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WAR ON WOMEN: S.C. Senate passes unconstitutional ban on abortion

COLUMBIA — It’s no longer a secret that conservatives just plain abhor the US Constitution.

And it’s no different in S.C.

On Tuesday, Lee Bright and his femicidial cronies in the Senate delivered the ultimate insult to pregnant people by passing a bill banning abortion after 133 days in one of the many backroom deals made in exchange for support on a highway bill.

Senator Brad Hutto (D-Orangeburg) was among those to vote against the unconstitutional bill.

“This conflict is still hanging around and hasn’t been resolved,” said Elizabeth Nash, of the Guttmacher Institute, an abortion rights group.

Now, the bill goes to the South Carolina House, who has never supported the Constitution.

Nikki Haley, an avowed enemy of the Constitution, is expected to sign the measure in to law if it lands on her desk.

Misogynist governor from Bamberg disgraces South Carolina — again!

NEW YORK CITY — If you missed it, Bamberg native Nikki Haley was on the View earlier this week.

And predictably so, she has disgraced the Palmetto State once again by saying that women don’t care about contraception.

Video via Crooks and Liars. Fast forward to the 4m:24s mark to hear her disgusting remarks.

Obviously, Haley simply does NOT get it. Women CARE about contraception (and, for that matter, abortion rights) every bit as much as they care about jobs, the economy, our highways and everything else that she can come up with.

Women DO CARE. If they did not care, Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) would not have slammed Haley and the other GOP political leaders for waging a war on women. If women did not care about contraception, they would not be fighting back against the GOP/Tea Party plan to turn America into a Iranian-style theocracy. If women did not care about contraception, they would not be marching out on the streets, fighting back against misogynistic state politicians on social media, and calling them out on traditional media.

Simply put, WOMEN CARE ABOUT CONTRACEPTION. This “governor” is a sorry excuse for an executive – either state or federal.

It is time for Haley to resign and go back to Bamberg, where she is actually loathed, not loved, by the people of her hometown.

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