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SLED investigating Horry County Police Department

CONWAY — At long last, the gymnophobic Horry County Police Department is under the microscope.

However, they’re being investigated for sexual assault.

Hours before the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division announced the investigation of the department, a Georgetown woman filed a lawsuit against a deputy who is at the center of the crime.

According to the lawsuit, the victim claims a detective, who is not identified, raped her between 21 and 24 months ago. At least one of the rapes happened in a patrol car.

These “unwanted sexual advances” came after the HCPD deputy was assigned to the victim to investigate a civilian rape she reported to the department 25 months ago.

Some of the rapes were as frequent as bidaily.

A whistleblower told the victim that the deputy had done this to other women he was supposed to help in other cases.

The victim further claims the HCPD knew or at least should have known its deputy engaged in sexual assaults and rapes and claims they failed to take any action whatsoever.

Hope she gets this lawsuit to become class action status. This is revolting.

WBTW News 13

Six more ILLEGAL ARRESTS in Horry County, this time in North Myrtle Beach

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH — Looks like the out-of-control North Myrtle Beach Police Office has taken a page from their despicable brethren down US Route 17.

On Mother’s Day weekend, North Myrtle Beach police deputies illegally arrested six people and illegally charged all of them, and one more, with “public nudity”.

The seventh person was arrested for disorderly conduct, which makes that arrest legal.

Police observed the six law-abiding citizens and lone suspect disrobe to their underwear and run into the ocean.  Deputies identified themselves and had all of the citizens who did absolutely nothing wrong exit the water and then illegally ordered each one of the septet to re-clothe themselves.

The lone suspect was drunk.

This bring the total of illegal arrests along Coastal Horry County to 13, and the number of illegal charges to 14.

We will continue to expose Horry County’s atrocious war on the civil rights of nudists and naturists, no matter how much the government hates it.


#BlacklistMyrtleBeach: Un-American, gymnophobic Myrtle Beach cops start illegal arrests in 2014

Seven people illegally arrested by Myrtle Beach Police Office

MYRTLE BEACH — The gymnophobic cops of the Myrtle Beach Police Office are at it again with their illegal arrests and it is way past time we send the message by nationally blacklisting the entire city.

On Tuesday at 2:30, the MBPO illegally arrested and unlawfully imprisoned seven students who were having harmless fun on the beach.

The deputy that made the illegal arrest heard them diving into the Atlantic Ocean near NORTH 74th AVE.  As a courtesy, the students did get dressed at the presence of the deputy, although they did not have to under the federal laws that trump municipal law on nudity.

This is the kind of shit right here as to why I am issuing a call for action and protest, globally, against this gymnophobic Myrtle Beach city government.  No shopping there.  No stopping there, not even for gas.  We as American citizens need to take economic responsibility, take back our civil rights and financially cripple the City of Myrtle Beach until the bans on nudity are gone!

WMBF 32 News

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De-fund rogue law enforcement agencies that arrest people for public nudity

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH — Once again, the gymnophobic out-of-control Morality Cops of Horry County strike again.

On Monday, the latest in a string of illegal arrests in Horry County was of a 19-year-old man by the out-of-control, gymnophobic Morality Cops of North Myrtle Beach.

It should be noted that Jacob Gore was trespassing and being disorderly, but those two charges should have been the only ones filed here. By also charging him with public nudity, the Morality Police is violating the US Constitution, particularly the 9th, 13th and 14th amendment rights of nudists.

With our nation just cresting $16,000,000,000,000.00 in debt recently, people are asking where we could save money and pay down the debt.

Well, here’s one way to save taxpayer money and pay down the debt: DEFUND rogue law enforcement agencies that arrest people for public nudity. Zero out the funding for agencies like the Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach Police Departments, for starters.

Illegally arresting people for public nudity is the single biggest waste of our taxpayer dollars currently — yes, it is an even bigger waste of our money than the Iraq war, which most people would agree was wasted money.

How many people have a fully naked man with his penis stuck out killed at a shopping mall? In fact, when was the last time a fully naked man ever killed scores of people?

I’ll give you gymnophobic moralists at the Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach Police Departments the answer: ZERO.

How many people have been killed by gun violence in Horry County since May? At least five, by my count. And how many people have been killed by auto accidents in the county? At least ten.

Nudity is NOT the problem. It is the guns, the cars, the criminals and the gymnophobic people who pass laws banning public nudity who are the biggest problems in America right now! People who go out nude in public are NOT criminals, not by a long shot.

In fact, the real criminals are of the following:

1. The people who passed laws banning public nudity.
2. The cops who arrest people for public nudity.
3. The people who profess to be Christians, yet are intolerant of nudists, women, breastfeeding moms and LGBT people.

Those who promote gymnophobia are promoting rape culture. Those who support banning public nudity are also promoting rape culture, and are rape enablers.

It is obvious that the Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach police have way too much time on their hands. It is time for Congress to rein in these rogue law enforcement agencies, as well as all others, who arrest people for public nudity by ending taxpayer funding for their war on nudists.

Man jailed for murdering Laurens County girlfriend

Man jailed for murdering Laurens County woman

Beaty Jr.


CLINTON — A 29-year-old man is now in jail after he killed his girlfriend.

The Clinton Department of Public Safety said that the 19-year-old woman who was killed attended a party that was held by boyfriend, Michael Beaty Jr., 29. Drugs and alcohol were part of the party.

Director Chief Robin Morse says about an hour elapsed between when Mr. Beaty and the victim left the party and Mr. Beaty pulled up to his stepfather’s home with the victim barely alive in his car.

Police Chief Morse said that the victim died Saturday night after she was strangled.

Mr. Beaty Jr. has been arrested and charged by the Clinton Department of Public Safety with capital murder. William Alexander, 30, was arrested and charged Clinton Department of Public Safety with being an accessory after the fact to murder. Four others were arrested and charged by the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office with contributing the delinquency of a minor. [WSPA-TV News Channel 7] Read the rest of this entry »

BREAKING NEWS: John Kasich lies to the people, decides to wage a war on Ohio’s women

John Kasich breaks his promise, signs anti-choice laws

COLUMBUS — Ohio Gov. John Kasich lied to the people and in the process, broke a promise not to sign anti-choice measure on Sunday evening by signing a litany of unconstitutional anti-choice measures that passed on the final day of the Ohio State legislature’s 2013 session.

The bills he signed would do some of the following:

  1. Shut down all women’s healthcare providers in the Buckeye State.
  2. Defund Planned Parenthood, the only true women’s healthcare provider nationwide.
  3. Defunds all rape crisis centers in the state of Ohio.
  4. Bans all hospitals — both public and private — from allowing admitting privileges from OB-GYNs
  5. Requires all physicians to lie in saying that abortion causing breast cancer, which we all know is not true.
  6. Doubles the abortion waiting period
  7. Requires women to be sexually assaulted by the government via ultrasounds

All of these proposals will definitely be challenged in federal court first thing Monday morning. Ohio is not in the judicially activist conservative Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. [WLWT-DT News 5] Read the rest of this entry »

SEVEN auto fatalities since Friday in Horry County and what are their cops doing? ILLEGALLY ARRESTING PEOPLE FOR BEING NUDE!

CONWAY — The news coming out of Horry County of people dying on every day of this holiday weekend should sadden everyone.

The fact that the Morality Police there are illegally arresting people for being nude while people are dying every 6-12 hours on their highways should anger everyone – especially the residents of Horry County.

Is it so damn important to promote gymnophobia just to feel good about ‘cleaning up crime’, that leaving people in crumpled up cars and motorcycles to literally die from their crash injuries has now become acceptable?

Yes, if you work for Horry County’s law enforcement.

While they were busy illegally arresting and illegally citing people for being nude – and even having on thongs while fully clothedseven people lost their lives on the county’s highways this weekend.

That is not a misprint. Seven.

Horry County law enforcement’s priorities are totally out of touch with national law enforcers’ priorities: keeping drunk drivers off our streets.

Being nude in public has killed zero people.  Being drunk behind the wheel or handle bars has killed thousands.

Not a surprise that Horry County’s Morality Police – located in Conway, Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach – has gone completely out of control.  Their illegal arrests & citations could not have come at a worse time for them – as people are voting with their money when it comes to places and businesses that respect them.

The situation in Horry County proves that the war on nudists is every bit as real as the national war on women being waged by conservative state legislatures.

Horry County’s law enforcers better get their act together, stop these illegal arrests and go after the real criminals – such as the drunk drivers.  Or else, they’re gonna find themselves in a very big shitstorm like that currently embroiling Facebook right now.

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