Instead of pandemic relief, S.C. Senate set to debate six week abortion ban with no exceptions

by jovan1984

Columbia — Instead of pushing plans to get South Carolina COVID-19 pandemic relief, the South Carolina Senate is laser focused on taking away pregnant people’s rights.

The six week abortion ban moved out of the Senate subcommittee on Thursday. Nearly everyone who testified on S. 1 opposed the bill.

And instead of listening to testimony, the mostly male, old and white legislators removed exceptions to the bill before moving it to the full state Senate.

Henry McMaster, the governor, made it clear that this was his top priority. He reiterated that sentiment during the State of the State address.

This is another waste of taxpayer dollars that can be used for relief for those affected by the pandemic. I hope the federal government can require the state legislators to pay out of pocket for unconstitutional anti-abortion bills instead of forcing that payment on taxpaying citizens. The legislators are rich, at least rich enough to pay for the costs.