Five things Georgians need to know about Kelly Loeffler

by jovan1984

Augusta, Ga. — On January 5, 2021, Georgians will head back to the polls to vote on two runoff elections to determine which party will control the US Senate.

Below the fold are five things you need to know about Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.).

1. Kelly Loeffler is a criminal. This is actually important. Loeffler committed insider trading eighteen days into her time in the Senate. On January 24, she dumped a whole lot of stock during a confidential, closed-door meeting on COVID-19, which became a pandemic on March 11. The total amount she sold? At least $1,300,000.00 and as much as $3,500,000.00. And to top it all off, the husband of the wealthiest Senator paid Bill Barr one mega to quash any investigation into her, Richard Burr (R-N.C.) and David Perdue (R-Ga.).

2. Kelly Loeffler wants to defund women’s health care. Another nugget of important information Georgians need to know. Loeffler has supported the radical right’s decade-long misogynistic agenda of defunding women’s health care. One of her closest cronies is Mike Pence, who defunded women’s health care in Indiana as governor earlier this decade and it resulted in an HIV outbreak in several Indiana counties.

3. Kelly Loeffler is soft on crime. This may be a surprise to some, but it is not a surprise if you saw Loeffler’s Fox News interview this past summer. Loeffler supports national reciprocity, which means people from lax gun law states that allow criminals to get a gun from anywhere without a background check would be allowed to violate the laws in the states with more stringent gun laws. Georgia is a national hotspot for illegal gun transfers across the Northeast US. What that means is that more illegal guns found come from Georgia than almost anywhere else. It isn’t enough that the radical Gold Dome rightists have gutted local governments’ crime-fighting tools, now they want Loeffler (and Perdue) to get rid of the most efficient crime fighting tools nationwide to continue to allow the illegal gun trade in places like New York City.

4. Kelly Loeffler is crooked and corrupt. There’s a reason why she’s dubbed Crooked Kelly. She lied about COVID-19 and everything about it. She downplayed this deadly pandemic.

5. Kelly Loeffler is not an American patriot. She is a radical fascist white supremacist. Loeffler showed all of Georgia her true colors in the same aforementioned interview from the summer. She attacked law abiding African-Americans who were protesting at Stone Mountain, Ga., calling them thugs. And that’s far from all. One of her current ads airing in the Augusta market show white children while a narrator proudly proclaims that “This is America” while attacking black people as anti-American in another disgusting ad. The truth is Loeffler is as radical and anti-American as they come.

If you want to Save America, then send Loeffler back to Georgia unemployed.