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One second is being added to 2016, and do not get optimistic about 2017

As is the case with every leap year ever since switching to the Gregorian calendar in 1582, an extra second will be tacked on to the end of the year.

That got a lot of people up in arms. To be honest, 2016 will actually be the last decent year of the decade, which continues until this day in 2020.

The year 2017 is expected to be even worse than the much maligned 2016, and not just because of the GOP’s vow to run our country into the ground and turn America into a worldwide cesspool.

  • The Alcatel Idol 4s with Windows 10 VR will be the only truly secure smartphone available for US consumers until Microsoft can figure out how to market and sell the “cellular PC” to the public. The other secure smartphones, the Acer Liquid Jade Primo and the HP Elite x3, are catered towards businesses.
  • More Baby Boomer celebrities will die, some of them untimely. However, which one is the highest profile remains to be seen.
  • There will not be a perfect season in the NFL.
  • There will be a warm winter and a hot and humid summer nationwide.
  • The Atlanta Braves will still flounder.
  • The rich and powerful will continue to get welfare at our expense.

So, for those who want 2016 to go away thinking 2017 will be much better, you got another thing coming.

Regina Baxley is the only clear choice for Williston Town Council

On Tuesday, the polls open.

The town, much like many other rural communities in the South and Midwest, are in a constitutional crisis. That’s because the town has deliberately chosen, for many years now, to violate the federal constitution.

That’s why we need people in government, even in our own council, who understands the Constitution and not pick and choose which parts of the living document they will follow.

That’s why Aiken Area Progressive is endorsing Regina Baxley.

She is just like one of us. Contrary to popular belief, we Millennials are very active in the fight for equal rights for all. Ms. Baxley understands that.

She understands that we all have a First Amendment right to protest at any time, any place and those rights are never suspended, not even if people are offended by it. She understands that our right to vote is in peril by out of touch politicians in Columbia.

She understands that equal means equal – and that means equal topless rights for women, full public nudity rights for all Willistonians, and equal rights for the transgender people in Williston.

She understands that we need more funding to fix our ailing infrastructure quickly so that Williston does not become another Flint.

We are guaranteed a new fresh face on the council, regardless of what happens on Tuesday. And that person will have the incumbent advantage in their next election.

So that’s why we need to make our vote count: cast your one vote for Regina Baxley.

Can Margaret Ellen Bradford’s viral image get America to finally accept breastfeeding and nudity as normal and natural?

margaret ellen bradford breastfeeding at bernie sanders rally

CLEVELAND, Ohio — On Leap Day, there was a rally for the Bernie Sanders campaign, which is still alive after Super Tuesday.

In that rally, a stay-at-home mother named Margaret Ellen Bradford, of Barberton, brought her youngest daughter, Harper, along.

In the middle of the rally, Harper indicated she was hungry, so Ms. Bradford did what other mothers would do in that situation.

She nursed Harper.

“While there, she got hungry like babies do,” wrote Ms. Bradford on Facebook. She added that she wasn’t aware that she was being photographed during the rally.

And with that, the hashtag #BoobsforBernie was born.

However, even with Ms. Bradford’s act, the issue of breastfeeding – and the (even) larger issue of nudity in public – have caused anti-nudity activists all over the country to send her hate mail.

“Honestly I’ve cried three times already from some of the hateful messages I’ve received, telling me my daughter should be taken or that I’m just an uneducated lowlife hick,” she wrote online.

In late 2014, Personhood Ohio director Patrick Johnston tried to pressure the state legislature to outlaw breastfeeding after a group of Warsaw strippers who were harassed by members of New Beginnings Ministries, the church Mr. Johnston is the pastor at, for many years decided to bring the church a taste of their own medicine.

“Women buy into that idea (that breasts are sexual objects),” female topless advocate and mommy writer Ravion Lee told CNN. “If we use our breasts for anything other than ‘play’ it’s not OK.”

Experts at the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend new mothers breastfeed their children for at least the first 12 months. However, only about 25% of infants were breastfeeding at 12 months.

Here’s to hoping that Ms. Bradford’s wonderful act of nursing will led to much greater acceptance of breastfeeding and nudity as normal and natural acts that should not in any way be subjected to the whims of Bible-beating moralists in our local and state governments in these United States.

As-is photo is below the fold.

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