Jackson teenage boys commit child rape (trigger warning) (Update)

by jovan1984

Jackson — Two 17-year-old boys committed child rape over the a weekend last month.

The Aiken County Sheriff’s Office said that they arrested one teen for criminal sexual conduct and another teen is also wanted for the similar offenses, according to the Jail Report.

According to the ACSO, a 16-year-old girl allowed the suspects and victims to come over to her residence on a Saturday afternoon in July when her parents were away from the residence for a period of time. The date of the incident wasn’t immediately available. The victims said they started drinking alcohol.

One of the victims passed out from having too much to drink and the host of the event went to another room to chat on the phone. The second female victim said she left the living room but returned to find one of the suspects on top of her friend, raping her. That second victim told sheriff’s officers that she was then pushed down on a couch by the other suspect and she too was raped.

“She stated she told him to stop but he wouldn’t,” said an ACSO report.

The party host heard someone screaming and came out of her room. When she heard a loud pounding, she realized what was going on and eventually pushed the suspects away from the victims and got them to stop.

“Both (suspects) left out the door, saying ‘They both wanted it,’” said the sheriff’s office report.

Both of the victims were later given sexual assault kits at Aiken Regional Medical Centers, where they surrendered their clothes as evidence. An investigation led to the warrants.

Shawn Shamar Neal Junior (pictured at top), 17, of Jackson, was identified as one of the two suspects. He was arrested on Monday and charged with criminal sexual conduct as his victim was older than 16. A second suspect will be charged as an adult with criminal sexual conduct with a minor as one of his victims was 14 years of age, according to an ACSO report.

Update Monday, September 6 at 7:28 pm: The second teen boy, Jahden Lewis, 17, of North Augusta, turned himself in to the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office in Aiken. He is the one who faces a criminal sexual conduct with a minor charge for raping a 14-year-old girl at the same time that Mr. Neal Junior was raping a 16-year-old girl in Jackson. Mr. Lewis’s mugshot is posted below.