Manager of Hooters arrested for sexual assault

by jovan1984

Augusta, Ga. — A 26-year-old Hooters manager was arrested on Tuesday morning for sexual assault on an employee.

According to the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, one of the several sexual assault victims said that she spilled something on her uniform Monday night and asked the suspect for a new one.

The victim asked him for a key to the dressing room, but the suspect advised her to use the merchandise room to change instead. When the victim began to change, that is when the suspect came into the room and shut off the lights and closed the door behind him. The suspect approached her and began pulling at her shorts trying to get them down.

The victim said she pulled against her boss, telling him “no” and “stop” repeatedly. But he persisted and inserted his fingers into her, penetrated her and then indecently exposed himself.

The RCSO report continues that after several minutes, the other women on shift with her began calling for her. That is when the suspect opened the door and she ran out of the door and eventually, ran out of Hooters.

She then called the sheriff’s department.

The sheriff’s officers visited Hooters at open the next day and one of the employees approached an officer about an incident on June 5.

She said she was in the “To Go” area of Hooters when her boss approached her from behind and grabbed her buttocks. She said that she pushed the suspect away from her and advised him not to touch her. She said she later made a complaint about the incident to another manager, who confirmed a formal complaint was made and turned into the HR department of the company.

Additionally, on Facebook, a 21-year-old former employee said that she opened a sexual assault case against the restaurant in March. She later said that it took four plus weeks for the perpetrator to be fired after he let her shirt and undergarment be completely pulled down exposing her and dollar bills shoved down her shirt. That victim said that she was then offered a management position but told she “couldn’t handle it”.

Reginald Luwaan, 26, of Augusta, was arrested for indecency and sexual battery. It isn’t immediately known if he was released from the Richmond County Jail after his arrest.

Augusta Crime/The Jail Report