Senator Mia McLeod is running for governor

by jovan1984

Columbia — Senator Mia McLeod is running for the governorship of South Carolina.

The Bennettsville-born state Senator is vying to become the first African-American governor in the state and the first African-American woman governor in any state.

She is the third Democrat to run for governor of a state that has ranked dead last in most everything good and first or near first in every bad category. Gary Votour, a transplant from Norfolk who currently resides in Columbia, and Joe Cunningham, a former US Representative who resides in Charleston, are the other two candidates to run thus far against an out of touch Henry McMaster.

The Palmetto State also ranks dead last when it comes to respect for the Constitution. More on that is coming on June 20, the first day of summer.

McLeod has constantly railed against an out of control, runaway state government. She promises to end business as usual and rein in the state government.

While she hasn’t posted anything yet about the issues on her site, she has said that she will put rural communities first.