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Augusta-Richmond County School System to shut down in-person learning at 3:45 pm on September 3 and go virtual for two days after the holiday

Augusta, Ga. — There will be another school district shutting down in-person learning after this week.

According to Kicks 99.5 FM, the Augusta-Richmond County School System, the largest school district in the Aiken Area, will shut down in-person learning at 3:45 pm on Friday, September 3.

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Both Bamberg County school districts to go virtual

Bamberg — Another local school district has shut down in-person learning and gone to virtual learning.

According to the (Orangeburg) Times and Democrat, both of Bamberg County’s school districts are shutting their schools down and switching to virtual learning.

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Williston School District to go virtual immediately

The Williston School District has announced at 4:00 pm today that the entire district will close schools to in-person learning and go virtual.

This is effective immediately.

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Mass shooting near Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School

Orangeburg — On the third day of school, a mass shooting has happened.

Just after dismissal today, someone shot three pupils who attended Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School.

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Screven County to close schools and go virtual due to COVID surge

Sylvania — Another Aiken Area school district is closing schools for in-person learning for 14 days.

The Screven County School District announced that they’re closing schools to in-person learning on Wednesday at 3:45 pm and will go virtual on August 23.

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Burke County shutting down all schools for two weeks as of 3:45 pm today due to spiking COVID cases

Waynesboro — The Burke County School District announced that schools will be shut down for two weeks as of 3:45 pm today.

This is because of rising COVID cases within the county and schools.

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Back to School dates 2021

August is National Back to School Month. So, below the fold, are the dates for back to school:

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Allendale-Fairfax going back to hybrid

Allendale — The Allendale-Fairfax School District is going back to hybrid learning on Monday morning.

WJBF-DT NewsChannel 6 first broke the news Sunday morning.

District officials say they are continuing to encourage students and staff to continue practicing COVID-19 safety guidelines.

The Allendale-Fairfax School District has a COVID-19 dashboard that keeps track of cases district-wide.

Allendale-Fairfax High School, for instance, has five teacher and eight pupil cases of COVID-19.

Most school districts and schools to start virtual for the second half of the school year

Schooling has taken a different turn during the COVID-19 period.

In addition to Richmond County, all three districts in Barnwell County (Blackville-Hilda 19, Williston-Elko 29 and Barnwell 45) is going virtual only for the week at the very minimum.

Denmark-Olar School District (Bamberg 2) will remain virtual-only at least through the week. Plans for the district to go hybrid were scrapped after Christmas Day 2020 saw a record breaking number of COVID-19 cases in South Carolina.

Meanwhile, Winter Break has been extended for Warren County School District.

WJBF-DT News Channel 6 reported on Saturday night that the district has delayed the year.

Instead of going back to school on Monday, k-12 pupils in Warrenton, Ga. will go back to school the following week, on January 11, and will be virtual-only until January 25. The district said on Facebook that it will re-examine things on January 20 to see if they will remain virtual or will move on back to a hybrid schedule.

Edgefield County School District is the latest to move to all-virtual for the holiday season

Edgefield — COVID-19 cases continue to spike across the area.

The Denmark-Olar School District (Bamberg 2) was the first Aiken Area school district to move to remote learning.

Then came Allendale County.

Then Richmond County.

Then Macedonia Elementary/Middle School in Blackville.

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Williston-Elko football star KeShawn Toney commits to USC

Williston-Elko football star KeShawn Toney has made his choice of college known.

This afternoon, Mr. Toney announced via Notes on iOS that he will be leaving Williston-Elko High early and going to USC to continue his education and football playing days.

His statement is contained in Notes.

Congratulations, Mr. Toney!

Threats called in to two Orangeburg County high schools

Orangeburg — The Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office is investigating threats made to two high schools on Tuesday.

According to Sheriff Leroy Ravenell on the department’s Facebook page, they are aware of the incidents at Lake Marion and Orangeburg-Wilkinson. He says he hopes to catch those responsible.

If you know anything about this incident, you can call Sheriff Ravenell or anyone else at OCSO at 803-531-4647.

Just last month, a 19-year-old Barnwell man was arrested for threatening the entire Williston-Elko School District 29. He was granted bond the next day!

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