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Gay pride emoji goes live for Fast Ring Insiders on Windows 10 Mobile


Redmond, Wash. — If you have a Windows 10 Phone and you are on the Fast Ring, you will get a very good surprise.

On Thursday night, unbeknownst to yours truly, Microsoft released the first new build for Fast Ring Insiders in nearly six weeks. This build is the first to be numbered above 15000 – in fact, it is numbered 15007.

It comes with a lot of new features. Although it comes with only one new emoji, it is big, especially if you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, asexual or gender non-conforming.


What that means is that Microsoft’s Windows is the first of the mobile operating systems to have the rainbow emoji available. Hopefully, it will not be too long until the gay pride emoji makes its way to the Slow and Release Preview rings, and the Production side of Windows 10 Mobile.

Apple and Google are expected to release the emoji for the IPad, IPhone and Android devices, respectively, before the end of the winter.

Here are the phones in which the gay pride emoji can be downloaded to (Fast Ring only):

Acer Liquid M330
Acer Liquid Jade Primo
Alcatel Fierce XL
Alcatel Idol 4s
HP Elite x3
Microsoft Lumia 550
Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE
Microsoft Lumia 640 XL LTE
Microsoft Lumia 650
Microsoft Lumia 735
Microsoft Lumia 830
Microsoft Lumia 929 (Icon)
Microsoft Lumia 950
Microsoft Lumia 950 XL
Microsoft Lumia 1520

Happy updating, Fast Ringers!

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#RIPLumia: The Lumia line dies today


Redmond, Wash. — As of 17:00 Vietnam Time (5:00 Williston Time), the Microsoft Lumia line will be executed.

Reports throughout the year noted that Microsoft intends to stop production on the line by the last business day this year. That is today. Read the rest of this entry »

How to encrypt your Windows 10 phone


Got the new Alcatel Fierce XL?  How about the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL?  The Lumia 550?  Maybe you got the new Lumia 650?

I know you’re wondering how to encrypt the phone.

Worry no more, we’re here to help.

Below the fold is a step-by-step guide to encrypt your Windows 10 phone: Read the rest of this entry »

Report: Microsoft sending Lumia flagships back to the FCC, others for CDMA certification


REDMOND, Wash. — After much back and forth between Verizon, Microsoft and their supporters, customers and fans, a report surfaced on Reddit claiming that Microsoft has sent the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL back to the Federal Communications Commission for CDMA certification.

Per the post (NOTE: This is a very long post in the blockquote.):

Been talking to some Verizon customer service people and some people at MS after some tweets caught their attention.

Verizon has to authenticate the phone and they have no choice as long as it passes a certified third party inspection, but Microsoft has to foot the bill for the inspection. It sounds like MS may do that from the back and forth, but it has not been done yet because there are no manufactured models yet. All phones are technically prototypes and the manufacturing lines have not been fired up yet. Conjecture on my part based on what I’ve been told by VZW and Microsoft, but MS may submit the phone for CDMA certification to a third party. If that goes through, Verizon must list the IMEI numbers and allow activation or Microsoft can lodge a complaint with the FCC.

It sounds like Microsoft does not want to have anyone counting on these phones to work on Verizon upon announcement and it is possible that it will not ship with CDMA bands, but Microsoft may sell it unlocked CDMA at a later date after all the hurdles have been cleared, the phone is certified, and they can confirm VZW activation.

Again, I’m reading between the lines but have talked to people at both companies. Verizon is adamant that they will allow the phone if it passes the necessary hurdles that the FCC allows (and this third party verification is part of the LTE agreement VZW did with the FCC) and Microsoft insists that they have no problem selling the phone with CDMA bands unlocked if Verizon will activate it. But it sounds like it can’t be verified until factory models come out.

Moto X works now, but it took time for the factory phones to be verified before Verizon allowed them. This is something they are allowed to do according to the FCC. Now any Moto X Pure should work because the IMEI has been added.

We’ll see what happens. Verizon also promised me that they have other “exciting Windows 10 Mobile offerings” in the pipeline that will be revealed in the future near the Windows 10 Mobile launch. I keep hearing that HTC and LG are coming to the party and will offer Verizon phones. There’s also noise that Acer will sell the Jade Primo unlocked directly and in MS Stores and will get the CDMA bands verified independently of Verizon to force a listing.

I guess I would just say that we all need to stay tuned and keep out ears to the ground.

It goes beyond VZW customer service reps. I was contacted by Verizon directly after making a stink in a back and forth on Twitter. I was put in touch with a management level VZW person, not straight customer service. And I know they were management because I verified the name with my friend who works as a corporate sales executive for VZW. This was someone that would be in the know.

As for Paul, he has stated that he was told the 950 and 950XL would be universal unlocked phones that would work on Verizon. He was just told that Microsoft was done with Verizon as a sales partner. He has guessed that problems activating is why Microsoft has blocked the CDMA bands, but he said he was told in July by a fairly high up and reliable Microsoft source that the phones would be available universal unlocked. He also said that MS has no intention of letting anyone buy them FROM Verizon, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t sell it unlocked. I was told they want to ensure functionality on Verizon before ever selling them to work on the network. They need to be sure Verizon adds the IMEI first and they need manufactured phones to do it. That came from someone in the Lumia team itself.

I’ve listened to Paul quite a bit on this and he stated plainly that what he was originally told indicated the phones were built to work on CDMA. Other also informed him that the 808 and 810 have universal radios as it is, so it would have to be firmware blocked (this has been confirmed by ArsTechnica).

I was told by BOTH Verizon and Microsoft (and also told by someone at ArsTechnica) that Verizon has NO CHOICE but to activate an unlocked phone IF it has been certified by an approved third party tester. Microsoft does not want the CDMA bands unlocked UNTIL that certification happens and Verizon has no choice but to list the 950 and 950XL or face a FCC complaint and possible fine.

This fits the fact of the FCC deal on LTE Verizon is part of. It also fits as to why Microsoft would not initially roll out CDMA. I don’t think it will launch CDMA, but I could see them unlock those bands and sell the phone CDMA unlocked less than a month after launch. If they get it certified by a third party, Verizon has no choice. But why sell the phones and let customers have to wait until Verizon clears it instead of just getting the testing done and letting users know this is coming later.

I think we’ll hear more about this closer to the actual launch date in a month or so.

Indeed, we will hear more about this.

At least one Windows 10 flagship will be listed on Verizon (VZ, VZW), Sprint (S), and US Cellular, and that is the Acer Liquid Jade Primo. As mentioned, Acer has activated CDMA radios and they’re gonna force Verizon – as well as Sprint and US Cellular – to list it.

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AT&T plans to sell a Windows 10 phone that’s incompatible with their network

NEW YORK CITY — Nine days ago, AT&T announced they were selling the Microsoft Lumia 950.

Turns out, an investigation shows that Microsoft’s 5.2 inch high-end Windows 10 phone is incompatible with AT&T’s LTE network.

AT&T has eight LTE bands on their network: Band 1 (2.1 GHz), Band 2 (PCS), Band 4 (1.7/2.1 GHz), Band 5 (850 MHz), Band 12 (700 MHz), Band 17 (700 MHz), Band 29 (700 MHz) and Band 30 (WCS).

However, three of the network’s LTE bands are noticeably absent on the Lumia 950: Bands 17, 29 and 30.

These are not small omissions, either. Band 17 is one of AT&T’s two primary LTE bands. That band propelled Big Orange to have the nation’s largest LTE network as of October 10, 2015. Band 29 is another important LTE band, because it penetrates indoors. It will be implemented in areas such as Northwest Maine and Gatlinburg, Tenn., where Bands 12 and 17 coverage are spotty.

Finally, Band 30, known as WCS, is now live, and is overlaying areas where Bands 12 and 17 exist. This will provide AT&T with unusual carrier aggregation, but one that will completely trounce archrival Verizon Wireless.

Sadly, though, unless there’s a new Lumia 950 (or Lumia 950 XL, for that matter) in production that I don’t know about, customers on AT&T will not be able to take advantage of this carrier aggregation.

That’s a crying shame. This, not Microsoft’s exclusion of Verizon from selling their phones, is precisely why the Lumia 950, formerly known as Talkman, will fail.

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