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Shelby indicted for first degree manslaughter in man’s death

Tulsa, Okla. — In just under six days, prosecutors in Tulsa County has filed criminal charges against the deputy who shot an unarmed African-American man who called for roadside assistance.

The Associated Press and MSN are reporting that District Attorney Steven Kunzweiler filed first degree manslaughter charges against Tulsa Police Office Deputy Betty Shelby. She is the one who gunned down the victim, 40, on September 16.

Per our policy at Aiken Area Progressive, we do not identify crime victims unless the victim is well-known or a public servant. We will not yield on that policy in this case as the victim was neither at last word.

“I do not know why things happen in this world the way they do,” said Attorney Kunzweiler, adding that he determined first-degree manslaughter the appropriate charge. “We need to pray for wisdom and guidance.”

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Tulsa (Okla.) Police Office Deputy Betty Shelby murdered unarmed black man who had already surrendered

Tulsa, Okla. — The Tulsa Police Office has a lot of explaining to do and a deputy to cut from their force.

Numerous angles of raw video (will not be posted here) shows the dead man already surrendering when Deputy Betty Shelby decided to pull out her weapon and murder him at point-blank range.

Chief Chuck Jordan told local media that the video was “very disturbing — very difficult to watch.”

A witness viewed the dash cam video as well as video from other patrol units.  Rodney Goss said that all angles showed the man’s hands in the air.

Mr. Goss, a pastor at Morning Star Baptist Church, also smacked down claims made by a police spokesperson that suggested the man was killed because he refused to obey commands, which is a damning piece of evidence against Shelby and TPO.

“It was not apparent at any angle from any point that he lunged, came toward, aggressively attacked, or made any sudden movements that would have been considered a threat or life-threatening toward the officer,” said Pastor Goss to the Tulsa World.

Shelby is currently on paid administrative leave.  Let’s hope she wears an orange jumpsuit for the rest of her life.

And let’s hope that Shelby’s current employer terminates her and books her on capital murder charges.

Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Aiken Office investigating ADPS for civil rights violations


AIKEN, S.C. — An incident of public indecency committed by deputies from the Aiken Department of Public Safety eighteen months ago has caused the nation’s top law enforcement agency to step in and investigate four ADPS deputies.

The investigation comes as a couple, whose names will not be provided here, filed a lawsuit against both the department and the city over the invasive search that also violated Aiken’s 1992 public indecency ordinance, which calls for the prosecution of any one who procures a person to be in a state of nudity in a public place. That ordinance doesn’t make any exceptions for police searches, regardless of whether such a search is legal or not (and this search was illegal anyways).  Videos of the stop are in federal civil court in Aiken. Read the rest of this entry »

Robert Olsen, Dekalb County Police deputy, indicted for killing naked Air Force vet, resigns

DECATUR, Ga. — A DeKalb County Police Department deputy was indicted on Thursday, January 21, for killing a naked Air Force veteran.

Robert Olsen is charged with two counts of felony murder, one count of aggravated assault, one count of making a false statement, and two counts of violation of oath by a public officer.

“All six counts” chants swelled near the DeKalb courtroom on the night after the announcement. Carolyn Giummo, 27-year-old Anthony Hill’s mother, said she was thankful for the grand jury’s decision.

Deputy Olsen turned himself in to custody at his place of employment in the wee hours of Friday.

Deputy Olsen, who is white, shot Airman Hill, who is black, in broad daylight on March 9, 2015, after reports of a man allegedly behaving erratically outside an apartment building. Airman Hill’s family has said he suffered from mental health problems diagnosed while in the service.

The shooting prompted protests for ten-plus months. Rise Up Georgia led a campout at the DeKalb courthouse starting on MLK night.

The DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office released this statement after the indictment:

“The felony murder charges stem from two separate felonies committed by Olsen – aggravated assault and violating his oath as a certified Georgia peace officer. Specifically, Olsen is charged with violating his oath to ‘observe all the rules, orders and regulations’ of the police department, including the agency’s Use of Force policy. The indictment charges Olsen with falsely telling a fellow officer that the victim physically assaulted him prior to the shooting.”

Deputy Olsen turned in his gun and badge on Monday after he was released from jail and resigned from the department.

New York Daily News

Dekalb DA vows to pursue charges against cop who killed naked Air Force veteran

DECATUR, Ga. — The DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office has said they will seek an indictment against a DeKalb County Police Department deputy who gunned down a naked Air Force veteran.

DA Robert James said that he will present the case to a grand jury on Thursday.

“The consensus in our office was the most appropriate charge to seek was felony murder,” said Mr. James.

Air Force veteran Anthony Hill, 27, was naked when he was shot down in cold blood by Deputy Robert Olsen ten months ago.

Mr. Hill, who also had issues with mental illness, was unarmed and the DA said he ultimately decided the deputy’s use of deadly force was not only unnecessary but criminal.

In addition to murder charges, Mr. James will also ask a grand jury to indict Deputy Olsen for aggravated assault, violating his oath of office and making a false statement.

Meanwhile, Rise UP Georgia and Black Lives Matter activists braved temperatures hovering in the lower 40s during the day and upper 20s during the evening to camp out at the county courthouse and send two simple messages: Public nudity is not a crime, and mental illness is not a crime.

Members say this latest demonstration is the latest push for justice in honor of Mr. Hill.

“It’s been six years, since 2010, that a Georgia officer was indicted of a murder,” said Nelini Stamp, an activist with Rise Up Georgia. “It’s been six years since any officer has been held accountable for their actions.”

The activists vow to remain camped out at the courthouse until Thursday, when former Deputy Olsen will testify before the Grand Jury and the DA.

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