouse “indecent exposure” charges after an ultraconservative Muslim male neighbor was “offended” by her cutting her grass while legally topless, spent 90 days in jail from January to April 2015.

The extremely light sentence ignited a new bill, now on the desk of Governor Jerry Brown (D), that would prohibit judges or prosecutors from seeking jail sentences of less than three years in cases of rape or sexual assault. That bill also eliminates probation as an option in such cases. Aiken Area Progressive has not taken a position on this bill.

Gov. Brown has vowed to anti-rape advocates that he will sign the bill.

Look at these two cases and prepare to be outraged.

Tufts U convicted of violating Title IX

Boston — Tufts University has become the first college in 19 years to be convicted of violating Title IX.

These allegations stemmed from the university’s failure to report sexual assault on campus.

An alumni of the school, Watague Wanjuki, burned her shirt in disgust. She recorded it on Facebook Live.

“We want to educate the world about the power of apology and just how deep institutional betrayal hurts us,” said Ms. Wanjuki, who filed a Title IX complaint against Tufts in 2010, to Rewire. “It will also show the true motivations of schools—do they care that survivors are carrying the weight of the harm they caused? Or were we just a number to them, despite what they claim in brochures attracting new students, wooing parents, and soliciting donations? No matter the outcome of the campaign, the true colors of schools will be revealed.”

Rewire reports that the complaint stemmed from Tufts using a sudden decline in Ms. Wanjuki’s GPA due to the stress, depression and trauma she experienced following her rape to boot her from the university rather than support her after she reported her rapist.

“Schools have so much power over the course of our lives. When they refuse to support the most vulnerable in our society, they are not being the beacons of knowledge and nurturing that they claim to be. They are merely reinforcing the harms and inequalities that plague our communities,” said Ms. Wanjuki to Rewire.


Tufts is the third school to be convicted of violating Title IX, the first school since 1997 to be convicted, the first school outside of the South to be convicted and the first school to ever be convicted due to the failure to take campus rape seriously.

The last school to be found guilty of violating Title IX prior to Tufts was the Virginia Military Institute in June 1997. The Mississippi University of Women was the first college to be found guilty of violating Title IX in 1982.


Former principal arrested for private indecent exposure, sexual assault (UPDATED)


Remember the story about the former Williston Elko High principal?

He was arrested this morning by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED).

According to the People Sentinel, Joel Mitchell is accused of private indecent exposure (covered under SC Section 16-15-130), and sexual assault.

Mitchell allegedly exposed himself in a state of nudity in a private area on school grounds and non-consensually touching the private parts of a subordinate woman. It is not known if the victim is/was a teacher or a pupil.

The incident took place before the Christmas holiday break in 2015.

Bond was set at ten thousand dollars.

Update at 21:03 on July 18, 2017: Mr. Mitchell has formally been indicted on a charge of rape in relation to the incident. Via the Aiken Standard.

Five Upstate pupils – four of them girls – arrested for rape and child porn


Greer — Five pupils from Upstate middle schools have been arrested for numerous sex offenses involving an aggravated rape.

Four of the arrested pupils are girls, and they are slated to graduate from Riverside Middle School in Greenville in less than a week and a half.

The fifth pupil, a boy, is slated to graduate from Ralph Chandler Middle in Greer in the same time frame.

Greer Police Office deputies said that Wednesday’s arrests are in relation to a kiddie pornography investigation that has been ongoing for quite sometime. The Greer Police Office is the lead investigating agency in this case.

The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office and the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Department are also assisting the Greer Police Office.

All three law enforcement agencies say an intoxicated girl, a Riverside High School pupil, was raped at a home in Simpsonville over the weekend.

The incident was streamed over Apple’s FaceTime app with one of the four girls behind the camera and that was recorded.

The girls had the video on their phones.

Police say the video was spread through IMessage and standard smartphone texts.

The Greenville County Schools Board suspended all five pupils indefinitely immediately after the arrests and all of them are recommended for expulsion from their respective schools.

Police say that ten IPhones and Android phones were confiscated for forensic tests.

They’ve also taken statements from at five dozen pupils at Riverside MS, where the majority of the arrestees attended.

The quintet are all charged with distribution of child pornography. The boy is also charged with second-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor.

More charges against the five are likely.

Here’s a statement from Greenville County Schools:

Four students from Riverside Middle School have been charged by Greer Police Office with Possession of Child Pornography. The four students have been suspended and will be recommended for expulsion.

According to the Greer Police report, an alleged sexual assault occurred on Saturday, May 14th at a private residence in Greenville County. A FaceTime call was made from the residence by several students. The student who received the call recorded it and later sent the video to others.

On Monday May 16th, some students at Riverside Middle began showing the video to other students. One student saw the video and reported it to a school official.

The parents of any students who we are aware were directly exposed to the images or video have been contacted, and those students have received counseling and support from our school counselors and staff. Support services will continue to be available to any students who indicate they have a need.

This is a difficult and complex issue for our school community to process. We encourage parents to discuss with their children the importance of internet safety.

The names of the arrestees, all of whom are fourteen years old, have not been released at this time.

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Your Silence Is Deafening: An Open Letter To the Target Boycotters

Where were your angry voices when a Presidential candidate suggested that women who don’t want to be raped shouldn’t go to parties?

Where were you when yet another woman was killed by her abusive husband? When a mother was beaten repeatedly. When the “system” that is supposed to protect her allows her violent husband to keep his gun, which he then uses to kill her and her children? Where has your concern been for the 3 women murdered every day by their intimate partner?

Where were your petitions? Where was your concern? WHY AREN’T YOU SHOUTING ABOUT THESE THINGS???

When a state legislator in Tennessee is ordered by the TN Attorney General to stay away from women at work because he is a danger to them?

When a court rules that oral sex is not rape if the victim is unconscious from drinking?

When actual real life Congressmen claimed that rape victims can’t get pregnant because their body “will shut that down.”

Where were you when a child was killed after walking home from buying Skittles? When his murderer was acquitted and went on to make assault two different girlfriends and threaten them with his gun. That he’s still allowed to own.

Where were you when these children were killed? Because I didn’t hear any of you then. I didn’t hear a whole lot of yelling and hand wringing for these children who were mowed down by white male outrage and misguided fear.

Read more: Your Silence Is Deafening: An Open Letter To the Target Boycotters

Hampton County man impregnates ten year old girl during rape


Estill — A 33-year-old man was arrested after the Hampton County Sheriff’s Department said he impregnated a ten year old girl during a rape.

The incident happened around Thanksgiving 2015, which means the victim is five months pregnant. Due to the newly enacted law, she can no longer get an abortion, meaning she’s being raped all over again by the politicians in Columbia.

Tony Orlando Singleton, 33, was arrested on April 18 by the Estill Police Office and the HCSD.

More arrests are possible, according to WSAV-DT.


Daniel Holtzclaw receives the birthday presents he deserved – convicted in rapes of 13 African-American women

OKLAHOMA CITY — A former deputy for the Oklahoma City Police Office (OKCPO) got the birthday presents he deserved on Thursday night.

Daniel Holtzclaw, who turned 29 on Thursday, was convicted on 50% of the thirty-six charges against him, many of them felonies. He was acquitted of indecent exposure, however.

On January 11, 2016, Mr. Holtzclaw faces 263 years in jail for raping a baker’s dozen African-American women.

Outside the courtroom post-conviction, the victims’ families sang “Happy Birthday” to Mr. Holtzclaw.

Georgia-Lina sex worker the latest to be raped by James Deen


ATLANTA, Ga. — A sex worker with ties to the Augusta-Aiken area is the latest of about ten women to come forward about being raped by disgraced sex columnist James Deen.

Kora Peters, who sometimes do sex work in Augusta, Ga.; Evans, Ga.; Statesboro; Columbia; Charleston; Spartanburg; Greensboro; New Bern; and Wilmington just to name a few locales, tweeted about how Mr. Deen coerced her to do an anal scene once. Ms. Peters, who goes by the name Mistress Kora, was then deluged with slanderous attacks and death threats from Deen’s colony of apologists.

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Will Paine College to the right thing and revoke Bill Cosby’s degree?


AUGUSTA, Ga. — The very next college to strip serial rapist Bill Cosby of his honorary degree just may be one of the three HBCUs right here at home.

Paine College indicates that they may strip Mr. Cosby of his honorary degree after he admitted to raping 39 women, 27 of which talked about their harrowing experience on NBC’s Dateline.

According to Interim President Sam Sullivan, those depositions and allegations have led to the Augusta college to consider revoking the 78-year-old’s honorary degree. The comedian performed in Augusta on February 28.

After much pressure and outcry from many Black Americans and feminists alike, Spelman College in Atlanta, Ga. stripped Mr. Cosby of his honorary degree this past spring.

WJBF-DT News Channel 6

Benedict College student dies during childbirth due to “pro-life” laws

Benedict College student dies from childbirth

COLUMBIA — This is a prime example of what “pro-life” laws do: a 19-year-old Benedict college student has died during childbirth.

Richland County Coroner Gary Watts said the student, who was approximately 32 weeks pregnant, had a natural childbirth. Her body was found Tuesday night in her dormitory room. No one else shared the room.

The child was not alive at birth and given South Carolina’s history of prosecuting women for delivering dead babies, the student did not call 911.

The delivery happened during the weekend.

I’ve been saying this forever, and I’ll say it again now: South Carolina’s anti-choice laws directly contributed to the death of this very young woman.

If this state’s abortion laws were more like Oregon’s abortion laws, then this Benedict College student would have been alive, earning the credits towards her degree.

[WIS News 10]

[WLTX News 19]

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