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The South Carolina Senate is trying to push through an unconstitutional total ban on abortion with unprecedented out-of-session move

Columbia — If the GOP is in charge, chances are there’s always something sneaky going on.

Case in point: the South Carolina Senate. Read the rest of this entry »

Spartanburg quack wants to punish pregnant people with jail time for having abortions

Spartanburg — The genie is out of the bottle.

Robert Jackson, a quack who runs his own business in Spartanburg, wrote an op-ed for the Spartanburg Herald-Journal on Sunday calling for a total ban on all abortions and contraceptives and for prosecuting people who possess birth control and people who seek abortions. Read the rest of this entry »

South Carolina House introduces bill to ban Medicaid patients from receiving health care

Columbia — The South Carolina House of Representatives have introduced another bill that would essentially ban Medicaid patients from receiving any kind of health care.

The bill is known as H. 4491, and it defunds the only health care provider in the state that accepts Medicaid patients, Planned Parenthood. If H. 4491 is passed into law, there will be absolutely no alternatives for Medicaid patients in South Carolina for health care.

Vicki Ringer, the director of Planned Parenthood South Atlantic South Carolina, writes:

Attention : major announcement for tomorrow morning March 7 th :
Friends, the House Judiciary Subcommittee is holding a hearing tomorrow morning at 9 am in Room 516 of the Blatt Building on the State House grounds (it’s between the Gressette Building and Pendleton Street). The bill is H. 4491 which prevents patients on Medicaid from coming to abortion clinics for pap smears, breast exams, birth control, STD testing and treatment, cancer screenings and other health care. This is the “defund Planned Parenthood” bill.

It has absolutely no impact on the number of abortions performed because state and federal law already prohibit funding for abortion. And though the bill says it affects abortion clinics, Planned Parenthood is the only one affected because we’re the only one which accepts Medicaid.

We really need people who will testify so we can fill the agenda and perhaps slow down a vote or prevent a vote tomorrow.

You don’t need any facts or statistics. Just talk about how politicians are interfering with women’s health care choices, taking away women’s option to go to an already trusted health care provider, making it more difficult for low income women to seek care, hurting women over and over again. It’s getting really tiring having to constantly defend our basic rights to care. Legislators have decided that they haven’t punished us enough this year.

Please come tomorrow and show your support AGAIN for our reproductive rights in SC.

Please forward this to all your networks and contacts. Share on social media. Post on Facebook. Let’s fill the room again!

Thank you so much!


With the state being much worse off now than it was in 1986, waging a War on South Carolina Women is what this crooked conservative state does best.

November 6, where are you?

h/t Elaine Cooper

SCETV, run by conservative extremists, airing a sandwich show instead of Trapped


Columbia — South Carolina hates women.

That’s the clear message being sent – not just from Nikki Haley and Lee Bright – but also from the state’s very own public broadcasting station that’s overrun with ultraconservative donors.

The most useless group of PBS affiliates in the history of the US will air Sandwiches That You Will Like instead of Trapped, the latter of which an outright majority of South Carolinians wanted to watch, at 22:00 Monday (photo of DirecTV guide above).

And not one person at SCETV is talking about their immoral decision.

Let them hear it from you.

Send them tweets at @SCETV and call their office at 737-3200 and demand that they air Trapped or else you will no longer donate to SCETV!

Update at 22:03: WCES-HD, one of the 46 low-band VHF stations nationwide and a Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) affiliate, is also refusing to air Trapped on Monday night. They instead will air The Queen’s Castle. Image of guide is via my Alcatel Fierce XL with Windows 10. Tweet to GPB and ask them why are they allowing local stations to preempt Trapped.


UPDATE at 14:18: It’s come to our attention that Savannah’s WVAN, the local GPB affiliate for Allendale, Bulloch, Hampton, Jenkins and Screven counties, is also refusing to air Trapped. Like WCES, WVAN will air The Queen’s Castle at 22:00 Monday. Screenshot of guide via Zap2It:


H/T @TrappedDoc

WAR ON SOUTH CAROLINA WOMEN: State passes unconstitutional ban on abortion that has no exceptions for the life of the mother


Columbia — See you in court, legislature.

South Carolina representatives passed one of the most extreme – and unconstitutional – restrictions on abortion, the first nationally since neighboring North Carolina’s Senate Bill 353 in July 2013.

“This is a dangerous bill for South Carolina women …, made even more extreme by removing exceptions for victims of rape and incest,” said Alyssa Miller, South Carolina director of public affairs for Planned Parenthood South Atlantic, in a statement.

“The reality is that abortion later in pregnancy is extremely rare and often takes place in complex and difficult situations where a woman and her doctor need every medical option available,” she added.

These are the following representatives who voted for the bill, with local representatives in bold.

Allison, Merita A.

Anthony, Michael A. (DINO)

Atwater, Todd K.

Ballentine, Nathan

Bannister, Bruce W.

Bedingfield, Eric M.

Bingham, Kenneth A.

Bowers, William K. (DINO)

Bradley, Jeffrey A.

Brannon, Norman D.

Brown, Grady A. (DINO)

Burns, James Mikell

Chumley, William M.

Clary, Gary E.

Clemmons, Alan D.

Cole, J. Derham, Jr.

Collins, Neal A.

Crawford, Heather Ammons

Crosby, William E.

Daning, Joseph S.

Delleney, F. Gregory, Jr.

Duckworth, Gregory D.

Erickson, Shannon S.

Felder, Raye

Finlay, Kirkman, III

Forrester, P. Michael

Fry, Russell W.

Funderburk, Laurie Slade (DINO)

Gagnon, Craig A.

George, J. Wayne (DINO)

Goldfinch, Stephen L., Jr.

Hamilton, Daniel P.

Hardee, Kevin

Hayes, Coach Jackie E. (DINO)

Henderson, Phyllis J.

Herbkersman, William G.

Hicks, Donna C.

Hill, Jonathon D.

Hiott, David R.

Hixon, William M.

Horne, Jenny Anderson

Huggins, Chip

Johnson, Jeffrey E.

Jordan, Wallace H., Jr.

Kennedy, Ralph Shealy, Jr.

Loftis, Dwight A.

Long, Deborah A.

Lowe, Phillip D.

Lucas, James H.

McCoy, Peter M., Jr.

Merrill, James H.

Moss, Dennis C.

Moss, V. Stephen

Nanney, Wendy K.

Newton, Wm. Weston J.

Ott, Russell L. (DINO)

Pitts, Michael A.

Pope, Thomas E.

Putnam, Joshua A.

Quinn, Rick

Ridgeway, Robert L., III (DINO)

Riley, R. Shannon

Rivers, Samuel, Jr.

Ryhal, Mike

Sandifer, William E., III

Simrill, J. Gary

Smith, G. Murrell, Jr.

Smith, Garry R.

Sottile, F. Michael

Spires, L. Kit

Stringer, Tommy M.

Tallon, Edward R., Sr.

Taylor, Bill

Thayer, Anne J.

Toole, McLain R.

White, W. Brian

Whitmire, William R.

Willis, Mark N.

Yow, Richard L.

Bill Clyburn, who represents Aiken, and Jerry Govan, who represents Hampton County, were excused from the vote. Two other local representatives, Aiken County Republicans Chris Corley and Don Wells, did not vote.

And here’s Rep. Todd Rutherford with the tweet of the night:


Raw Story

Violent transphobic bigot Lee Bright intros bill to allow cis men to murder trans women in the men’s room

Under a bill introduced by violent bigot Lee Bright, it would be illegal for unisex restrooms like this one at the Aiken-Barnwell Mental Health center in Barnwell to exist.

COLUMBIA — Violent transphobic bigot Lee Bright has no conscience.


Nor does he learn from other states that tried to discriminate and foment violence against transgender people.

Earlier tonight, Bright introduced a North Carolina style HB 2 bill that would wipe out all local non-discrimination ordinances (such as the ordinances in Charleston and Folly Beach) and would ban state-owned business from building unisex restrooms and locker rooms.

Furthermore, the bill would allow cisgender men to assault and kill transgender women in the men’s locker rooms and men’s restrooms.

North Carolina passed HB 2 less than 24 hours after Charlotte, the largest city in the Tri-State region, exercised proper authority to outlaw all forms of discrimination, the same ordinance that the two aforementioned SC cities and more than 210 US cities have on the books.

In case if Bright thinks this bill is a good idea, Paypal – which received millions in tax incentives to build a facility in NC – immediately ceased the project at 12:01 am on March 24, firing the first shots against bigotry by economically boycotting NC.

Spartanburg Herald Journal

President Obama immediately vetoes bill defunding Planned Parenthood


WASHINGTON, DC — Our president didn’t waste even three seconds reading over the bill sent to his desk because like every other patriotic American, he knew it was the same nonsense from the GOP that broke numerous promises to provide jobs, jobs, jobs five years ago.

That’s one of many reasons why he vetoed it so quickly.

Another reason he vetoed the bill is because supporters of the campaign to defund Planned Parenthood blatantly lied about finding alternatives to the nation’s premier women’s health care organization.

Instead of working on trying to improve the economy, the GOP decided to go down the path of waging War On Women, yet again.

In less time it takes to rebound a basketball and complete a successful transition, President Obama did the right thing.

In his veto message, President Obama said, “The Reconciliation Act would also effectively defund Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood uses both Federal and non-federal funds to provide a range of important preventive care and health services, including health screenings, vaccinations, and check-ups to millions of men and women who visit their health centers annually. Longstanding Federal policy already prohibits the use of Federal funds for abortions, except in cases of rape or incest or when the life of the woman would be endangered. By eliminating Federal Medicaid funding for a major provider of health care, H.R. 3762 would limit access to health care for men, women, and families across the Nation, and would disproportionately impact low-income individuals.”

Planned Parenthood wants us to share their link to let readers know to thank President Obama for doing what’s right, even if it is unpopular with the loudest voices in the lamestream media.

Planned Parenthood

These nine businesses are in collusion with Coalfire and the Center for Medical Progress to destroy and deny women reproductive health care in the US!


LOS ANGELES — About one hour 15 minutes ago, one Disqus commenter on the Hill let slip a small list of businesses that have joined the Center for Medical Progress and Coalfire to promote the anti-abortion agenda of destroying and denying women basic reproductive health care in the US.

As you may well know from other sites, the videos the Center for Medical Progress recorded from 2012 to June of this year had no less than 4,022 deceptive edits total.

Now, anti-abortion radicals are trying desperately to promote a ‘forensics analysis’ from an anti-abortion propaganda arm called Coalfire to take the heat off David Daleiden and the CMP.

Ladies and gents, these are the nine companies that are supporting the anti-abortion agenda to deny women basic health care in the United States:

Pro-Choice activists, you know what to do. Tweet them relentlessly until they disassociate themselves from the Center for Medical Progress and Coalfire. If that fails, boycott every one of these businesses, including Amazon.

WAR ON N.C. WOMEN: Department of Health and Human Services ILLEGALLY suspends FemCare’s license

ASHEVILLE — The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services has illegally suspended the license of FemCare, the only women’s health care provider in the entire state that survived the #motorcyclevagina law.

The NCDHHS claims it found 23 violations from FemCare, all of which are completely bogus on its face, since FemCare never had any kind of problems or disciplinary actions prior to this sham inspection.

This is all a ploy by Pat McCrory and his allies in the radical, fascist, Taliban GOP to completely ban abortion in North Carolina without exceptions, not even to preserve the life of the mother.

In short, McCrory wants to murder as many North Carolina women as possible.

For now, he will get his wish — and the blood of dead women will be oozing from the hands of this wicked, black-hearted governor.

Thankfully, he will face re-election at the same time we pick President Obama’s successor. Women in North Carolina certainly won’t forget about his betrayal or his war on Tar Heel women.

[WMYA MY 40]

[Photo of woman livid over the GOP’s War On Women via The Frisky]

All-female gangs on the rise?

Police lookout for increase in female gang members and all-female gangs

ALBANY, GA — The Albany Police Department says that there is a disturbing trend that they are monitoring.

The Albany Police Department Gang Task Force investigators estimate up to 10% of gang members are female.

It’s uncommon for an entire gang to be made up of only girls and women, but more gangs have female members who are often involved in crimes.

“Their roles are typically to hold drugs or guns,” said Investigator Janel Herring. “Because they feel that females won’t get that much time if they are caught. Or if they won’t they can hide it in place where it possibly can’t be found.”

Girls as young as 8 are involved in gangs.

[WALB News 10] Read the rest of this entry »

Helen Thomas (1920-2013) dies

Helen Thomas dies

WASHINGTON — One of the pioneers in journalism has died.

Helen Thomas died in her sleep earlier this morning.

Helen Thomas was the irrepressible White House correspondent who used her seat in the front row of history to grill 10 presidents (Obama, both Bushes, Clinton, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Johnson and Kennedy) and was not shy about sharing her opinions. She was the “bulldog” for the United Press International, also known as UPI.

Her disdain for White House secrecy and dodging bridged five decades. Her freedom to voice her peppery opinions as a speaker and a Hearst columnist came late in her career.

The Bush administration ostracized her, clearly angry with a journalist who had dared to challenge President George W. Bush to his face on his outright lies about the Iraq war — which lead to 4,500+ needless deaths — and declared him the worst president in United States history.

After she quit UPI in 2000, her influence waned.

Thomas was accustomed to getting under the skin of presidents, if not to the cold shoulder.

President Barack H. Obama, who shared a birthday with Mrs. Thomas for 51 years, reflected on her life in a press conference today.

“What made Helen the ‘dean of the White House Press Corps’ was not just the length of her tenure, but her fierce belief that our democracy works best when we ask tough questions and hold our leaders to account,” said President Obama, the last president she covered, in a statement Saturday.

In her long career, she was indelibly associated with the ritual ending White House news conferences. She was often the one to deliver the closing line: “Thank you, Mister President” – four polite words that belied a fierce competitive streak.

“If you want to be loved,” she said years earlier, “go into something else.”

She would have been 93 years old in 15 days.

[WLTX-HD News 19] Read the rest of this entry »

Terrorists at Texas Department of Public Safety RAPES and SODOMIZES two pro-choice protesters before arresting them

AUSTIN — As was mentioned Saturday in the News Briefs, the provisions that would permanently shutdown every clinic west of Interstate 35 (and 35E), and 42 of the 47 total, passed on Friday.

It was what happened after the vote that made the Texas Department of Public Safety the purveyors of a war on women that is usually seen in African nations that are still struggling to get industrialized.

Shortly after brutally assaulting a male pro-choice protester, they then raped and sodomized two female protesters before arresting them and five others.

Rape has been used as a tool of war many times over, including after the fall of Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Just recently, protesters in Egypt raped women during the protests at Tahrir Square to oust Hosni Mubarak and his successor.

On Saturday, the Texas Department of Public Safety officially used gang rape as a tool of war and to silence pro-choice protesters. What the Texas Department of Public Safety did was not just a human rights violation here at home, it was an international human rights violation as well. Yes, we have to follow international law because the trade deals we make with other nations demand it. We can’t just ignore international law because we are the United States, the world’s superpower.

One thing I do know is this: the Texas Department of Public Safety are terrorists with badges that believe that they can get away with their acts of terrorism against pro-choice protesters. They may well be right as Texas law has never been applied equally to all of its people since Bush left for the White House in 2001.

The terrorists at the Texas Department of Public Safety proved everyone worldwide who really should be under the jail: them.

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