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AT&T removes all new Windows 10 Phones from site


Dallas — If you are looking to order a new Windows 10 Phone, you are out of luck if you want the carrier with the largest LTE footprint.

On Friday, AT&T removed the listings of all new Windows 10 phones. Only the Used listings of the Lumia 640 and Lumia 950 remain on the site.

The good news is that the Barnwell AT&T store still has brand new Lumia 950 phones in stock, despite the recent rash of thefts at the store. The Aiken, North Augusta, Orangeburg, Augusta and Statesboro stores still have the phone as well, but it is unknown if any of those stores still have the Lumia 640 in stock. We know that Barnwell no longer has the Lumia 640.

The Lumia 950 costs $299.99 at the AT&T physical stores. You can still pick up a dual SIM unlocked phone on the Microsoft Store or eBay web pages and put it on AT&T, Consumer Cellular, Cricket or Straight Talk for $50 more.


Hawaii, New Hampshire mull bills decriminalizing sex work

Honolulu — Hawaii is one of two states pushing a for a bill that would decriminalize sex work.

House Bill 1533 would repeal any and all harmful bans on prostitution (sex work), and would preempt any municipal ordinance that bans sex work.

However, it is a double edged sword: if passed, HB 1533 would also remove Hawaii as one of the only states that bans cops from having sex with sex workers for any reason. The current anti-sex work law is one of the numerous provisions in the 50 states’ laws that criminalizes what would otherwise be considered as consensual sex under the rubric of “Offenses Against the Morals”.

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Midland Valley Mustangs’ coach arrested for rape

Horse Creek — A rookie coach for the Midland Valley Mustangs’ girls basketball team was arrested for rape.

The Aiken County School District said their officials uncovered allegations of inappropriate contact between the coach and a female pupil shortly after school returned from Christmas break, which led to an immediate internal investigation by the school district, during which the suspect and the alleged victim denied having any inappropriate contact with one another whatsoever.

After interviewing numerous people of interest, the suspect was told to stay away from the victim and given a cessation of contact order.

Five weeks later, the victim then changed her story and confirmed that she and the suspect did something criminally inappropriate.

“We are extremely disappointed and upset by the nature of the allegations, and we will vigorously support the future prosecution of this case,” said the the Aiken County School District in the release.

Paul Quiller, information unknown, was arrested by the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday and charged with statutory rape. The Augusta-Richmond County Sheriff’s Office also assisted in the investigation.

This is not the first time someone who has ties to Midland Valley High was arrested. Last month, another adult who worked at Midland Valley was arrested.

And in 2014, Paul Waters, a former employee of Midland Valley, was arrested at South Aiken High School for statutory rape. Also a former coach at Williston-Elko, Mr. Waters pleaded guilty to the charges against him 29 months ago.

Savannah media confirm Bulloch County tornado, seven injured

eastern Bulloch County damage

Hubert, Ga. — Savannah media confirmed this afternoon that a tornado hit eastern Bulloch County early this morning.

The media outlets (WSAV-DT, WTOC-TV and WJCL) along with severe weather surveyors from the Bulloch County Emergency Management Agency toured the damage that happened along GA Highway 119 and SOUTH OLD RIVER RD.

A Hubert man who lost his home thanked WTOC for the app alert on his duopoly phone. Read the rest of this entry »

Regardless of what happens, Fort Collins women’s topless rights will be in the hands of judicial activist Neil Gorsuch

Trump Supreme Court

Fort Collins, Colo. — Women in one Centennial State city already have their Constitutional rights at stake, regardless of whether Neil Gorsuch is appointed to the stolen US Supreme Court seat or he is rightfully filibustered and stays in the Tenth Circuit Court.

Gorsuch is currently a judge on the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, and as a senior member, he has a very high likelihood of hearing the lawsuit we at Aiken Area Progressive will call Brittany Hoagland and Samantha Six vs. Fort Collins. Read the rest of this entry »

Keep the Supreme Court at eight

Trump Supreme Court

Moments ago, Trump announced Neil Gorsuch as the nominee to the Supreme Court seat the GOP stole from now former President Obama.

Now, out of touch conservative interest groups are trying to pressure the Democrats into committing blatant dereliction of duty.

To make it short and to the point: confirming any conservative Supreme Court jurist in the next four years is a blatant dereliction of duty.

The Senate has an absolute obligation to keep the court at eight. We the People will remove, by vote or by expulsion (if necessary) any Senator who votes to confirm Gorsuch or any other nominee who is not a moderate or liberal.

We the People demand that no one fills that seat until Trump is gone from the White House in 2021.

Twitter to roll out new features for reporting abuse, but will any of it arrive on Windows 10 Phone?


San Francisco — Reports are swirling about Twitter readying some new features to combat racist, misogynist and violent abuse on their social networking site.

However, as Windows 10 Phone users, we are left to wonder if we will be left out in the cold again.

As Windows 10 Phone users know, there is still no way to report abuse from the Twitter app, even as we both on here and on Twitter continue to push for a vital update from Twitter allowing us to report abuse from the app. Read the rest of this entry »

Boy Scouts to accept transgender boys as scouts and troops on Wednesday, February 1


Irving, Texas — The Boy Scouts of America has announced that they will begin accepting transgender boys as scouts and troops.

The organization announced Monday that it had made the decision to base enrollment in boys only programs on the gender a child or parent lists on the application to become a scout. The organization had previously held a policy that relied on the biological gender of the child.

A spokeswoman for the organization says it made the decision based on states and communities changing how gender is defined.

A transgender boy in Secaucus, N.J., was forced a few months ago to leave his Scout troop after parents and leaders found out he is transgender.

Here’s the catch: Trans boys looking to apply to the boys only programs will have to wait until midnight on Wednesday, February 1, to do so. That’s a little over a day away.

WLTX News 19


Bottom Line: people did not march in the Women’s March for funsies

Trump Inauguration Protests

Some woman from Spring, Texas named Christy posted a misogynist screed on Facebook during the six hour long Women’s March in the District of Columbia talking about “how good” women have it here.

If women have it so damn good here, then why did the United States receive an F for the grade on women’s rights for the tenth year in a row?

If women have it so good here, then why Nepalese women have more freedom than women here in the United States?

If women have it so good here, then why they cannot receive proper health care without conservatives harassing them or shutting down clinics that give women the well-woman care they deserve?

The fact and the matter is no matter how much Christy or anyone else like her say it, women do not have it good in the United States. It’s not even close – and I, for one, will no longer sugarcoat this.

The United States, once a leader in women’s rights, no longer ranks in the Top 40 when it comes to women’s freedom. In fact, we are outranked by Finland, Sweden, and other countries like Cuba and the Philippines.

If Trump and the Republicans in both Congress and in the States have their way, the United States will soon be ranked alongside the ranks of Iran, China and Oman.

Just in the last four days alone: Trump reinstated the Global Gag Rule, and the GOP in the House of Representatives passed the unconstitutional House Resolution 7, a standalone bill that would codify the Hyde Amendment into permanent law and prohibit pregnant people from using their own money for abortion services.

So, if you are pearl-clutching in any way about the Women’s March, you are way over your head and in fact, you are drowning.

They did not march on January 21 for funsies.

They marched because their rights are in grave peril.

The immediate threat to freedom is not foreign Islamic nations. The immediate threat to our freedom is Christofascists in Congress, the White House and in the state governments.

It is way past time for us to stop ignoring the Republicans and the grave threat they pose to our rights and start paying attention.

Tenth tornado in CSRA with Emanuel County confirmation


Swainsboro, Ga. — A tenth tornado hit the Central Savannah River Area on Saturday.

Savannah media outlets reported on Wednesday that a confirmed tornado hit Emanuel County early Saturday afternoon, though they did not specify where in the county the twister hit.

On Tuesday, nine tornados were confirmed after local Emergency Management surveyors viewed the aftermath of Saturday’s storms. No tornados hit the area Sunday, despite a Particularly Dangerous Situation Tornado Watch.

Three tornados hit Orangeburg County on Saturday. Two more hit Bamberg and Screven counties, and one each hit Barnwell and Burke counties. A Blackville woman, identified as Joan Fail by the (Barnwell) People-Sentinel, was injured in the twister. She was released from the Regional Medical Center in Orangeburg earlier this week.


Image via The People-Sentinel

Local gun extremist who supported guns in educational institutions resigns after indictment on domestic violence charge


Rainbow Falls — Gun extremist Chris Corley, who supported guns in schools and colleges, has resigned in disgrace tonight.

Jay Lucas, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, sent a letter to WJBF-DT News Channel 6.

“I have received and accepted Representative Chris Corley’s letter of resignation. The South Carolina Constitution clearly states that the House of Representatives has the sole authority to expel one of its members for disorderly conduct. Even though I prepared a resolution calling for his removal, I am grateful that the House did not have to take such extraordinary measures and expel Rep. Corley from this Institution.”

The South Carolina Election Commission says the tentative schedule for the special election is as follows:

  • Filing for District 84 House Representatives candidates will open at high noon on Friday, February 10.
  • Filing closes at noon 11 days later (on Tuesday, February 21).
  • If a Primary Election needs to be held it would be on April 11.
  • If Run-off is necessary it would be held on April 25.
  • The Special Election will tentatively be held on May 30.

As you may well know, Corley was arrested for first-degree criminal domestic violence. He is among the first people in the state to be indicted on the new charge since it was created on July 1, 2016.

The Cumbee Center to Assist Abused Persons wanted Corley expelled.

Corley’s next court date is Friday, March 3. He faces over 20 years in jail without the possibility of parole if convicted of all charges.

WJBF-DT News Channel 6

At least nine tornados hammer CSRA over weekend, including Barnwell County’s strongest since 1983


Blackville — Storm surveyors confirmed at least nine tornados hit the Central Savannah River Area on Saturday.

The hardest hit counties were Bamberg, Barnwell, Orangeburg and Screven.

Until Sunday night, SOLOMON BLATT AV (SC 3) – which is also known as the BARNWELL-BLACKVILLE HY – was closed to thru traffic. WHITETAIL DR was the designated detour.

The (Barnwell People-Sentinel) shared photos of the damage on their Facebook page.

That tornado then tore through Denmark and Finland along COUNTRY CLUB RD (SC 70). An unidentified Blackville woman was taken to Aiken Regional Medical Centers with unknown injuries after being trapped in her mobile home after it was destroyed on PLEASANT HOME RD (S-6-191). The tornado traveled 14 miles and was rated EF-2. It was the most intense tornado to hit Barnwell County since April 23, 1983.

Another tornado formed on SC 70 (Binnicker Bridge Rd) on the South Fork Edisto River at the Bamberg-Orangeburg County line and it too cut a path of destruction as far as the eye can see. SC 70 is still closed. Denmark residents who want to go to Orangeburg must take US 321 to the Neeses Hy (SC 4) or go to Bamberg on HERITAGE HY (US 78) and turn left on to the MAIN HY (US 301/601).

And those were not the only tornados in either Bamberg or Orangeburg counties. In fact, two more tornados hit SC 70.

The third tornado that hit Binnicker Bridge Rd occurred near its intersection with Cope Road (SC 332). The fourth twister occurred on the easternmost mile of Binnicker Bridge Rd, up to its intersection with Bamberg Rd (US 301/601).

Another tornado slammed far northwestern Bamberg County, near the Sunshine community or 2.5 miles west of Sweden. This twister formed on DALLY RD, near its intersection with SPRINGFIELD RD (S-5-29).

While the Central Savannah River Area of South Carolina bore the brunt of the storm, four more tornados hit Central Georgia.

In Burke County near Waynesboro, a tornado hit near Georgia Highway 24, destroying sheds.

The initial two tornados in the area occurred in Screven County: one near Woodcliff and another northeast of Sylvania City Limits.


The clean up efforts continue locally. For the homeless, it will be getting colder come Friday morning.

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