The South Carolina Senate is trying to push through an unconstitutional total ban on abortion with unprecedented out-of-session move

by jovan1984

Columbia — If the GOP is in charge, chances are there’s always something sneaky going on.

Case in point: the South Carolina Senate.

The Senate is trying to fast track an unpopular and unconstitutional total ban on abortion with an unprecedented stunt to hold hearings outside of the regular session. The Senate is not supposed to reconvene until January 3, 2020.

And this bill is as extreme as the ones that passed in Alabama and Georgia. There’s no exceptions for anything in H. 3020.

And hence why these extreme bans have been struck down.

The hearing is scheduled for September 10, which means that most of the public can’t make it. And this is deliberate on the part of the state Senate. Make sure as few people as possible can show up so it appears that there’s a lot of support when clearly there’s very little support statewide for H. 3020.

“It catches people when they’re unaware it doesn’t give people a chance to appear. It’s’ during the weekday when people are at work and not show up.”

If it clears the committee before January 3, 2020, this bill will need three successful votes to make it law. McMaster has said he will sign the unconstitutional bill if it lands on his desk.

The hearing will be held at 1101 PENDLETON ST in Columbia at the Gressette Building. Be sure to attend and tell the state Senate: hands off my body!