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Both Bamberg County school districts to go virtual

Bamberg — Another local school district has shut down in-person learning and gone to virtual learning.

According to the (Orangeburg) Times and Democrat, both of Bamberg County’s school districts are shutting their schools down and switching to virtual learning.

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Kenneth Bamberg makes history as Bamberg County’s first African-American sheriff

Bamberg — History was made in Bamberg County last week.

During a swearing-in ceremony, Kenneth ‘Kenny’ Bamberg officially became the first African-American sheriff of the county. The county formed in 1897.

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Bamberg County to lose its local newspaper

Bamberg — Bamberg County’s local weekly newspaper is folding.

The Advertizer-Herald announced on Friday that they’re closing for good.

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Baby Boomers complain about missing their events as destructive weather tears through South

Edgefield — Baby Boomers are behaving like children again.

On Sunday, several sporting events – the NBA, NASCAR and NCAA women’s basketball among them – saw multiple interruptions due to radio and TV stations “breaking in” to cover tornados. The path of destruction stretched from near Auburn, Ala. to Bishopville. Locally, Edgefield County – which was not under the Tornado Watch – was hit so hard, the schools were on a two hour delay to start the day.

The result?

At least twenty-four people dead in the Auburn Micropolitan Area alone, nearly thirty dead overall.

However, a man named Andrew from the Savannah-Hilton Head Island market was outraged over WSAV interrupting the PGA Tour to cover severe weather that hit the Georgia Lowcountry. He lashed out at the station’s chief meteorologist, Kris Allred, who was merely doing her job of making sure the folks in her television market – which includes the Aiken Area counties of Bulloch, Hampton, Jenkins and Screven – took proper shelter and stayed safe from the storm.

Ms. Allred was kind enough to not respond to him. I am not sure I would be as kind to someone like that. In fact, I know I would have tore Andrew a new one if I was in the position Ms. Allred was in.

Props to Ms. Allred and the meterologists throughout the Aiken Area for keeping us safe.

Is Denmark the Flint of the South? Bakari Sellers, others sue over poisonous water in Denmark

Denmark — There’s a new lawsuit over water rights being served.

According to WRDW News 12, there’s a very long history of water violations committed by the state of South Carolina against the residents of the western Bamberg County city of Denmark.

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At least nine tornados hammer CSRA over weekend, including Barnwell County’s strongest since 1983


Blackville — Storm surveyors confirmed at least nine tornados hit the Central Savannah River Area on Saturday.

The hardest hit counties were Bamberg, Barnwell, Orangeburg and Screven.

Until Sunday night, SOLOMON BLATT AV (SC 3) – which is also known as the BARNWELL-BLACKVILLE HY – was closed to thru traffic. WHITETAIL DR was the designated detour.

The (Barnwell People-Sentinel) shared photos of the damage on their Facebook page.

That tornado then tore through Denmark and Finland along COUNTRY CLUB RD (SC 70). An unidentified Blackville woman was taken to Aiken Regional Medical Centers with unknown injuries after being trapped in her mobile home after it was destroyed on PLEASANT HOME RD (S-6-191). The tornado traveled 14 miles and was rated EF-2. It was the most intense tornado to hit Barnwell County since April 23, 1983.

Another tornado formed on SC 70 (Binnicker Bridge Rd) on the South Fork Edisto River at the Bamberg-Orangeburg County line and it too cut a path of destruction as far as the eye can see. SC 70 is still closed. Denmark residents who want to go to Orangeburg must take US 321 to the Neeses Hy (SC 4) or go to Bamberg on HERITAGE HY (US 78) and turn left on to the MAIN HY (US 301/601).

And those were not the only tornados in either Bamberg or Orangeburg counties. In fact, two more tornados hit SC 70.

The third tornado that hit Binnicker Bridge Rd occurred near its intersection with Cope Road (SC 332). The fourth twister occurred on the easternmost mile of Binnicker Bridge Rd, up to its intersection with Bamberg Rd (US 301/601).

Another tornado slammed far northwestern Bamberg County, near the Sunshine community or 2.5 miles west of Sweden. This twister formed on DALLY RD, near its intersection with SPRINGFIELD RD (S-5-29).

While the Central Savannah River Area of South Carolina bore the brunt of the storm, four more tornados hit Central Georgia.

In Burke County near Waynesboro, a tornado hit near Georgia Highway 24, destroying sheds.

The initial two tornados in the area occurred in Screven County: one near Woodcliff and another northeast of Sylvania City Limits.


The clean up efforts continue locally. For the homeless, it will be getting colder come Friday morning.

Misogynist governor from Bamberg disgraces South Carolina — again!

NEW YORK CITY — If you missed it, Bamberg native Nikki Haley was on the View earlier this week.

And predictably so, she has disgraced the Palmetto State once again by saying that women don’t care about contraception.

Video via Crooks and Liars. Fast forward to the 4m:24s mark to hear her disgusting remarks.

Obviously, Haley simply does NOT get it. Women CARE about contraception (and, for that matter, abortion rights) every bit as much as they care about jobs, the economy, our highways and everything else that she can come up with.

Women DO CARE. If they did not care, Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) would not have slammed Haley and the other GOP political leaders for waging a war on women. If women did not care about contraception, they would not be fighting back against the GOP/Tea Party plan to turn America into a Iranian-style theocracy. If women did not care about contraception, they would not be marching out on the streets, fighting back against misogynistic state politicians on social media, and calling them out on traditional media.

Simply put, WOMEN CARE ABOUT CONTRACEPTION. This “governor” is a sorry excuse for an executive – either state or federal.

It is time for Haley to resign and go back to Bamberg, where she is actually loathed, not loved, by the people of her hometown.

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