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Red Alert: US Supreme Court to take up Mississippi law banning abortion

Washington, DC — The US Supreme Court agreed today to take up Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health, a case that would likely overturn Roe vs. Wade, an already disfavored right by many activist judges appointed by radical conservatives on the federal courts ever since the 1980s.

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Five things Georgians need to know about Kelly Loeffler

Augusta, Ga. — On January 5, 2021, Georgians will head back to the polls to vote on two runoff elections to determine which party will control the US Senate.

Below the fold are five things you need to know about Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.).

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The South Carolina Senate is trying to push through an unconstitutional total ban on abortion with unprecedented out-of-session move

Columbia — If the GOP is in charge, chances are there’s always something sneaky going on.

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Baristas sue Seattle suburb over discriminatory ordinance

Everett, Wash. — A group of baristas are filing a lawsuit against this Seattle suburb after it passed an ordinance designed to discriminate against women and force the baristas to the unemployment line.

Everett recently passed one of the most anti-woman, anti-business measures the Seattle area has ever seen when they adopted an ordinance requiring any article of clothing they wear to be a minimum of three inches below the ass. Read the rest of this entry »

The 2015 World Series champions are promoting blatant misogyny in front of their female fans


Kansas City, Mo. — One surefire way to get women to boycott a team is by promoting blatant misogyny.

The Kansas City Royals are partnering up with the Vitae Foundation, an organization known for is misogyny all across Kansas and Missouri. The group, as the women’s rights organization UltraViolet noted, is known for manipulating and lying to women who seek abortions, and promoting extreme anti-choice propaganda. Vitae’s deceptive ads are so grotesque that one Kansas City area radio station actually had the decency to do what is right – remove the ads and ban the group’s ads from its station.

However, that’s not stopping the Royals. The 2015 World Series champions have signed up to broadcast the Vitae ads at games and over the airwaves on as many as 59 radio stations.

Women who are fans of baseball are enraged over this and are already planning to boycott the Royals.

UltraViolet has a petition in an attempt to diffuse this situation, which threatens to get volatile.

Sign the petition and call on the Royals to cease advertising with Vitae.

Williston Telephone Company (TDS Telecom) publishes two anti-choice centers under “Women’s Health Services”


On Thursday, residents of the towns of Williston, Windsor, Elko, Neeses, North, Norway, Wolfton and Woodford all got their telephone books, which was 15 days earlier than usual.

Usually, no one cares to look near the front, but I did (because I wanted to look at prefixes and area codes) and disgusted does not even begin to describe my reaction when I looked at the Human Services section, which is before you even get to the White Pages. Read the rest of this entry »

WAR ON SOUTH CAROLINA WOMEN: State passes unconstitutional ban on abortion that has no exceptions for the life of the mother


Columbia — See you in court, legislature.

South Carolina representatives passed one of the most extreme – and unconstitutional – restrictions on abortion, the first nationally since neighboring North Carolina’s Senate Bill 353 in July 2013.

“This is a dangerous bill for South Carolina women …, made even more extreme by removing exceptions for victims of rape and incest,” said Alyssa Miller, South Carolina director of public affairs for Planned Parenthood South Atlantic, in a statement.

“The reality is that abortion later in pregnancy is extremely rare and often takes place in complex and difficult situations where a woman and her doctor need every medical option available,” she added.

These are the following representatives who voted for the bill, with local representatives in bold.

Allison, Merita A.

Anthony, Michael A. (DINO)

Atwater, Todd K.

Ballentine, Nathan

Bannister, Bruce W.

Bedingfield, Eric M.

Bingham, Kenneth A.

Bowers, William K. (DINO)

Bradley, Jeffrey A.

Brannon, Norman D.

Brown, Grady A. (DINO)

Burns, James Mikell

Chumley, William M.

Clary, Gary E.

Clemmons, Alan D.

Cole, J. Derham, Jr.

Collins, Neal A.

Crawford, Heather Ammons

Crosby, William E.

Daning, Joseph S.

Delleney, F. Gregory, Jr.

Duckworth, Gregory D.

Erickson, Shannon S.

Felder, Raye

Finlay, Kirkman, III

Forrester, P. Michael

Fry, Russell W.

Funderburk, Laurie Slade (DINO)

Gagnon, Craig A.

George, J. Wayne (DINO)

Goldfinch, Stephen L., Jr.

Hamilton, Daniel P.

Hardee, Kevin

Hayes, Coach Jackie E. (DINO)

Henderson, Phyllis J.

Herbkersman, William G.

Hicks, Donna C.

Hill, Jonathon D.

Hiott, David R.

Hixon, William M.

Horne, Jenny Anderson

Huggins, Chip

Johnson, Jeffrey E.

Jordan, Wallace H., Jr.

Kennedy, Ralph Shealy, Jr.

Loftis, Dwight A.

Long, Deborah A.

Lowe, Phillip D.

Lucas, James H.

McCoy, Peter M., Jr.

Merrill, James H.

Moss, Dennis C.

Moss, V. Stephen

Nanney, Wendy K.

Newton, Wm. Weston J.

Ott, Russell L. (DINO)

Pitts, Michael A.

Pope, Thomas E.

Putnam, Joshua A.

Quinn, Rick

Ridgeway, Robert L., III (DINO)

Riley, R. Shannon

Rivers, Samuel, Jr.

Ryhal, Mike

Sandifer, William E., III

Simrill, J. Gary

Smith, G. Murrell, Jr.

Smith, Garry R.

Sottile, F. Michael

Spires, L. Kit

Stringer, Tommy M.

Tallon, Edward R., Sr.

Taylor, Bill

Thayer, Anne J.

Toole, McLain R.

White, W. Brian

Whitmire, William R.

Willis, Mark N.

Yow, Richard L.

Bill Clyburn, who represents Aiken, and Jerry Govan, who represents Hampton County, were excused from the vote. Two other local representatives, Aiken County Republicans Chris Corley and Don Wells, did not vote.

And here’s Rep. Todd Rutherford with the tweet of the night:


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Instagram removed this photo of a fully clothed woman on her period, TWO TIMES!


This weekend, Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, removed a photo of a woman on her menstrual cycle.

Not once.

But two times.

Rupi Kaur, the poet who posted the photo, told Madame Noire that she may have the answer as to why the photo was removed.

Now, tell me which of these violations of the terms of service the photo above violated:

Nudity (including breastfeeding) – NO
Violence – NO
Offensive content (including profanity) – NO

After scanning the terms of service word for word, Ms. Kaur reposted the photo.

Instagram nuked it a second time.

That’s when Ms. Kaur sent these messages to be circulated around in social media:

thank you @instagram for providing me with the exact response my work was created to critique. you deleted a photo of a woman who is fully covered and menstruating stating that it goes against community guidelines when your guidelines outline that it is nothing but acceptable. the girl is fully clothed. the photo is mine. it is not attacking a certain group. nor is it spam. and because it does not break those guidelines i will repost it again. i will not apologize for not feeding the ego and pride of misogynist society that will have my body in an underwear but not be okay with a small leak. when your pages are filled with countless photos/accounts where women (so many who are underage) are objectified. pornified. and treated less than human. thank you. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀

This image is a part of my photoseries project for my visual rhetoric course. you can view the full series at
⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
i bleed each month to help make humankind a possibility. my womb is home to the divine. a source of life for our species. whether i choose to create or not. but very few times it is seen that way. in older civilizations this blood was considered holy. in some it still is. but a majority of people. societies. and communities shun this natural process. some are more comfortable with the pornification of women. the sexualization of women. the violence and degradation of women than this. they cannot be bothered to express their disgust about all that. but will be angered and bothered by this. we menstruate and they see it as dirty. attention seeking. sick. a burden. as if this process is less natural than breathing. as if it is not a bridge between this universe and the last. as if this process is not love. labour. life. selfless and strikingly beautiful.

Dear tumblr family,

Instagram has chosen to once again, take down this image for violating community guidelines. Despite the fact that about 95% of comments were beautiful. And in support.
This just goes to show who is sitting behind the desk. And who’s controlling the show, who’s controlling the media and who’s censoring us.It’s sad that this is still happening in this world. I know that some communities and cultures go out of their way to shun and oppress a woman on her period. I guess Instagram is another one of them. Some women aren’t allowed in their religious place of worship or out of their homes to do certain things. And are told they are sick. As if the period is a common cold.

Yes. This is what happens even here, in North America.

I have been hospitalized many times because of issues associated with my period. I have been suffering from a sickness related to my period. And ever since I have been working so hard to love it. Embrace it. Celebrate it. Even thought it’s given me so much pain in the past few years. and they want to tell me I should be quiet about this. That all of this we experience collectively does not need to be seen. Just felt secretly behind closed doors. That’s why this is important. Because when I first got my period my mother was sad and worried. And they want to censor all that pain. Experience. Learning. No.

I am going to share the photo again once I figure out how to go about it. I would appreciate if you could @instagram and express your thoughts. Or even share the photo on whatever social media platform.

Their patriarchy is leaking. Their misogyny is leaking. We will not be censored.”

After this fiasco, I have to say that Ms. Kaur is correct and Instagram/Facebook are wrong.  And of course, these arbitrary guidelines are not just enforced on nudists, they’re enforced on anyone who does something that ‘offends’ overly sensitive people who need to grow up.

Everyone knows that manhood isn’t easy.  For one, women force us to make the first moves.  We’re also expected to pay for all of a first date.  Also, we have to check our privilege.  And so much more.

I know that I have not been around women long enough to know this, so I am basing this off what I see on the internet.  So forgive me, but womanhood is definitely not peaches and cream.  For one, most women talk about their menstrual cycles and periods when they are at functions like bowling.  They also have a legitimate fear of being attacked by guys.  They have a legitimate fear of politicians, many of whom run on empty promises to reduce the size of government.  They are slut-shamed.  They are attacked by society for making the first moves on men.  They’re attacked by society for paying for dinner when they are on a first date with men.  They are attacked by society putting out on the first date.  They are attacked by society for breastfeeding (or being naked or topless) in public.  They are attacked for not conforming to societal standards.

Facebook isn’t just being gymnophobic, as I long knew them to be.  They also being misogynistic.

Madame Noire

Watch: Cleveland-area crisis pregnancy center caught lying to women

CLEVELAND, OH — While most of us were focused like a laser on the now-defeated Senate Bill 5, there was something else that went down on Tuesday afternoon about 1,200 miles to the northeast of Texas.

A 19 year old woman named “Kate” took film at a crisis pregnancy center. The film was then posted to the web by the Crisis Project, an organization that exposes the dirty little secrets and lies about crisis pregnancy centers.

While devastating, the results of this sting was not surprising at all to those — like NARAL — who scrutinized crisis pregnancy centers nationwide (like the ones in Aiken; Allendale and Augusta, Ga.) for many years now.

As I posted on Tuesday evening to The Frisky’s Lady News, I’m posting these videos to the blog so that everyone around the world can see the crisis pregnancy centers at their absolute very best: lying to pregnant women at a time in which they are the most vulnerable.

The lies that crisis pregnancy centers tell are not minor, folks.


Originally posted to Aiken Area Progressive’s blogspot blog.

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