Time for Columbia, school districts to sue the out-of-control, tyrannical South Carolina state government

by jovan1984

School for much of South Carolina, including for almost all of the remainder of the Aiken Area, starts on Monday.

And the tyrannical state government has given Columbia until 5:00 pm EDT today to remove its mandate and all options for masks in school, the only source of protection from COVID Delta for those 0-11 years old.

In June, the out-of-control tyrants in the state legislature passed an unconstitutional provision that totally bans students from wearing masks in K-12 public schools and bans mask mandates from being implemented in any other public place by any government entity or business.

This is the true definition of tyranny as defined by the king of dictionaries, Merriam-Webster.


It is oppressive power exerted by government, in this case, the South Carolina state government. Children who are newborns to age 11 are defenseless against COVID at the moment. In other words, those children, which includes my eight-year-old niece and both of my nephews (ages 8 and 4) who come to my home, are ineligible for any vaccine – and Henry McMaster and Alan Wilson has rendered them defenseless against COVID.

There is this pervasive myth that children can wear a mask to school. The truth is that they cannot. Not in South Carolina. They’re not allowed to wear a mask in school, not even to protect themselves. And additionally, no more than five percent of any school’s population is permitted to be in virtual academy.

Recommendations simply do not work when there’s a significant population that refuses to act in good faith. In South Carolina, less than half of all citizens act in good faith. And the citizens who do act in good faith are the ones who are suffering from the provision that the legislature passed almost two months ago.

Conservatives today act like they have never heard of the saying that one’s rights end where another’s rights begin. They certainly are against human life and liberty. And with the provision, they’re treading on elementary schoolchildren and those children’s families, something they claim to be against with the flying of Gadsden flags (the ones with the words “Don’t Tread on Me” printed on them).

Why should those who refuse to do what’s right dictate what everyone else does? If most of the present-day anti-vax, anti-mask extremists were adults in the 1960s, they would no doubt be opposed to vaccination from polio, MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) and other serious diseases that have been eradicated since circa 1972.

And furthermore, for all the present-day talk about freedom, the Constitution does not allow anyone the freedom to infect others with highly contagious and highly fatal diseases. In fact, this was challenged constantly back in the 1800s and the first six years of the 1900s, cumulating in the US Supreme Court decision in Jacobson vs. Massachusetts, which allowed the state and federal governments to require vaccinations in 1905.

As former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (the last person to win a recall election there in 2003) so eloquently put it a few days ago, “Screw Your Freedom”. There’s no constitutional right to harm others, directly or indirectly.

By not allowing masks to be worn in elementary schools, Henry McMaster and Alan Wilson are grossly endangering the children.

They are both complicit. And both must be sued via class action lawsuits with the City of Columbia being the lead plaintiff.

Both must be held accountable by either the South Carolina Supreme Court or the US Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

McMaster and Wilson are playing gross political games with the children and I, for one, am sick of it!

Image of medical surgical mask via LuxClout.com.