Screven County to close schools and go virtual due to COVID surge

by jovan1984

Sylvania — Another Aiken Area school district is closing schools for in-person learning for 14 days.

The Screven County School District announced that they’re closing schools to in-person learning on Wednesday at 3:45 pm and will go virtual on August 23.

There will be no school on Thursday or Friday, August 20.

This is because of a spike in COVID cases in the county.

The school district also adds that pupils will be allowed to miss school on Tuesday and Wednesday. Pupils will be able to pick up Chromebooks on each day.

However, any pupil who attends a school in the county on those two days will be required to wear a mask.

Virtual learning period will begin on Monday, August 23 and last through Wednesday, September 1. There will be no school on Thursday, September 2 and Friday, September 3.

Monday, September 6, is a federal holiday.

The Screven County Gamecocks also will not play their first two games on the gridiron.

The schools in the county will reopen on Tuesday, September 7 and masks will be required for everyone at that point onward. Additionally, temperature checks will be conducted at all schools prior to entry and pupils will be required to quarantine if they come in close contact with infected persons, regardless of where the contact takes place.

Update at 7:38 pm: Added confirmation about the cancellation of Screven County High School’s first two football games.